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Roblox is a crappy video game with an abusive chat filter. It's name is a portamentwau of "Rob" (as in, kids robbing money out of their parent's wallets) and "Blocks" (with blocks representing the shapes of the heads of the kids who play Roblox) is a video gaming platform where the primary goal is to oof. The game is rated E for everyone 10+ (ESRB) and 7+ (PEGI) but some people want to rate it 13+ due to the matter of fact that old pedophiles are on the prowl for some 8-year-old girl's pussy mild violence occurs.


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The creator of Roblox, going under the Roblox alias ROBLOX, wanted to create a game where the entire point is to end your life after he had a wet dream about LEGOs. He wanted to make it seem kid-friendly, so he added a comical sound effect signifying the death of a character — the characteristic "oof". He also came up with the idea that people could create their own game levels, so he made Roblox a game creation platform. This also meant that he didn't have to do any work at all whatsoever. At first only PC users could play it, but after enough kids beat on his door with sledgehammers, a mobile version was released, and then a console version.[1] Eventually, this would spread to VR headsets.


The player moves around by pressing DSAW (the default movement controls in most PC video games, since 3WES is so lame), jumps by pressing Alt+F4, and uses the selected item by pressing ESCAPE. Some items kill other entities, others blow the user to smithereens. However, there is one flaw. Some Roblox games have made achieving the true goal of Roblox impossible within them by placing objects in just such a way that it is impossible to oof. These paradoxical mind-####ing-games are consistently being removed from Roblox, but they are being added faster than they can be removed.


The Roblox forum mainly consists of censored swears, uncensored death threats, whining, l33t, whining in l33t, and other retardation; so Roblox decided to YEET the #### out of the forums and boy, they no longer exist until they decided to make Roblox developer forums only accessible to those 13+ people.

Here’s an example:


“go commit die”

~ Another n00b threatening a more experienced player

“### ####### #####!”

~ A random guy who tried to swear but couldn't because ## ### ###### #### filter.

Chat filter[edit]

The chat filter was introduced when Roblox had enough of swearing, where if one person swears, they got an instant ban from the website. It replaced safe chat, which for <13 users, they could only speak custom words instead of saying ######## ### #### #### want. It has been very badly criticized due to certain words being blacklisted even though nothing was wrong with them. Take the expression "For some" as in "For some reason". Roblox decided to blacklist this seemingly innocent phrase because it was mistaken to bypass the word meaning "sexual intercourse between twice as many people as you would ordinarily think would be sufficient for the task at hand". However, kids are more intuitive than adults, so new ways are constantly being found to bypass the filter so that kids can talk to their friends about the imaginary sex slaves they have in their basements.

Le oof: the fall of Roblox[edit]

Roblox during its young years was mostly fine. Fast forward to 2012, April fools. A community forum moderator that found access into an Admin control after some retard forgot to lock access out of it. The second involves some dude named... Around 2014, Roblox started to fall apart. Roblox moderators became drunk and stopped reading reports, the chat filter started to become easily bypassed, and Roblox was too vulnerable for another hacking of the website. Eventually, online daters and pedophiles and even spammers would start to seep in unchecked. Even Roblox players would roleplay to the point where they would share personal information so they could go fuck in real life.


  1. The mobile version sucks because it crashes too much.