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A common chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes is an object of lust and desire for those afflicted with Pansexuality

Pansexuality (sometimes referred to as Chimpphilia or Panphilia) is a sexual orientation characterized by a strong sexual attraction to members of the genus Pan (Common Chimpanzees, Bonobos, Humans, and a guy named Peter). Pansexuality is sometimes used to describe the ability for people to love someone else regardless of species. This is not the same thing as Pantheism where chimps are revered as gods but there is some overlap between the two.

Evolutionary Reasons for the existence of Pansexuality[edit]

Scientists know for a fact that humans and chimpanzees are each others closest living evolutionary relatives and this may help to explain why pansexuality is so common. Humans and chimps share about 98% of the same DNA and are able to produce hybrids known as Humanzees. Women have long shown a preference for mating with chimpanzees because of their physical strength and hairiness and desperate, pathetic men have mated with female (and male) chimps because they lack the money, looks, and social skills to attract a human mate.


Scientists now recognize Pansexuality as part of a larger spectrum of disorders known as Apephila. Individuals who suffer from Apephila are known to have intense sexual desires for gorillas, lemurs, orangatangs, and gibbons.

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