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Why?:Do I need to provide this?

Judgmental, the lot of them...

I realize this is probably in my best interest, but really ma'am, this question borders on disturbing. I can't see why anyone, even my doctor, would need to know this information. First of all, why would anyone even want to know the answer to this? Dr. Packs isn't some kind of pervert, is he? Yes, I did just "go there," ma'am; this question is growing more worrisome by the moment. I really don't see why I can't just skip this one.

Come now, ma'am, what do you take me for? You won't look at half of this stuff anyway. Why can't we just simply... ignore it? Please, ma'am, just hear me out. Will this question really give Dr. Packs anything useful to deal with? How can you be so sure? If I could just see him I'm sure I could work something out... He's with another patient? But I thought his morning was free! Are you sure I can't go in? ...All right, but please tell me why do I need to provide this? I really don't see why you would need to know this. This question is asking me for some extremely personal information that I really don't feel like giving out. Yes, yes, you've told me that it doesn't matter. But you know what, ma'am? It matters to me. So I'll ask you again — why do I need to provide this? (See more...)

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