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Don't be fooled; it exists.

Wikipedia:Temple of Moloch is a mysterious and unseen page in Wikipedia which is purported as the worshiping site of the Semite God Moloch in wikipedia. It is dissed as a hoax by most conspiracy theorists and unfamiliar people, but since wikipedia is ran by pro-israel and pro-marxist illusionists, it is not deniable that it exists. A more obvious and blatant clone in Encyclopedia Dramatica, exists under the form of HEIL SATAN EVERYDAY. (Warning; not for the light-hearted.)


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The "Temple of Moloch" is built as an ultimate secret gathering for the highest ranking wikipedians starting from Jimbo Wales. Starting from him, every wikipedian must oath in front of the statue of Moloch upon becoming a wikipedian of the highest ranking. The oath is written in Hebrew, but can be translated as;

After this oath is made, the wikipedian officially sells his humanity to the statue of Moloch and will become a part of the ruling class of wikipedia, ruling it with a souless, iron fist. Nobody who achieves this status is considered human, so beware of them, especially regular wikipedia contributors, because there is no idea of what kind of terror these people can inflict.

The Regular and benevolent wikipedia contributor has no chance of entering the Temple of Moloch. In order to enter the Temple of Moloch, one must be spiritually proven - a manipulative and dangerous enough person who is able of spiritual connection with the Semitic and Marxist high class of wikipedia upon joining. Then, they will be given a password key which will make the Temple of Moloch visible to his account. Once the password key is entered, and "Save page" is clicked, the Temple of Moloch will become a real page. Upon entering, a pop-up window appears and tells the wikipedian to oath. Then the oath is read by a computerized voice and the pop up window shuts down. Now the wikipedian has successfully became a member of the Temple of Moloch.

Members of the Temple of Moloch lose all their humanity and are equipped with the following traits;

  1. Invincibility; where the wikipedian cannot go wrong via normal means; Unless the wikipedian betrays the Temple of Moloch or the cabal, where they would be destroyed and sacrificed.
  2. Power over regular administrators and the ability to deop them and destroy them afterwards if they oppose the cabal and Moloch. (If they even know about the temple of Moloch.)
  3. Sadistic Inhumanity, which causes them to sadistically destroy and sacrifice unsuspecting contributors which oppose the cabal and their agenda.
  4. Untouchability, which means that the wikipedian cannot be defamed at all, and those who defame them are destroyed.

These abilities together create among the most dangerous, yet the most fragile people on the internet.


Statue of Moloch/Sacrificial Altar[edit]

This is the center of the Temple of Moloch and should be the starting place should the wikipedian end up here. The souls of those who defy the cabal and moloch and benevolent wikipedians are sent here to be fed to the statue of Moloch. To do this, they list the sacrifice's Username and userpage on the bottom of the statue. Once they do, Moloch is served and the sacrificed wikipedian is no longer allowed to enter wikipedia again, even with a new account because members have the ability to track down the sacrificed for "Sockpuppetry" regardless of their intentions. The sacrificed will also be defiled wherever he goes to a place with a cult member. Cult members are known for destroying and sacrificing wikipedians due to feuds in external sites.


The second page is the lounge. The lounge is a very secretive IRC channel. The lounge is a hidden channel in Freenode and those who dare enter it without recognition will be k-lined instantly. If they dare enter it with a different name, they will be instantly G-lined or Z-lined. Some Freenode ops are known for their close ties with cult members.

Everyone in the lounge has op access levels. Those who do not are outsiders and will be K-lined instantly. The Lounge is where the cult members discuss about the inner workings of Wikipedia. They discuss who to live, who to die and who to be glorified. They also discuss what content in articles is allowed and what is not, with the result being the contents in the articles being pro Israel and pro Marxist. It is unknown what else will be discussed but they are obviously up to malicious intentions.

Propaganda Hall[edit]

The Propaganda Hall is a page where the wikipedians conceive deception to the masses secretly. It is also where their policy guidelines come from, and are gamed to the cult's own benefits.

Pedophile Porn Stash[edit]

A special page available to members for their Pedophile and Lolicon activities. The page is split into "Real life children" and "Animated Children". Clicking on the first brings a gallery to real, hardcore and illegal child porn and the second reveals anime or cartoon child porn. The artworks are drawn by the artist who drew Wikipe-tan and the artist who contributes to Wikipedia Porn. (Demonstration of sexual positions drawn by an unknown wikipedian/cult member.) Child porn comes in 3 flavors Girl, boy and furry.

Other Variants[edit]

While the Temple of Moloch only exists in the English, Yiddish and Hebrew wikipedias, Other variants are rumored to exist throughout the Wikipedias. These include;

  • "The Temple of Emperor Hirohito" in Japanese Wikipedia
  • "The Temple of Mao Zhedong" in Chinese Wikipedia
  • "The Temple of Karl Marx" in Russian Wikipedia
  • "The Temple of Stephan Bandera" in Ukrainian Wikipedia

These are the reports of Temple of Moloch Variants among wikipedias of other languages. Nevertheless, they do not allow witnesses to their activities, and the information is reported by conspiracy theorists. It is unknown if these reports are true but it is wise to assume it as a "Yes".


The Temple of Moloch does not allow witnesses of their activities. Therefore, no screencaps of the temple of Moloch are available as the screencappers are most likely Banned from the Internet. All reports are sourced from conspiracy theorists that are not shills.

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