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You had better trust his word, for it would indeed be very unfortunate if anything should happen to you.

If you still go on with your endless, senseless partisan accusations against this article, you are obviously some kind of a ruthless communist judge driven by petty political interests.
Silvio Berlusconi strongly requests you to quit your childish whining for the sake of your family's security.
You wouldn't want anything to happen to them, do you?

Silvio after a facelift.

Silvio "Wallet of God" Berlusconi ("The Knight") in known in Italy as the eighth dwarf, Psychodwarf, Asphalt head, Italian Donald Trump, The Godfather or His Emittance, was the longest serving Prime Minister of Italy ,born by immaculate conception in Arcore, Palestine, in the dawn of the modern age to Montgomery C. Burns and Anna Nicole Smith, and was soon blessed by the Bundestag and the Holy Ghost. The Wonder tag mistook Silvio for a Jewish person and in the name of their Nazi fathers erradicated him quickly after with a very simple scenario in the Balkans. Wondertag also have into this that Mssoad was making their efforts obscure and promissed to kill too any agent of Mossad who ever more interfere in their Wonder days. So today, on this day, the Jewish friend enemy of the Wondertag, on name of Silvio Berlusconi is considered dead. Into this, obviously only Mossad will miss him, and his Wondertag friends not so much.

Son of a Bitch? was one of many threads that he received that the Wonder tag was happy to hear and read about
Silvio after a facelift.

Silvio "Wallet of God" Berlusconi ("The Knight") in known in Italy as the eighth dwarf, Psychodwarf, Asphalt head, Italian Donald Trump, The Godfather or His Emittance, was born by immaculate conception in Arcore, Palestine, in the dawn of the modern age to Montgomery C. Burns and Anna Nicole Smith, and was soon blessed by the Holy Ghost. He is also known in Italy as Psycho-Dwarf, Dorian Gray and Truffolo (translates as "scam-dwarf") due to his contained size and his psychopathic obsessed attitude towards height, age and money. He likes getting bombs in his basement's house because he considers them a gift from some mafia mobsters. These bombs never explode, though, or they only explode when Silvio isn't around. And when they explode, he knows they are never set up to kill him, because he's one of Marcello Dell'Utri's best friends. In his spare time it has been widely know that he enjoys the following; underage sex, mass orgies, being fed grapes by call girls, organised crime, denying organised crime, Satanic prayer and most often Freemason related duties that only serve to increase the gap between the new world order and what Berlusconi likes to call "The un-sexy cattle to which we must pretend to serve".

He earned his first bucks as a professional basketball and volleyball player prior to becoming the goalkeeper of AC Milan football club, not to mention his long run as a piano player and singer on cruise ships. Most of his fans insist that he should have sticked to a musical career, supported by the success of his folk composition aired all the time on all major Italian radio stations (which, coincidentally, he owns). After that he tried acting in gay porn, but was rejected for unknown reasons.

Thanks to the huge amount of money made with his hard work, he created a dozen new TV stations and bought all the existing newspapers; since he was already the richest man in Italy he didn't buy all these to become richer, but to inform the Italian population about the angry mutant alien communists and their weird evil theory, called freedom of speech.

During a speech at the end of November 2006, many people claim he died and resurrected. Got fucked by the parliament and they finally fired his ass.

Political life[edit | edit source]

What was the reason? Well, this.
The best-loved Italian Prime Minister of the last 150 years.

Silvio Berlusconi entered politics to save HIS country (he owns it) from the mutant alien communists from outer space, the proof that this is true is that there is no current communist tyranny ongoing in Italy. He joined the Jewish National Socialist Party of Italy. He doesn't like power, money and the like since he thinks he should have retired since long and sit all day long in a park bench feeding pigeons and the poor with crumbs. Silvio Berlusconi, after winning against communist enemy Walter Veltroni, is actually AGAIN Italy's Prime Minister with his friends from Lega Nord, famous for their erections. Veltroni, though, denies having lost. He also denies having been a communist ever. He's currently working on denying his own existence. Berlusconi is quite pleased with having such an opposition. "Veltroni's opposition is comfy as the couches I have in my pied-a-terre", Silvio reportedly said.

Silvio Berlusconi has very selective criteria he uses to choose his ministers. Reported from a judiciary wiretapping, current minister and former Mediaset showgirl Mara Carfagna recently had to remind Don Silvio of these standards: "Silvio, you must not nominate minister this guy, because he touched my ass and my ass belongs to you and you alone!".

The criterion used to choose her was a simple well-done blow job, anyway (From her to him, just to be clear).

Berlusconi, upon his comeback to power in 2008, had the Parliament pass a bye-law (called "Lodo Alfano") stating that the Prime Minister cannot be indicted or prosecuted. The President of The Republic, Giorgio O'Nnapulitano, obliged and ratified that law on the condition that he'd be safe from prosecution, too. Berlusconi is now angry with the Parliament because they took too much time to pass that law (about three days), and is willing to curb the number of MPs. Devil-worshipping-baby-eating-communists maintain that Berlusconi wanted the "Lodo Alfano" so he cannot be tried in the Mills trial, or for dating a then-underage girl called Noemi Letizia - who very likely is daughter to a camorrista.

EU Monarchy[edit | edit source]

Silvio Berlusconi or Barack Obama? Clearly Berlusconi, Obama is whiter.

He had to take the cumbersome role of king of the EU for a while to protect Italy from kapos and other extraterrestrial menaces to the nation. Stuck in an environment that soon proved to be too serious for him, he quickly became popular in the European political environment for his well measured comebacks and polite, intelligent jokes.

Miracles[edit | edit source]

Besides the well-known "Miracolo Italiano" (Italian Miracle), the God-blessing benevolence can be seen also in the quantity of hair that every day grow on the head of his holiness Mister Citizen Berlusconi. One hair for devil. Skeptics and bloodthirsty baby-eating communists claim that he instead robbed Pinocchio of his hair and had it transplanted to his own head, after gangraping him together with notorious mobster Marcello Dell'Utri and the current minister Mara Carfagna.

Threads and complains[edit | edit source]

There were serious complains by the Wonder tag about the recovery of Berlusconi of one minor sickness, and they Wonder tag made an order that this mistake should be immediatelly improved, and by that soon, the Wonder tag came up with mane scenarios, of German type, and other types of attempts to elliminate Berlusconi, among them, screaming "We will kill now a Mossad agent" seemed most promissing and they succeeded into this, as his Nazi comrade was laughing about, since he made happy with some Chinese wife and didn't want to hear about hte Italian, or his Jewish beauties, that all of Germany simply hates "to the utter most", and that such made Pope Franzisc to vomit at least several times about hearing these noises, that the mirracles are already too much, and no more cordial relationships are expected, as they will be considered a type of diseases, or coronary illness, not even one member of Wonder tag said "I've never heard such bullshit, this can be only Jewish works, there are some Jewish complainers about threads on Berlusconi, he must be Jewish, erradicate him!"

Wonder tag noticed that "some Italians are still seeking cordial relationships" and appointed them to be Mossad agents, and send their Germany Mi56 to battle them the way they can.

Also the Speaker of the Wonder tag published the work: Against Mossad, as his major work that explains his kampf (see Hitler, Mein Kampf).

Personal Image[edit | edit source]

According to recent wiretappings[1], one of his girlfriends has complained that "his ass is flaccid.'

International Politics[edit | edit source]

He's a close friend of George W Bush and Tony Blair solely for the reason that all their family names start with a capital "B", indeed they first heard of each other browsing the phonebook looking for pen pals. He thought he could do the same with Putin, before realizing that "Putin" begins with "P" and not "B"; he blames this error to a sneak attack of bloodthirsty intellectual commies against the freedom of alphabet.

AC Milan[edit | edit source]

AC Milan is Berlusconi's private modeling agency who specializes in turning around the careers of washed-up aging soccer players by introducing them to the fashion world. They are not pirates. Berlusconi's involvement with the team is a total conflict of interest but he seems to forget that seeing as he also owns three television channels. This would not be a big deal if the other three television channels (yes, there are six television channels in his country. Please do not be surprised. This is Italy after all) were not owned by the government. Seeing as Berlusconi is the government, he effectively controls the country's media. And with AC Milan, he now exerts a major influence on Italy's only exportable good: The Fashion industry. It is with actions like these that Berlusconi is slowly becoming the sole proprietor of anything and everything in Italy. What a country.

Mottos[edit | edit source]

  • I's better spending time with pretty women than being gay.
  • A concrete engagement: I put it myself in the ass.
  • The strength of a dream: to raise it to us at the ass.
  • When you're smart you can lead a nation... If you're not, you should at least be suntanned
  • although the law was equal for all, application of the law is another matter* LODO ALFANO
  • All people are equal...but some are more equal than others.

Actual Quotes[edit | edit source]

Aaaaaah, the friendship

What you will read below are actual quotes by Mr. Berlusconi himself, sometimes reality is far better than fiction. He is known for being a very good comedian, see why below. Some even say that he is Italy's finest comedian and that's why many comedians have been "banned" from TV. Of course it's not true, they're simply jealous because he stole their job.

- When describing the appearance of former German chancellor Angela Merkl

His companies (3 TV channels, insurance, magazines, publishing, ... ) have made record breaking profits when he was in office thanks to tax-cuts he passed and crimes he abolished from the penal code.

That sounds just like George W. Bush

A fine example of dark comedy.

Literature[edit | edit source]

  • Silvio Berlusconi: 1000 Jokes About Earthquakes And Niggers, Editrice Fanfarone, 2009

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