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*Prize consists of absolutely nothing.


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Fandom, Inc.
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Available inTechnobabble
FoundedOctober 18, 2004; 19 years ago (2004-10-18)
Key people
  • Business Hax (CEO)
  • Jimmy Wales (overlord)
IndustrySlave labor
Current statusActive

“Fandom cares about fans the same way christians care about the poor.”

~ Captain Obvious on Fandom

Fandom is the name that Wikia, the best wiki farm in the entire internet, took after its brand new renovation somewhere between 2016 and 2019. And with renovation, we mean that we completely destroyed the very few credibility Wikia used to have! Some have suspected that the new domain is related to a tax evasion case, but this is just a conspiracy that's completely false.



Were you tired of Wikia's old New Monaco? Don't worry! We replaced it with a new interface that further makes our wikis look less like wikis, and look more like shit! Since we are so innovative and revolutionary, we put all the photos in the bottom of the page so that it doesn't disrupt the pretty wall of text![1] Isn't this much more efficient and visually apealing?


Many users have told us that our website looks horrible and barely readable due to its many ads that assault you eye. According to a research from 2023, only about 10% of the average Fandom wiki contains actual information about the topic at hand; the other 90% are pure promotion ads[2]. To that we say, how the fuck do you want us to make money? Huh??? Do you think our site can be mantained with divine intervention or some shit????? This is how capitalism works, motherfucker!


In June 2023, McDonald's had the awesome idea to promote their new Grimace Shake through our awesome website! We didn't hestiate to delete thousands of hours of research from our users and replace it with crash-grabbing nonsense vomited from an underpayed employee at McDonald's. Quite the rad idea indeed! Sadly, this choice, for some reason, was heavily critizised for "undermining the users' freedom of expression" or some shit. Fucking losers.

User migration

Many wikis got fed up with our many ads and decided to move elsewhere. Unluckily for them, we ain't deleting their wikis under our namespace, and we won't ever, since these give us sweet, precious revenue money! Instead, we just completely banned these users from our website. Also, we get to appear at the start of Google search and they don't. Suckers.



  1. Look the "gallery" section below. (Or above, if you're reading this in the "reference" section)
  2. Source.


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And this is the "World’s Largest Fan-Generated Entertainment & Gaming Platform"? This looks like shit! -


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