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Girl: Why?:does my yes mean nothing.
Boy: Because you will barely be 18 tomorrow, although we have been dating since you were 15.

“I know what I'm doing! My age should not be important!”

~ girl on statutory rape

“Why is it illegal? She said yes...”

~ boyfriend on being arrested

In this article, we are not referring to the rape of statues, but rather, the criminal activity entailing a relationship between an adult and a minor. This applies even if the minor knows what s/he is doing.

Why repeal statutory rape[edit]

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Sometimes, a little girl has a grown-up boyfriend. And sometimes, the boyfriend says, "Wanna do it?" and the girl says, "Yes!" This ordinarily shouldn't be anyone's business. Why should anyone judge them? Why should a man be punished just because his girlfriend was born too late? It was nobody's fault. Maybe they met at a bad time, and the boyfriend isn't really a pedo. Some of you might say, "Why doesn't she just marry him?" Well, it's not that simple. She has to get permission from her parents. There could be many reasons she wouldn't be able to get permission, such as:

  1. Her parents don't like the guy.
  2. Her parents were once in the same situation, but are now hypocrites.
  3. Her mom is okay with the guy, but her dad is not.
  4. She doesn't have a mom, and her dad will not give permission.
  5. She doesn't have parents.

Or insert your own reasons here as you wish. Don't worry, the editors here won't bite!

Of course, this could also apply to boys with adult girlfriends, with the added possibility of the girlfriend becoming pregnant. Here, statutory rape makes the boy pay child support even if he himself is still a child. This is pretty stupid. How is an underage kid supposed to get money for child support?

And why do these situations even exist? What about adult women who have even less sense than a child? Such as gold-diggers. These bitches empty the pockets of guys, to hell with their feelings! Why are they not punished for their greed?

Why not to repeal[edit]

Why not to? There isn't really a reason. Scared of true pedophiles? There is the anti-pedophilia law. Statutory rape has nothing to do with it.