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COVID-19 spread to Wikipedians and YouTubers. The two groups reacted by starting a war. The violence lasted from February 1 to February 3, 2020.[1]

The war ended because everyone got confused and upset.

War log from a primary source[edit | edit source]

Day I (Monday)[edit | edit source]

Began fighting in-war. Not much left for us good YouTubers. I will cry.

I shot some Wikipedians straight through the thread. They died. My team and I ran through Brazil and hurt a lot of Brazilian chicks. "Anime for life!" some wiki boi yelled. I screamed for a long time, thinking about my channel, GreysAnatomyvsGoodDoctor364kidXD. And my 999.9K subscribers. And my gaming videos. Oh, the pain.

I decided to find my older brother, donkeykongisporn, and my friend, CocoaKPopStan. Then I remembered, donkeykongisporn, CocoaKpopStan, and my dad, DARK AXiS TV, were in Ontario, Canada.

I ran through a forest with iwatchstupidtvshows and powerpuff arnold x. A Wikipedian, Wupotaniban, tried to murder us, but he hit into a tree and died.

Day II (Tuesday)[edit | edit source]

These Tubers died today: pokémonupyourass, longheadedidiot, FunnySmellingFoodsYT, EveryThingStinksXD, and Spider Masukēba Los Muertos.

GreysAnatomyvsGoodDoctor364kidXD, my channel, had a subscriber drop from 999.9K to 76.3K. It was madness!

Gotta go, dinnertime. Yummy spiders!

Day III (Wednesday)[edit | edit source]

The war's over now that most YouTubers who think their channels are informational use fuckin' Wikipedia, anyway. So damn bad. I'm crying now. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Wait, didn't this start 'cause of COVID? Then why are we fighting each other when we could... could... oh, fuck it.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

No one remember how or why the war started, which is how it ended. Besides, a lot of YouTubers use Wikipedia, so in the end, nothing mattered.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

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