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Word pyramide.jpg

Welcome to Ancient Egypt! This is a word pyramid. It does not have any letters in it. Once you fill in the first word, which is easy, all you have to do is just keep filling in the rest of the words, until you arrive to the final word. The final word will make you feel really good, and you will never feel the need to go back to your homeland of Canaan. You will most certainly never find yourselves watching all your children die by the hand of your President. No, you will just sit at the beach all day, drinking beer, fucking and listening to Fear Factory. So join us, here in Ancient Egypt! We are seriously. You will not in any way find yourselves stuck here for 400 years, trying to solve this ugly-ass pyramid. Which is totally fun and safe, by the way. Seriously.

10. The most disgusting reality show in the fucking world.[edit]

This is the final word you have to solve. After you solve this word, we will call you all a cab to safely take you back to Canaan. Seriously. Just ask our President, Pharaoh Mohamed Salah. He is the next Lionel Messi. He is making Ancient Egypt very proud. He will make us Champions of The World one day. We are seriously.

9. The occupation of Tobin Bell, if you were really stupid.[edit]

This is a 2-word definition. The answer will be 2 words. Not 1 word consisting of 2 words, like Jigsaw. 2 separate words. Like Fear Factory, the best band in the fucking world, which you will see live every fucking day if you continue solving this puzzle. Seriously.

8. What you would call God, if there was more than 1 God.[edit]

Like, right now you would call God "The Creator", but what if there were 2 Gods? Like, what if there was another being in the sky, fully capable of bombing our God President with huge flaming ice cubes? Or an atomic bomb? Seriously, how would you call our President then? Clue: a corpse.

7. What you would call the band Kreator, if you couldn't spell.[edit]

Clue: not Fear Factory. In Ancient Egypt, Fear Factory will call YOU. To ask you to do a live show inside your living room. Seriously.

6. Something long, sweet and orange.[edit]

Clue: not Donald Trump's dick.

5. The occupation of Topol.[edit]

Topol is your biggest star! We know there's a chance he will save you one day. But seriously, what would you rather see, Fiddler on the Roof or Fear Factory under YOUR roof? Good Sabbath!

4. A Mexican food.[edit]

3. Not a dog.[edit]

2. How you would write "city", if you were really stupid.[edit]

1. A kind of shirt.[edit]

One last thing, the only way to solve this puzzle is if you get Fear Factory at the end. Yes, it's kinda like the movie Life is Beautiful, with the kid waiting to get the tank. So if you don't get Fear Factory at the end, you will keep solving this pyramid forever. Or until Topol gets you out of here.

So it shall be written. So it shall be done.