UnDebate:Is it the size of the ship or the motion in the ocean?

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But some of the smaller ships are just so historical!

Background information

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DAAAAMMMN. Now that's a hard topic to decide on, matey! When it comes to voyaging, transports and trade, battles at sea, etc. is it the size of the ship or the motion in the ocean?

What has more advantages? What has the unwanted disadvantages?

What is more threatening?

Size of the ship defendants

Well, I'm no one eyed monster scientist. So I could be wrong. Who knows? Well, I would say that pirates with the big galleons and shit struck the fear of God wherever they invaded. So I'm saying that big ships penetrating a woman's bay would be more of a force if you know what I'm saying. Shipwrecked? Nah. Littler ships are the easiest to send back harmed. Don't get me started on how badly they deal with the kraken!

Motion in the ocean defendants

You underestimate the force of little sailboats. A large ship would bring down more cargo if sunk, but a littler ship AKA a sailboat can proceed to explore. We just gotta get by the obstacles, AKA the friend-zone sea and we can proceed to do that exploring we just talked about. Instead of full-out bashing into the precious insides, we find her gold chest and let it all rumble. We're talking about raiding the riches and leaving a precious memory!

What about the delicate female passengers?

Size of the ship defendants

Ahhhh! You got me there! But as Fergie once said, big girls don't cry. So, it depends on the girl. Some crew members like the bitchy kind. It depends if she is hot. Hot girls bring furious sea battles, we're talking all the pirates to the ship!


Motion in the ocean defendants

Well of course the big ships bring more hurt after the climax! They can send girls whining all the way, brother. We don't like it when girls cry and complain. Stop bitching. Stick to the sailboats, women. We can deliver your exports and imports without the unnecessary loss of supplies due to fights on the way across the ocean! We know where the pirates seek us and we avoid that path! And if you love pain, we can bring the pain after we get there! The galleons and big ships bring brute force, and we can limit ourselves but still bring it to max! We can demonstrate how our cannons work, trust us!

Who packs the biggest load?

Size of the ship defendants

I can't even tell if you're being sarcastic. This isn't debatable. It has been known throughout time that the larger ships were used to transport the largest loads. The size of package, well, make it bigger. Delivery will come.

If you have to ask, you've obviously never seen one of our captains toss one of his crew off the side. I've seen many a maiden cover her face with her hands as one of our crew had to "walk the plank".

Aside from that, it's just simple physics. The bigger the boat, the bigger the load. I've never seen a small boat offload anything that would make a warship's captain blink twice. It wouldn't look right either, it'd be like watching 40 people climb out of a taxi cab.

Motion in the ocean defendants

Stuff and nonsense. There is no correlation between the size of the ship and the amount of cargo it is loaded with.

It may be true that tankers go around with the most cargo, and when they empty their load it is a fearsome sight, but there are plenty of big ships out there which look like they're packing but aren't.

Furthermore, many passengers aren't there for the cargo, or they certainly don't want to see it. Call us old fashioned, but we think the ship's load should stay out of sight, instead of being in the passenger's face the whole time.

How long are your voyages?

Size of the ship defendants

Whaaaaaaaattt? What kind of question is that?! Don't make me laugh, man! Okay, I'll tell you. There is no greater thrill than riding a big ship through stormy waters. You won't even notice how long it lasts. Depends on how horny she is. But then again, when all is said and done, she won't know 2 PM from 2 AM.

Motion in the ocean defendants

Well, you don't have to have a naval fleet to get her, the ocean blue, to succumb to your might here. My first time was a wee bit embarrassing. I couldn't really get out of the docks before my voyage ended. Why did it end? Well, I accidentally let all the exports out before we got going. It was a tough loss, but now I take some beautiful sea travels. As I say when I am undergoing Asian voyaging, "This is gonna go long-time". Plus, I build up more transports to give at the end.

Can I be the judge of this?

Size of the ship defendants

Okay. All aboard, bitch!

Motion in the ocean defendants

Sure. Why not? What could possibly go wrong? Nothing, right? RIGHT! I just need toss to make room for your presence!

The Queen's Actions

(Ship dismissal log) . . The Queen (Letter address | Resumé) dismissed Size of the ship defendants (Letter address) with an expiry time of eternity (Not an impressive voyage!)
(Ship dismissal log) . . The Queen (Letter address | Resumé) dismissed Motion in the ocean defendants (Letter address) with an expiry time of undecided (Seeing your baby ship was actually kinda cute.)
(Ship dismissal) . . The Queen (Letter address | Resumé) recalled Motion in the ocean defendants (Letter address) (How 'bout you take me back to your place, cutie, and show me a good time?)
(Ship rankings) . . The Queen (Letter address | Resumé) changed ship ranking for Motion in the ocean defendants (Letter address) from dinghy to Naval Administrator, Naval Bureaucrat, Naval System Administrator, Hard fucker, and Painful screaming orgasm causer (Never ever expected in my whole life to say thank you after going through so much pain! You put the grand motion in the ocean, baby!)