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Я is one of the most beloved icons of the Яussian empiяe. Born on Stalingrad on 1927, Я would soon prove to be a strong Яussian soldieя, with яed blood pumping through his veins.

However, Я would soon be found by his evil twin, R, a traitor to Mother Яussia, who chose to be part of the Land of Capitalist Pigs, also known as USA. It was then when Я and R had an epic fight to see who the best letter was, which would later inspire the film known as Яocky. Sadly for the Яussians, Я was almost winning when R decided to play dirty, and twisted Я's body completely until it was looking at the other direction. Deeply harmed, Я abbandoned Яussia, as he didn't feel worthy of belonging to this glorious empiяe, for he had lost against an American.

Nowadays, Я can be found under many identities; some of them including:

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