Why?:Is MediaWiki ending?

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Why is that the case?[edit]

<-- Over the past few days, MediaWiki websites have been a bit unstable. I even wrote an UnNews article about it. I will do the report on May 7th, 2020.

Uncyclopedia has been the most unstable due to an abundance of swearing and other inappropriate stuff. Most of us have even used Wikipedia instead of our wiki. Some of us have even played Desert Bus instead of laughing their heads off. None of us are following my instructions, so that's Why? MediaWiki is ending. Here is the new 6th tip: Play Sonic 2 (any ROM back or original version) until May 25th, 2020, then MediaWiki will be saved. Works best with Windows XP and Windows Vista/7. These are final. -->


It will never stop until the next 22 days are over...

That's all, Uncyclopedians!