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Why?:College is for suckers!


Greetings, everybody. So, you want to go to college, you know, get some big shiny degree, and a high paying job hanging around with sexy chicks, don't you? Riding around in a Red Barchetta until the gas runs out and not giving a damn about those stupid environmentalists and their pointless complaints? Well, tell you what. It ain't going to happen! Because college is a complete scam invented by The Big 5 Corporations to lure idiots like you, (yes you!) to college for some "special degree" in some sort of "high paying" jobs. Except you find out it was a big waste of time and money because the professor was so fucking boring, you decided to skip all of your classes. Also not to mention spending money on your credit card for drugs and beer, and by your credit card, I meant your parents already maxed out plastic. The next thing you know you're either going to become a jobless hobo, drinking expired Whiskey from the dumpster or you'll probably be a fully pimpled and morbidly obese loser who gets a job at McDonalds and decides to move back to their parents. They lose their house, because the college you went to (and fled from) wanted to add some nonexistent taxes on the funding. (See more…)

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