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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Slovenia?

The Evil Slovak State
Slovakia flag.jpg
Motto: "Go back where ya came from"
Anthem: "Take on me" by a-ha
CapitalBras in lava
Largest cityBras in lava again
Official language(s)Some random crap
GovernmentPuppet of the EU
‑ Powerless loser
 of Independence
Currencydog crap

Hey there! Did You know I'm from Slovakia? It's a small country in Central Europe (although some think it's in Eastern Europe, how silly and uninformed of them. Truly an amusing, yet good hearted misunderstanding.) Well anyway, Slovakia is really good. You should visit it sometime. It exists! Did you know I'm from there? Did I tell you that? But back to the point! Slovakia has a lot of beautiful mountains, hills, rivers and valleys, making it the perfect place to go hiking! We also have the most castles per capita, and a lot of really interesting and cool caves! Still not interested? Please! We have Halušky! That's a delicious folk food! No! Don't click off! We have, uhhhh, beautiful women! Please don't forget about us! PLEASE!

Calm down. Ok, ok. I'll leave the rest of the article to you.

Slovak people[edit | edit source]

Slovakia is a nation state, meaning that it was made as an excuse to deport Hungarians and Germans from it's territory for replacement with a more Czech-alligned nationality, consisting mostly of extra-weird Moravians and Poles.

“I literally just did this to piss off the Austro-Hungarians”

~ Južiánič Maďarovraž

In this quote you see the usual sentence-making mistakes of Czechs and therefore also their offshoot, the Slovaks

Why do they exist[edit | edit source]

Slovakia exists because of several reasons, but mostly because Južiánič Maďarovraž, the permanent God-president of the Czech Hegemony (the one with the 10K solar systems) decided it would be funny to make complete fools out of the second-largest empire in the world by destroying them and forcing each half to give independence to a Slov..ia of some sort. The Hungarians originally wanted to weasel out of this deal by exiling Slovaks to Transylvania and calling it "Translovakia". The Czechs reacted to this by kidnapping Transylvanian shepherds and putting them in Slovakia, further degenerating the already terrible Slovak culture. Among other inventions, these importees would later also create Halušky.

Slovakians typically get confused for nothing, and most people think they are trolling when they say this place exists. They love Russians, I think. Any country which copies another flag is clearly a fanboy for their conterpart.