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The copyЯight sign, which actually means copywrong.
A little child fucks the letter Я with her middle finger. Why? No one knows for sure.


Most people agree that Я is the funniest Russian and Яussian letter. In Uncyclopedia, it is important to use Я wisely. If Я is oveяused eveяywheяe, youя wяiting would become boяing veяy quickly. So stop doing that. Iғ уоц шайт то щяiтэ iй Яцssiдй, Ƌо iт тнояоц☭нгч.

Pronunciation[edit source]

Я originated from the handwriting form of the letter Ѧ, so the actual pronunciation of is "ya". This pronunciation is used in Russia. In Яussia, however, Я is pronounced like the Spañish R; it is rolled. Most Я words on Uncyclopedia are pronounced with the latter. Examples:

Usage for being funny[edit source]

As mentioned in the introduction, overusing Я is not funny. Wяiting with Я eveяywheяe like in the aяticle Tetяis is boяing and monotonous. In some words such as Яeverse, Яhetoric and Яidiculous, Я is funny, though. Captain Яidiculous uses Я is his name and succeeds in being funny. Occasionally you might see words like Яight and Яeality. These words mean the opposite of their counterparts with the normal R. Яight means wrong, and Яeality means fallacy, especially the fallacy a communist government would make its people believe. Words with Я that are just funnier:

  • Яeverse
  • Яhetoric
  • Яidiculous
  • Яussia (depending on the context)
Я is the set of imaginary numbers.

Words with Я that have Яeversed meanings:

  • Яeality
  • Яeligion
  • Яight
  • Яussia (depending on the context)
  • Яussian (when meaning the language, always)

So, when using Я, be careful. If not used properly, you might end up saying the opposite of what you want to say.

Related letters and sounds[edit source]

Cyrillic[edit source]

Ԙ is a funny-looking letter whose origin is similar to the origin of Æ. It is used to write words like Ԙdundancy. However, it never appears in real Russian.

Asian[edit source]

The Japanese R sound is made by pronouncing L while curling your tongue in the way you pronounce the English R. In Chinese, there is a character 尺 that is suspiciously similar to R.

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