Queens of the Stone Age

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Queens of the Stone Age
featuring Mark N. Zuckerberg The Gayest Of All Time

Q ueens. Stone Age. LL Cool J-oid and Fran Drescher-oid. Doin' it doggystyle. No wheels. Driving car with feet. No Facebook. Allowed to quote the song "Hurricane" by Bob Dylan in public without getting head hit with club. No Rihanna. Lots of people with Rihanna's Forehead though. Listening to only music genre available. Stoner rock. Playing using stone and rock. You clap stone against rock. Sometimes spark is created. People say you went electric. Like Bob Dylan did. Sometimes spark is not created. Fran has great butt. Big ole butt. LL shouting "I Need Love". Shows off his Rubin "Hurricane" Carter muscles. Marilyn Manson-oid with huge erection slowly approaches. His long tail only few inches longer than his cock. Patti Smith-oid shouts "Rock N Roll, Nigger!" at MM-Rex. MM-Rex shouts "Rock N Roll, Nigger!" right back at Patti-Rex. MM-Rex is distracted. MM-Rex eats Patti-Rex. LL and Fran not interrupted. We keep watching them. Loungin. LL whispers "I'm Bad" to Fran. Fran whispers "Rock the Bells" to LL. LL whispers "Hey Lover" to Fran. Fran whispers "Jingling Baby" to LL.

B ack seat. No such thing. Man always in front seat. Driving car with feet. No Facebook. Allowed to misquote Dylan's "Hurricane". Both LL's balls shaved in advance. Fuck was a pig-fuck so he never had a chance. Fran made LL's balls swollen like plums. To the British folks who watched he had very sexy bum. To the black folks he was just a crazy nigger. No one doubted he was mean as Jack the Ripper. LL shows off the boomin' system. No radio in car. System means woman's butt. Man shows off car's system. Man shows off woman's butt. Same thing. "I can't live without my radio". "I can't live without her butt". Same thing. Quoting Bob Dylan in public. Fucking in public. Same thing. Facebook. Wheels. Same thing. "Going Back to Cali" by LL Cool J. "Going Back to Cali" by The Notorious B.I.G.. Not same thing. LL is better. Got you! Get down on knees. Time for system check. Mama said knock you out. Relax. Just kidding. LL shouts "I need a beat" to Fran. Fran is around the way girl. Fran knows better than not obeying. Fran dances reverse Lambada. LL is pleased.

Q ueens. Stone Age. LL and Fran still fucking. Still no Facebook. LL gets in car. Fran gets behind LL. Fran sticks finger in LL's butt. LL starts driving to beach. LL and Fran doin' it in car. Not doggystyle. Kinky. We drive behind. Great view on LL's system. Approaching the beach. Getting out of cars. Walking along the beach. Sound of music in distance. Approaching sound. Phone in sand playing QOTSA video. Oh my God. I'm back. I'm home. All this time I was. We finally really did it. You Maniacs! You blew it up. That is angels. Angels just like up in Heaven.