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If you posted for an article to be reviewed but it is not here or on the Reviewed page, then check the talk page of the article. Failing all of this, make sure you didn't dream it up. If you are 100% sure that you didn't dream it, blame an admin on their talk page.

PageAuthorLast Edit
Marble raceWVandZM14:48, 4 October 2023 by WVandZM
SoundingClackPeople17:12, 30 June 2023 by ClackPeople
Knife GuyWilly on wheels12:17, 11 June 2023 by Willy on wheels
Cock and ball tortureWilly on wheels18:09, 31 May 2023 by Willy on wheels
Mazda MiataFoxtrot17117:30, 30 March 2023 by Foxtrot171
Dick Willie JohnsonBad Motherfucker00:07, 19 February 2023 by Bad Motherfucker
UnNews:Scooby-Doo Named Acting Director of Division of EnforcementSmuggler08:24, 7 December 2022 by Alula
UnNews:Archaeologist Believes He May Have Finally Found the Lost Extension Cord of CleopatraSmuggler07:16, 25 November 2022 by Alula
UnNews:Greece Boogieing Precautions LoweredSmuggler07:20, 24 November 2022 by Alula
UnNews:Mexican 'Day of Farts' a SuccessSmuggler16:51, 23 November 2022 by Smuggler
City Council Might Not CareSmuggler02:33, 8 November 2022 by Smuggler
Buttworm Barbecue Assball (quick)KITTEN JUNKIE09:02, 11 December 2022 by Smuggler
Death Grips (quick)Synagoguelicker21:30, 8 July 2022 by Synagoguelicker
Aphex TwinSynagoguelicker22:38, 30 June 2022 by Synagoguelicker
Wish (website)Microsoft for POTUS23:09, 20 June 2022 by Microsoft for POTUS
UnNews:Stairway to Heaven declared worst song ever written, Jimmy Page now sucksCoolKidz900122:37, 11 July 2021 by CoolKidz9001
HomestarPlscommitdie01:23, 23 June 2021 by Plscommitdie
UnNews:Winter Storm UriGale505017:25, 14 August 2022 by Shingle
UnNews:"Starve the Beast", Trump saysRisviltsov05:19, 23 August 2023 by
Carolina PanthersJetGan1116:14, 10 May 2022 by Shibe-shibe