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Living 56’s Logo+Translators.
WLVI’s DT2 Logo, Along with the Mascot: JoCrap.
The New and Improved logo to better fit The WNDK Elvish logo.

WLVI (Channel 30 pretending to be 56) is a television station in Boston,Msaechubaets broadcasting as an affiliate of Fox, The CW, and The WNDK Elvish to the Boston Market. It is owned and operated by the Clorox Corporation. It broadcasts atop of the Baked Potato Building, within the Pepsi Falls Borough of Boston, the building's in competition with the Baked Beans Building. The station shares a transmitter with WDUM-LD.

Since WDUM-LD can’t make it to the entirety of the market due to cutting corners, WLVI’s allowed the station to simulcast both of it’s subchannels on DT7 and DT8.Also because WLVI’s Signal can’t along get into all of Boston’s Media Market, It has put in Translators into Concord, Edgartown, Hampton Bays, and New London. Also because their own markets can’t even serve the Hamptons or southwestern Connecticut without C*ble.

History[edit | edit source]

The station was 1st found in 1927, after people at Clorox figured Television would be the perfect opportunity to advertise their totally safe-to-drink product, even creating a subsidiary dedicated to broadcasting.No one knows why they went for broadcasting specifically, but they created station WCLO-TV,Later renamed to WLVI a year later to reference their channel number 56.

Early Success[edit | edit source]

Branded as Living 56,the station was considered to be the nation’s 1st independent television station, although at the time, due to being in the UHF Band it was hard to pick up the station, as a result,the station did a lot of heavy advertising of TVs, which caused people decided to raid their local Kmarts to get the station. It got to the point where the Boston Media Market would become the largest in the country all the way until 1977. This is also the time where the transmitter got covered in Bird Poop,causing the corporation to start the now-infamous Monsanto in 1940, infamous for Whatever happened in Vietnam and starting the rumor that you should pour the Milk before the Cereal.

Stagnation[edit | edit source]

Naturally,people got tired of all this independent television and began watch NBC, CBS and The Blue Ball Factory making Balls. This naturally forced the station to look all over for networks..and when they looked very hard..They went for DuMont, and when that crashed,they decided to look for even more networks. And eventually ended up becoming an affiliate of the PCN Network in 1945, a Precursor to PB Pan.PCN is effectively just cooking shows and the only reason why people even wanted to watch it is because..cooking.They also briefly became an affiliate of MiTV from 1946-1950,only broadcasting small amounts of programming within the network. So they stayed with PB Pan all the way until Fox came along in 1986.

The Fox Era[edit | edit source]

During this time, the station branded itself as “Fox’s Living 56.” due to their common association with being known for their PB Pan side,but that changed for WLVI,as FOX became more popular,they rose in popularity drastically which is when they introduced a mascot known as JoCrap. JoCrap was a wiggler and the kind to tell people if they Microwave a Penny it will turn into a smaller penny.He’s essentially a Piece of Crap to others, hence the name: JoCrap.During this time, PB Pan was gradually pushed a bit further towards the night to the point on where some shows got thrown into the graveyard slot. This era lasted all the way until the Used Pants Network came along in 1996. UPN, due to at the time having a limited space, They decided to put UPN on Fridays and the regular FOX/PB Pan schedule for the rest of the week,with the only exception being if PB Pan Places an Important show on that if they don’t broadcast, they will burn down the transmitter using people dressed up as winged hussars.

The Fox/UPN era[edit | edit source]

The Logo of Fox’s Living 56 from 2006-2019

During this time, The station gradually began launching translator stations across the Boston area and into other areas such as The Hamptons, Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket/Block Island/etc. and into Concord,Increasing the station's broadcast range.This era lasted for only 4 years before when in 2000, WLOL-LP took over the spot in Boston,then promptly became silent next year, the affiliation moving back to WLVI. WLVI decided to make a new Mascot for the UPN in order to commemorate this occasion,which is when they introduced Tony Tuna, Tony being used to represent the UPN on account of their Black Tape and Silver Color while JoCrap was used to represent FOX due to Teal being close enough to Blue.

A Poster promoting the voting for Boston,The Hamptons,Cape Cod and Conord’s Living 56.

When 2006 Came around, WLVI got to pick which one of 2 they got. And out of a struggling corpse of a “Network.” Or a best of both worlds..WLVI picked The CW,Moving it into a brand new Subchannel Called: “The CW 56.” After some debate with the viewers JoCrap was sent to the CW while Tony Tuna remained the mascot of Fox’s Living 56.PB Pan’s Programming returned to WLVI with high ratings.Later on in between this a new translator station in New London,Connecticut known as W46QU-D was founded.

The Fox/CW Era[edit | edit source]

The station functioned this way,shutting their analog signal on Channel 9 and using digital channel 30 while using Witchcraft to make it appear as if it’s 56. The station remained this way,adding new subchannels such as The WNDK Elvish because of the high amount of Elves in the surrounding rings of Boston.In 2019,It asked the viewers if they wanted to keep the Fox’s Living 56,revert to Fox 56 or become Living 56.Most answered Living 56.In 2020,It officially upgraded it’s The WNDK Elvish Subchannel to 720p,because they had enough bandwidth space to do so and because they were losing to WSGE-CD on the Elf Market. Nowadays,the station’s carried as a regional superstation through cable systems in the Northeast from Detroit to Newfoundland.

Mascots[edit | edit source]

JoCrap[edit | edit source]

JoCrap is the Mascot of WLVI-DT2, The CW 56. JoCrap was however historically known for being the 1st mascot of WLVI. His personality is commonly described to be a chaotic good boot camp trainer.

Tony Tuna[edit | edit source]

Tony Tuna is the current mascot of WLVI-DT1, Living 56. Tony Tuna was originally created for the UPN part of Fox’s Living 56, but was given the Fox spot instead. Tony Tuna’s personality is described to be: “Lawful Good and Annoying.”

Socky[edit | edit source]

Socky is Irrelevant.

Controveries[edit | edit source]

WLVI Fake EAS[edit | edit source]

The station during 2002-2004 after every show aired an EAS warning of the Zombie Apocalypse,Which the FCC later on struck down and found out it was from those in WLOL-LP.The 27 became a for-life sentence.

The WNDK Elvish[edit | edit source]

Originally in 2016,the kids network known as The C😎😎l Network (Emojis intentional) was supposed to air on WLVI,but instead The WNDK Elvish did due to cringe and stuff,causing the kids’ parents to launch a protest across Boston. As a result,in 2019, A New Subchannel was added for the network.

Gambling[edit | edit source]

On 2022, WLVI added new Subchannel Fun Roads,also adding Marble Races which meant Gambling. This frustrated parents because their children were dumping their credit card into this due to The C😎😎l Network and Fun Roads doing cross-promotion. This led to the new Subchannel no longer being cross-promoted with the network.

Technical Information[edit | edit source]

The station’s signal is multiplexed.

Channel Video Aspect Short name Programming
56.1 1080p 16:9 LVN56 Main WLVI programming / Fox / PB Pan
56.2 720p CWBOS The CW
56.3 WNDKE The WNDK (Elvish-Language)
56.4 480i 4:3 COOL The C00l Network
56.5 HSN56 Home Shopping Network
56.6 BUZZR Buzzr
56.7 16:9 WDUM-LD Story Television (Simulcast of WDUM-LD)
56.8 4:3 Fannel Broadcasting (Orc-Language) (Simulcast of WDUM-LD DT2/FDUM-LD)
56.9 FUNGA Fun Roads/Marble Races,Also known as Gambling.

ANALog-Digital transition[edit | edit source]

Not everyone likes WNDK-Flavored bars. Used from 2016-22

The station blew up their analog signal,as their digital signal fell to channel 30 and Channel 55 Analog lost their l, meaning it’s now Anaog. It stayed on channel 56 via what’s probably known as either witchcraft or Determination.

Translators[edit | edit source]

Coverage Area[edit | edit source]

Red=Fully Covered, Striped=Partially Covered with Translators, Orange=Partially Covered Yellow=With Translators

Massachussets[edit | edit source]

The Coverage Area extends to most of Eastern Massachusetts, Although there’s virtually no way for you to recieve WLVI in Nantucket without being forced to pay a mortgage to cable companies, and for Martha’s Vineyard, You’d have to turn to Low VHF-Band W06FM-D. Everyone loves it when the VHF band is on digital.[citation needed]

Rhode Island[edit | edit source]

The vast majority of Rhode Island recieves WLVI just fine. However the Extreme Southern Rhode Island simply can’t receive it, neither on Cable. Too bad, elves! Your going to have to accept WPOT-LD instead. But wait! That’s dead.

New Hampshire[edit | edit source]

Most of New Hampshire Can’t recieve WLVI Unless your in the southeast. Also Concord has Channel 23 so lucky them.

Maine[edit | edit source]

Unless your in the extreme south of Maine, this station’s too far for even that one person in Portland who surrounds their home with directional antennas.

Connecticut[edit | edit source]

Only Northeastern Connecticut gets the station, oh and Channel 46. For some odd reason, the station maps to 1 instead of 56.

The logo. They put a pun.. in their logo.

New York[edit | edit source]


New York City Metropolitan Area[edit | edit source]


Long Island[edit | edit source]


The Hamptons[edit | edit source]

Nope- Oh wait, they do have a station. WHVI-CD, they even have their own Logo and branding, however they only cover a portion of the area, and far-flung ones aren’t covered.