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A-ha (stylized a-ha; Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈɑːhɑ]) was a Norwegian pop band formed in Oslo in 1982. The band was founded by Morten Harket, his lovable sidekick Paul-Peter Waaktaar-Savoy-Crouch, and Magne Furuholmen as comic relief. They lived in a distant planet called TV that is eternally sunny and warm with a blue sky, and in a country called Norway. Because they were born in such a non-changing planet, their bodies are not used to weather changes, so rain makes them turn back into pencil sketches. Therefore, they are terrified of rain, and they will all change and cry if they are forced to stand and face it. In their songs they use voices of women which have been stolen from the real world by Morten and are moved to sketches.

Look, they really only ever had three hits, the classic Take On Me, the R&B jazz track Take Me On and the rock-and-roll hit Me On Take.

Football career[edit | edit source]

A dispute with their Swedish counterparts ABBA caused them to leave Scandinavia in fear of their safety. By the early 1990s, they had established new identities in the United Kingdom.

ABBA hunted high and low for a-ha, and finally found them staying on the same roads they always travelled on. When someone approached Morten, it scared the living daylights out of him. Inside Morten's head, the sun never shone that day. The rest of the band members took on them (or took them on) and died at the hands of ABBA, lying down in darkness and the blood that moved their bodies covering the ground. When all seemed lost, they dreamed themselves alive, their reason being love, and defeated the weakened ABBA. After Morten regained his train of thought, they had a major celebration with all the inhabitants of TV.

A-ha has since moved to Memphis and are now living happily in a small flat by the foot of the mountain.

The Viking Quests[edit | edit source]

Because a-ha is from Norway, they are forced to be Vikings. This is the main reason why they are limited to few hits as they have been spending all this time fighting forces of Loki's army of Dragons. They defeated an entire force of dragons by using a technique they developed in the music world and sucked all the dragons into a comic book. As they dragons tried to breathe fire they burned themselves. This story is their greatest feat as Vikings.

Famous Songs[edit | edit source]

  • ALL of them
  • The first
  • The one with the drawings
  • Really, there was only two
  • Don't remember any other (2005 Remix)

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