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Open source, not to be confused with free software, is a school of discipline that focuses on developing programs without taking into consideration the perspective of an "average" user or clinging to the unnecessary burdens of proper implementation procedures.

Open Source programming, in a figurative sense, is a new and interesting way of reinventing the wheel, but all the while making sure that the new "wheel" will not be in any way compatible with existing roadworks or, at the very least, spin. (Full article...)

Did you know... 

  • ... that Stan Lee originally conceived the X-Men as a group of post-op transgenders?
  • ... that sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from science?
  • ... that in some parts of Europe, glory holes are preferred to bidets?
  • ... that NASA will one day send sharks to space?
  • ... that Alaska's principle exports include snow, ice, frozen water, and permafrost?
  • ... that Phonics (pronounced Pa-hon-iks.) is one of the deadliest and most addictive drugs on the streets? It is said to get children "hooked" in four weeks or your money back.
  • ... that many children in third world countries don't have enough to eat, but most have access to the Food Network?

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Mike Pence turns into a pickle

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"You're going down, "Touch Tits" Malone!" *yodels*

May 9: Unusual Bears Day (Arctic)

  • 1628 - Edict passes in Switzerland requiring all lawyers to deliver evidence by yodeling. (Pictured)
  • 1671 - Pope Clement X is captured by the Queen's Guard while on a visit to England, being mistaken for that guy who stole the crown jewels in a pope costume.
  • 1861 - At the age of seven, Oscar Wilde begins his first job, working as a Witticist's Apprentice in a local Humor Emporium.
  • 1919 - Radical suffragettes burn down factory that makes posters comparing suffragettes to smelly dish rags, constabulary cries, "A step too far, ladies!"
  • 1934 - Anteaters formally name themselves the Aardvark, seeking the lucrative first spot in taxonomy classifications.
  • 1945 - The Americans celebrate single handedly defeating all of Nazi Germany, no thanks rest of the world.
  • 1991 - Small and Medium file a complaint with the U.N. against Large, who claims, "Size does matter".

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Chill The Fuck Out
Ben & Jerry's introduces a new flavor, designed to help you relax.

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