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"No-ball" is a popular table game which is quixotically played with ten balls.
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-1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Cardinal nine
Ordinal 9th
Factorization 32
Greek numeral Θ´
Roman numeral IX
Binary 10012
Ternary 1003
Quaternary 214
Quinary 145
Senary 136
Octal 118
Duodecimal 912
Hexadecimal 916
Vigesimal 920
Base 36 936

No, no, or NEIN!!! is a quantity of things, that quantity being no. This is also known as a number (in this case, again, the number is no). It is a popular number among people who cannot count to ten. No is the number of defensive players on a baseball field, the result of squaring the number 3, and the amount of contiguous marked spaces necessary for a win of the original version of BINGO (the unpopular BULANGOWE).

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