Keyboard Cat

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Perfectly normal Keyboard Cat playing some sick tunes.

“Who the flip is that low quality cat?”

~ Gen Alpha Kids

“Is that cat playing the piano?”

Keyboard Cat is about a orange cat named "Fatso" (That's actually the name of the cat) which is playing the piano. Nobody knows what type of piano Keyboard Cat is playing but experts say it's a piano. Keyboard Cat was filmed somewhere in 20th century or mid-1980s by his lovely but arsonist owner Charlie Schmidt. Keyboard Cat used to be a indicator of failure on forums, communities, Etc. After the video became viral for all of the Facebook moms to see, Charlie Schmidt adopted another cat named "Bento" for some reason. Charlie also the one who made babies use diapers, ruined my day.

History[edit | edit source]

The origin came from a VHS footage of "Fatso" performing while Charlie Schmidt takes all of the credit in 1984. The blue shirt in the video came from the child named "Coby" (Not telling what child he's from) while Keyboard Cat totally didn't got manipulated so the paws were playing the piano. Charlie uploaded the video to his Youtube channel originally named "Cool Cat" or something around that. On 2009, Youtuber Brad O'Farrell posted a mashup video entitled "Play him off, Keyboard Cat". Unfortunately, the video was taken down but a bunch of geeks decided it will be cool to reupload it.

Bento[edit | edit source]

Bento playing the piano, copycat.

Keyboard Cat died in 1984, but look out cause Charlie decided to use Bento as a appearance in types of media. Bento was also included in The Guardian so that's pretty cool. I just hope <insert name here> doesn't screw this up.

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