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Alternative medicine is a broad term describing those things which differ from actual medicine, which is hopelessly unhip and square. There are many fields of alternative medicine. None of them are quite as healthy as you putting the bong down and getting some fresh air and exercise, but what are the odds of that happening?

An offshoot of acupuncture, inacupuncture differs from its parent discipline in that acupuncturists believe in lines of invisible force called chi which flow throughout the body, whereas inacupuncturists believe in jabbing people with sharp objects. Many people swear by this technique, saying that after people have finished jabbing them, they begin to feel much better. In recent years, some inacupuncturists have experimented with long distance inacupuncture, using high powered needle guns with telescopic sights. The results have been described as "disappointing". (Full article...)

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  • ... that Bill Cosby and Bing Crosby are the same person?
  • ... that Osama bin Laden is actually alive and well and hiding in your closet?
  • ... that many children in third world countries don't have enough to eat, but most have access to the Food Network?
  • ... that every time you fall asleep, you die?
  • ... that you're more likely to get struck by lightning twice than to discard an irrational fear based on a statistic like this one?
  • ... that an umbrella is a magical object that is used in many cultures to discourage rainfall?
  • ... that less than 10% of the world's cactus population contains gold inside?

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John Kerry comes out as a horse

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...I'm Humbert Humbert, so European, all over your kids, I keep on peeing / My prose so haute, though you might forget, I'm a dirty old rapist and a piece of shit / I wandered all over, till I shot Hugh Hefner, and my girlfriend's dead 'cus I'm a sex offender / The State of Florida has asked us to disclose our sexual crimes to you...

June 13: Double Entendre Day ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

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Thou shall not invoke the wrath of God, lest thou be condemned to an eternity of tickling!

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