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The Official Logo of Golden Showers©, Inc.

“The gold look of Golden.”

~ Kohler on Golden Showers

Golden Showers, Incorporated; founded in 1980 by Robert Kelly as a result of numerous conversations with Cribs homeowners, and celebrity architects requesting new materials to help them create more opulent bathrooms for the likes of Jay-Z, P. Diddy, and of course, Master P.

Golden produces the highest quality shower tile, tubing, fixtures, and even mood lighting from pure solid 24 karat gold. Golden takes pride in the fact that its shower facilities are the only facilities of their kind, dedicated to being created entirely using 100% pure 24 karat gold products, even if it means eventual water contamination due to the corrosion and patina build up in the Golden brand golden pipes.

Consider a Golden shower[edit | edit source]

A Golden showerhead, just part of a Golden shower.
Glass Golden Shower stalls are extremely popular and give a grand look to the bathroom with all the 24 karat gold flake!

Taking a shower in a Golden shower is certainly something that has charm. Although a bath in a Golden bathtub can be the ultimate luxury, there's just no alternative to the fun of standing below a relaxing Golden showerhead, and experts agree, nothing is more soothing than a nice, warm Golden shower, or even just a short Golden spurt if you don't have the time. Sometimes, a Golden shower is the only thing that can relieve the stress your body goes through during those long, hard working hours. The patented Golden massage jets have adjustable nozzles, spraying your body from all different angles and all with different pressures! Just imagine the Golden fun now!!!

Choosing the best Golden shower type[edit | edit source]

With the following shower design ideas you can definitely have a great looking Golden shower space. Depending upon the total space you have, decide which shower type suits you and get a completely unique bathing experience with an exhilarating yet relaxing Golden shower!

Lite™ Golden showers[edit | edit source]

A Golden Shower Filter can be added to turn your bathing liquid into molten gold! Caution: may cause scalding.

Short of space? Well, that doesn't mean you can't have that dream Golden shower installed in your bathroom. Here's one of the smaller shower design ideas: shower enclosure. Yes, with this, your bathtub can double up as a Golden shower area and you (along with your close friends and family) can have the option of bathing under a soothing Golden shower in a cool 24 karat bathtub. Just add the Golden shower fixtures and put up a curved Golden rod to hang a trendy Golden shower curtain. What a great looking place to take a Golden shower! And if you are no longer interested in having a bathtub at all, just replace it with a traditional walk-in Golden shower stall!

Traditional Golden showers[edit | edit source]

Walk-in Golden shower stalls are among the most convenient options to add a Golden shower area to your existing bathroom. Consider adding a Golden shower stall of the desired size and shape in any corner of your bathroom to spice up the ambiance of your louvre. Use Golden shower tiles to create a Creamy.gifmosaic effect on the walls and floor. There are also Golden shower accessories, which are available in a wide range and variety to add the perfect touch of decor to your Golden shower area.

A splendid Golden wet room™[edit | edit source]

A modern design idea is to convert your entire bathroom into a Golden wet room™. This provides the luxury of having a huge Golden shower area. The term wet room simply means that the entire bathroom will work as a Golden shower space once you turn on those brilliant Golden shower knobs. Just make sure to have slip resistant certified Golden shower tiles and multiple Golden shower hoses installed to ensure a safe and easy cleanup.

Golden urinals are available on a made-to-order basis, but as you know aren't necessary if you already enjoy Golden showers.

Golden nozzles, hoses, pumps & extras[edit | edit source]

It's time to select the most essential elements - the Golden shower fixtures. For the best Golden shower you must add a hand-held showerhead. Also think about adding Golden shower panels, massage nozzles and jets for an even more luxurious and relaxing Golden shower experience. Also, try a few trendy Golden light fixtures to both lighten and liven up the look of your amazing new Golden shower area!

After many years of service, it is standard that the pressure of your Golden shower subsides to a dribble, at which point it will be time to either replace the pump or start pumping manually. Replacement Golden shower pumps may be purchased on the black market and should rejuvenate any flaccid facility back to its former glory after a quick installation.

The golden shower™ inventor and previous sole-proprietor, R. 'O.G. G.S. Supreme' Kelly.

A note from R. Kelly[edit | edit source]

According to Robert Kelly, founder and CEO of Golden Showers, Inc., “From the manufacturer that makes our Golden products to the individuals who buy them, we are committed to creating the best materials and tools, ensuring a better Golden shower future for all of us.

After a magnificent live Golden shower demonstration, he added, “That is our promise. That is our passion.

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