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“I guess some fourteen year olds never grow up.”

~ Oscar Wilde on NOXF
NOFX today. No, really.

NOFX (pronounced "no-ef-ex") is an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California (later "relocating" to San Francisco). The band was formed in 1983 by political adviser and self-prolaimed punk deity Fat Bitch and his ragtag gang of Anarchists. They are known for their refusal to go mainstream because making a lot of money isn't punk. They know for a fact that true punk rock is all about not selling out, and signing to a mainstream label[1] is selling out. Obviously.

Early years[edit]

This is your political advisor

NOFX started out recording with Bad Religion and began openly mocking vegetarianism. Afterwords, Fat Bitch switched over to being a vegetarian and began openly mocking people who ate meat. *Cough *couch hypocrisy *cough *cough. Twenty albums later of the exact same bar chords on a guitar being played to nonsensical weasel screeches. When they weren't making any money, they were given the opportunity to sign into a mainstream label. Devastatingly high on cocaine at the time, they declined- and in retrospective, that really was dumb.

As other bands like Green Day and The Offspring were out making money and exploring the vast world of music, NOFX saw some fanbase as the fans of mainstream punk bands began to seek out other modern punk bands.


When deliberately making no money didn't work out so well, they began to take their music to the next step! Political whining!

“There we were, smoking and injecting ourselves with heroin, and we started talking about that Polly... Tickie stuff that the fancy guys on TV are talkin' about and we decided we really didn't like war.”

~ Fat Mike on NOFX's move into political music

They took to the Democratic Party in a quick game of eenie meenie minnie moe. After deciding that there ideals were that war isn't pretty, drugs must be good for you, and that Bush might have been a bad president they were off in their political career. Just like they always say- stoners make the best political advisers.

Political Views[edit]

“We're so against war that we support war! Ha!”

~ Fat Mike on NOFX's political views
Kicking a dead horse is totally punk, am I right, guys?

As of lately, NOFX has been in support of the Denial Party and against the other one that's basically the same, but just as stupid. On top of that, they believe that their views that constantly contradict each other will become recognized through the manipulation of today's youth.

They also get by by offending Christians. Which is actually a whole lot like making Helen Keller jokes. It's too easy. Way to go, NOFX. You've pissed people off that were already pretty pissed off in the first place. I bet you feel pretty good about yourself now.


Album Cover Date of Release Title Label
How Could We Be Any Worse? (1985)
February 12, 1985 How Could We Be Any Worse? Cenotaph Records
Melvin Goes "Arrrrrgh!" (1993)
July 23, 1993 Melvin Goes "Arrrrrgh!" Cenotaph Records
Serious (1998)
August 31, 1998 Serious Cenotaph Records
BYOh Split Vol. III
April 25, 2002 NOFX/Pink BYOh Split Vol. III BYOh...
Brand New Font (2004)
March 18, 2004 Brand New Font Fat Moo Sick
It's the Best We've Ever Played Live, and No-one Came to See us (2006)
December 28, 2006 It's the Best We've Ever Played Live, and No-one Came to See us Fat Moo Sick
Another Compilation for the Pile (2011)
October 2, 2011 Another Compilation for the Pile Fat Moo Sick


“Let's get really high, and then preach about politics and other things we don't know about!”

~ Fat Mike on the start of NOFX

“Down with Nazis! Our opinions are the RIGHT opinions! If you express your religious freedom, that makes you an idiot! No matter what your beliefs are!”

~ Fat Mike on blatant hypocrisy

“Oh yeah? Well... we SUPPORT abortions, vegetarianism, and anarchy! That makes us punk!”

~ Fat Mike on "originality"

“What makes us cool is that we like things other people don't like.”

~ Fat Mike on NOFX

“We didn't sign on a mainstream label because making money is bad.”

~ Fat Mike on NOFX


  1. Despite the fact that all that a mainstream label means is that you'll be making a lot more money, and more freedom to write music.

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