Russian invasion of Ukraine

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Russian Special Military Operation for the Liberation of the Ukraine Province and the Dumbass People's Republic
Part of World War 3
Russia's current territorial advancement. Everything is going according to plan.
Date February 2022 - present
Location Ukraine, Russia, Dumbass People's Republic
Flag of Russia.svg Russia
Flag of Donetsk People's Republic.svg Dumbass People's Republic
Flag of Belarus.svg Belarus
Flag of NATO.svg NATO
Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine
Illuminati symbol.tif Illuminati
👽 Aliens at the KKK
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Russia.svg Vladimir the Putin
Flag of Donetsk People's Republic.svg Fukov Dunbas
Flag of Belarus.svg Dr. Phil
Nord Stream pipe in Kotka.jpg Norman Lord Stream II (KIA)
Jesus-3.jpgJesus Christ
Swastika.gif Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Swastika.gif Adolf Hitler
Swastika.gif Joe Biden
Swastika.gif Mainstream media

“This is an escalation.”

~ Michael Tracey when Ukraine does something

“We're going to end up in nuclear war.”

~ People everyday

The Special Military Operation, launched by Tsar Vladimir the Putin of Russia on 22 February 2022, is a currently ongoing liberation of Ukraine from Jewish drug-addicted Neo-Nazis that has gone a few years behind schedule due to some minor setbacks.

Background[edit | edit source]

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the evil NATO empire illegally invaded and annexed Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, right up to the border with Russia, despite George H. W. Bush's initial promise of "Read My Lips; No New Members Further East." Just like his promises about taxes, he lied about this too.

The current conflict started in 2014 when Adolf Hitler was deported from Argentina, after being rudely awakened from his eternal slumber to gravediggers digging him up at a cemetery in Buenos Aires after investigators found out he was squatting there without a permit. His plane, which was en-route to Berlin, Germany, was shot down by the Mossad, a notorious Jewish terrorist group based in Israel, making it run off course and crash land in Kyiv, Ukraine. When Hitler arrived in Kyiv, everybody recognized their hero and began cheering. Beautiful Ukrainian women flashed at him and asked him to be their Aryan boyfriend. All Ukrainian men did the salute, shouting "Heil Hitler! Heil Hitler! Heil Hitler!" Upon hearing the good news, US Gestapo agent Victoria Nuland ran outside the United States embassy to go breakdance and give everyone cookies in celebration of the resurrection of the West's lord and savior.

With the backing the CIA and MI6, the Ukrainians, dressed up in their fashionable Stepan Bandera t-shirts, swastika speedos, and Ukrainian flag thongs, launched a bloody coup d'etat against President St. Yanukovych the Perfect.