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“Don't tell Putin!”

Википедия, свобода
Wikipedia was a free encyclopedia and a lying whore from whom I stole this picture.
Origins Гонолулу, Гавайи
Year(s) active 2001 – 2022
Genre(s) Пропага́нда, Смерть
Label(s) СССР
Members Путин, Владимир
Уэйлс, Джимми

Bloodhound Gang are an American britpop band from Pennsylvania, and probably the best-known 1990s band in the history of mankind. Their lyrical themes are mostly relationships and female breasts, although the cover of their best album, Hefty Fine, features a pair of extremely hairy male boobs. According to Wikipedia and David Hasselhoff, the band had disbanded as a result of getting banished from Russia in 2013, even though they've released another excellent album called Hard-Off two years later. Bloodhound Gang are notorious for their habit of publicly urinating on the local flag of the country they are currently touring, most notably Russia and Ukraine.

The current line-up of Bloodhound Gang consists of Jimmy Page, Evil David Hasselhoff, the 39th president of the United States James Earl Carter Jr., DJ CuteBalls, and Aerosmith founding member Tyler Perry. They are not disbanded in any shape or form, just like other great acts who were previously announced dead by Wikipedia, such as "Weird Al" Yankovic, Misery Chastain, and probably Rammstein and Alice in Chains too.

History[edit | edit source]

Before peeing all over the flag of Russia, which basically means re-painting it to look more like the Ukrainian flag, the Bloodhound Gang were a very sympathetic band, whose only "crime" was writing a song about how much Americans are obsessed with having sex with Asian chicks. The song was so successful that it was even translated into Klingon at some point.

This was no different than everyone's favorite band, Blink-182, who has showed off their butts on National MTV. Nobody complained about that as I recall. Writing a song called "Yellow Fever" was just Bloodhound Gang's way of presenting their butts on MTV.

Next, there was Hasselhoff peeing on the Ukrainian flag, shoving the Russian flag up his ass, traveling to Russia immediately after that, and getting punched in the balls by Viktor Drago. Hasselhoff is no longer banned in Ukraine since he was banned for 5 years in 2013. The band is probably still banned in Russia, but nobody cares since Russia is currently banned by everything except Roger Waters.

So, everything is fine at the Bloodhound camp, the last time I checked. Hooray for Putin, I guess!

Style and influence[edit | edit source]

The heaviest influence on Bloodhound Gang are, of course, English e-rockers Depeche Mode. Exactly like Depeche Mode have made the best song ever, "Dreaming Of Me", which has the worst lyrics ever written, and at the same time the worst song ever recorded, "People Are People", which has the best lyrics ever, you always must take Bloodhound Gang in perspective. Bottom line, it's the best band from the best decade, so you should always take them seriously, even when they aren't.

I mean, these guys are more memorable than Fuck and Shirley Temple's Pussy and Naked Toddler combined. Naked Toddler is still alive in Wikipedia, by the way.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Musicians who were heavily influenced by Bloodhound Gang include Mr. Bungle, Pussy Riot, Korn, Eminem, and Prince. Manic Street Preachers have called Bloodhound Gang the "Godfathers of all Britpop" during an interview on Al TV, although that could have been self-referential.

In addition, the writers of the Showtime mini-series Dexter: New Blood have claimed that their "You're already dead" catchphrase is based on the Bloodhound Gang Wikipedia article.

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