The Mars Volta

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The Mars Volta transcending the aural viperic constrictions of musical convention.

The Mars Volta is a group of surrealistic and confounding musicians best known for bewildering laymen and wooing critics with cryptic lyrics of Biblical complexity and verbosity and self-debasing instrumentation of Latin and Progressive patronage.

Aethereal Linguistical Verbosity[edit]

HAVE YOU UN-DER-STOOD? Their lyrics comprehend?
(Methodic deconstruction cannot here avail)
CAN YOU MAKE-TO-RIGHT? Decipher the meme?
(Organized attempts certain are to fail)
Can you comprenhend with a concerted effort on your own behalf?

Enigmatic conceptions
Cerebral and unreal
The scriber understood
But you think you feel?
Within the writer’s thoughtform
Can you ascertain?
The point of things just uttered
Or are you just the bane?

Will you reach for comfort;
The meaning underlied?
Or will this understanding
Be to you denied?
Twixt the cerebellum
Do you think you know?
The answer to the question
Melts away like snow

Aertereal Linguistical Verbosity
Lacks the empirical, formulaic quality the layman wants
He reaches out but finds nothing
The Labyrinth confounds him

[in an Old Gregg voice]

You think you’re gonna understand what’s going on, but ya really don’t
Like grabbin’ a cat or some shit, and it turns out to be your grandma’s teat
And then you’re like, ‘what the fuck, Grandma, what’s your teat a-doin’ he-yere?’
And then you just say to hell with it and give Rosemary some old fashion lovin’ like sh’ wants

[six minute saxophone solo]

HAVE YOU UN-DER-STOOD? Their lyrics comprehend?
(Methodic deconstruction cannot here avail)
CAN YOU MAKE-TO-RIGHT? Decipher the meme?
(Organized attempts certain are to fail)

Fornificus Troupers[edit]

Umbilic blisters and hedonistic troupes; have you ever been the conventicle of Mexico?
O, mar Rodriguez, tell me that it’s over
Cthulhic intentions and Poisson distributions
My melodic flaccid interest wanes, you know

Biblical scriptions ar’en’t what’s the matter
Bixler-Zavala, speak the incantation
Bombastic utterances make the song, you know

Testament Isaiah, musica claviered
We know that you know the destination
Aetereal and melodious sets the mood, you know

We’ve all been
Trippin’ on hard drugs
(The needle strikes the crimson vein)
We’ve all been
Sowing empty seeds
(The semen’s still inert the same)

[lengthy instrumental interlude]

Chaotic rhythmic structure, the underlying math
Pridgen, Alterete, the beat to fornication
Though masturbation works the same, you know

O, mar, brotherly assisted in your enterprise
Synthetic and hallow tones make for anticipation
And intelligentsia’d dissonance woos critics, you know

And González does the rest
Yes, González does the rest

[dissonant electronic sounds]


Frenulum labiorum pudendi[edit]

[building guitar introduction]

It defected back to where the cul-de-sac payed.
He sits
Loused beyond all measure
And stays
Waiting silent still
You think
‘What’s this that I see here?’
And go
‘Fuck it, I don’t care’

First albums are confusing
Everyone confound
The message (if there is one)
Sold back by the pound
In the comatorium
The track list does unfold
Made to entice the prog fan
Found it breaks the mold
Empty hallways whisper
Empty hallways whisper

[ten minute ‘groove’]

Apparitions inside, the crease of spacial time. Vroom Vroom.
[eight minutes of silence]

Biblical conceptions
Latin themes as well
A unifying concept
Now that’s a harder sell

Portmanteaus and organs
Make up what’s the meme
But what this really lacks
Is an underlying theme

[ominous transition]
I've got a penis that will rip through the very fabric of time (time, time, time)

Reckless and cursed, The Soothsayer cries out
Ouija and spirits descend
Without the matter of inflection
It beckons through historic matters

Goliath’s got a lot to say
If you’d only listen
Goliath’s going to make your day
If you’d only listen

[crescendo and three minute salsa dance by the band]

Infirmary, perdition (incomprehensible fiction)
Bedlam and infection (hexes made for you protection)

Vea También[edit]