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this woman attempted to solve the problem.

1+1 is considered by many educated scholars from press prestejus big universities around the world as the most hardest most super duper extra-pooper math problem to ever be defined in the English and Spanish languages in all the history of infinity. many mathematicians have attempted to solve this problem however the complex equilaterals proved even too tough for those girlfriendless world of warcraft-playing nerds. many believe that this was a sign of the great buddha's return, but many many more than the many-that-already-believe believe that it is reely a sign of the apocalypse.

discovery[edit | edit source]

the ekwation was first discovered by the early cavemen who lived in the wilderness and jungles of the disease-infested lands of canada. the first caveman that discovered the eksistence of this ekwation realized it eksisted when he had a club in one hand but he also had one in the other hand. the caveman went back to his cave with the clubs in disbelief. then he met with the smartest of the other cavemen. but they weren't really too smart cause they were all dummies who com comunim connumicated by throwing two-week-old poops at each another. the cavemen studied the ekwation and proposed an answer.


this answer was of course proven fala fallatus wrong by stupider peeple in the future, and not just cause of the obvious fact that these men were cave men (or "peeple of the concave hole"). but then they realized math was stupid and they decided peeple should spend more time with sports, and if sports didn't work out, then they could try soccer.

early attempts to solve the problem[edit | edit source]

after the lack of attempts at solving the problem, most people decided to just make the answer and 1. which says if you have one dollar in one hand and one dollar in the other hand then you must have one and one dollar. but one man whose name is completely forgotten had the courage to speek out against everyone and try to solve the problem because he believed the problem could actually be solved. he conclooded that 2 is equal to 2 ones, so 1 added to another 1 is equal to 2, therefore . this did not go so well with the math community. they grabbed the man and took him to the back and beat him mercelesly to death before the mans obviously false assumptions and pure opinions and fantasy could deny the fact that and 1. the mathmaticians were awarded a medal of honor for their bravrey.

the future of the ekwation[edit | edit source]

no one is planning to solve this problem because it is impossible so when you go to your mom and say "but, but 1+1=....." shut up right there because your wrong and you will always be wrong cause nobody loves you.

peeple who can't solve this ekwation[edit | edit source]

peeple who can solve this ekwation[edit | edit source]

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