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“Past USSR Omsk, Cuss irks THEM!!”

“This page only uses word with four lett - argh!”

“Cure your Sick head. Blow away your ugly side, open your dark soul hole.... Each word this long will help make your deep self feel good! Ahhh, nice, stop!”

Vent your rage[edit | edit source]

C'mon, vent!

What word fits when life goes awry? None more than word with four! Show your true self; vent your deep, pent rage: lash hard, spew hate, blow them away. Have your last, vile word. Rile them, kick them down; spit upon foes' toes. What huge egos they have! Prod them, goad them, spaz away. Rage does feel very good. Haha!

Uh-oh. That made them boil. Look, four huge guys. One's nine feet tall (don't fool with this dude!). They huff! They puff! (Like that wolf - will they blow your home down? Pigs!) Okay...stay calm, keep cool...pray like hell. Know your foes: they will bury your body. What scum. Your dark tone made them ired. Keep your head: slip away.

Rush away; flee over that hill with your auto. Fast!!! Fuel your race with rage. Ride over cats, dogs, rats, goat: road rage = road kill. Blam! - awww, poor papa bear, mama bear, baby bear. Slow down, dumb jerk! Don't lose your head, slut face!

...Wait! Don't rage over here! Calm down! Help!!!

Bird hand.png
This sign says "stay away"

...also "tour very warm area"

Your work[edit | edit source]

Does your work suck very much? Poor luck! Then vent away from here; very good idea. Just take that 50AE, dear: let's kill your boss - dead from your shot, with pale, cold skin. Your boss will have bled away, your work over. Phew!

Fear says: "Gulp! What evil!! Lost your mind this time! Won't your hair rise fast? Then you'd have this long jail term, year upon year. They will lock your body away, sent into this tiny cell."

Don't like this idea? Wait then, soon your boss will skin your hide. More good will only come when they drop dead - you'd free your life from work. Wimp. Wait, your wife will kill them...BOOM!! She's just done this good deed with ease! Yeah!


...dumb fool, that tale isn't true, that idea isn't mine - just some sick joke. Haha! Haha! Grin!

Lost love[edit | edit source]

Your true love left? That bird flew just last week? **Sigh** She's gone, lost, won't come back. Your pals care, they have pity, poor soul. Days past were nice, like last year when you'd kiss over and over..and OVER, then lust, skin, nude, peak, ohhh... kind Eros! Mere lust felt good. Love grew with each hour - with each fuck.

Sick with pain, your love ache won't heal. Flow, tiny tear with salt, shed four, even five over your last lady, then stop. When hurt won't ease, wail. Word upon word, yell loud: fuck that vain @#%&!!! Damn girl! Argh!

Does this help?

Ease your pain - sing:[1]

  • Jack, then Jill, fell down that hill
  • Li'll Miss Muff ain't that tuff
  • Hump, dump, bawl upon bawl
  • Four deaf mice, four deaf mice

Ummm...stay sane, okay?

Yell some more. Won't help? Then face this fact: love ends. Don't fool your soul.

Don't lose hope: many fish swim seas; luck will come. Meet more, make love anew. Next time, real love will last.

Very late life[edit | edit source]

They said, "life will pass fast. Don't chip your time away." Then eons flew past, much said, none done. "Live well," they said, "long time we're dead." Pity - your head can't hear what your ears deny.

Envy kids: they rock, they roll, they love life. Jump over fire with fast, spry Jack; seek some poor dog's bone amid bare cups; baah baah dark ewes, need some wool - sure ma'am, sure ma'am, four bags full. Time goes slow, then. They don't know what will come. Ages pass...

Your time ends soon. Look back: goal upon goal, gone. Your scar won't heal. Life isn't fair. Feel numb? Rise, fury, flow into each vein, pour like milk into your soul, then lash, spew fire, howl your loud oath, roar your word with four, that word with four, good word...

Life ends. Meet your Lord anon. Open this gate: Hell. Poor fool, hell hath wild fury. Feel that heat sear.

Your last word four ever: damn.

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