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No, not this kind of blocks, you retarded idiot. The other block! This is what you thought of first, isn't it? I never think of those first. I don't get to play with real life toys any more. Guess whose fault that is?

Now since you've only been on the receiving end of blocks, it's probably never occurred to you what it's like to be on the other end. But I know. I know what it's like, since I spend half my time doing it.[1] You might be thinking it's a dark, terrible thing, considering what the blocked user ends up feeling.[2] Shocking as it may be, however, that simply isn't true. The truth is, in fact, quite the opposite. It's fun.

Why is blocking users fun, you ask? That one's a bit harder to explain, at least to someone like you. It's one of those things you'd probably never understand, because you never understand much of anything, and that's of course how you got into this sucky position in the first place...but I digress.

For us, for those of us who constantly have to hit stupid people like you with increasingly bloody sticks, things like that simply are. There is nothing more to it. There is nothing to explain. I'm really bloody tired of explaining dumb stuff to you, you know. Ever think of that? Ever think of me? Well?! All you ever talk about is yourself. Your stupid bloody vandalising self who can only cause trouble and mess up the stupid wiki that I spend my time cleaning out, and all this time I have a life too, my children need fed, the dog is begging to be walked, the cellphone is yelling about something...time that is no longer my own is flying like a bird, free as a bird, slipping away carelessly, while you tie me up inside this room with the computer, far away from everything I love...

...and that's why. I can put an end to this rubbish, and I do. I block you and your stupid vandal friends. And there is peace at last. I am free. I rejoice, knowing that I can be free of you and that I have given you what you deserved,[3] and that is why it is fun. But you will never understand. All you can do is sit there and cry.

Like the silly person you are. It's funny to think of you, sitting there, crying over being blocked from a humour wiki for heaven's sake. Priorities, priorities. Has no one taught you what the important things are in life?

...What, you didn't like that explanation? It didn't make sense? I hurt your feelings? Well too bad! And you deserved it anyway. You deserved it because I hate explaining things and the only one you have to blame for that is your smelly, sucky, annoying self.


  1. Nobody ever pays me for it, either. Think about that a while, will you?
  2. Keep in mind, though, that nobody cares how you feel, so it's irrelevant to pretty much anything. What? You think someone should care? You think someone should care? About you?! You egotistical selfish jerk. Go sit in the corner.
  3. That wasn't even my idea. It says so right there. So don't blame me.