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On March 2018, Roger Waters, former bassist of the most serious band in history, Pink Floyd, has released a song called "Supremacy". The song is a protest against Donald Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The lyrics of "Supremacy" are in fact the lyrics of a poem by the national Palestinian poet. In the song, a Native American talks to the White Man about how the White Man built his progressive settlements over the bodies of the Native Americans. So the song serves both as a protest against America and Israel. This is basically what the Palestinian/Native American is saying in the song:

Ooh baby don't you know I suffer, ooh baby can't you hear me moan?

This line is from the song "Supremacy Black Hole" by the band Muse, a band with an actual sense of humour. Muse always did Radiohead imitations, knowing that people will laugh at them, but they never cared. They also create very Pink Floydish album covers for themselves, to indicate their seriousness: it's like, we know we're a total Radiohead ripoff, but we are also a serious band. And that's why Muse kicks ass. So you could basically say that Muse built their progressive music over the body of Roger Waters.

You caught me under false pretenses, how long before you let me go?

But that's OK, because Roger Waters has built HIS progressive music over the body of Syd Barrett, who wrote "See Amily Play".

You set my soul alight

This is the rest of the song by Muse, It's about how the Palestinians are enjoying free Israeli electricity which was produced from their dead bodies.

Supremacy black hole

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