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F2 is a button on a keyboard where literally no one knows what it does. Hypothetically, it could be a “Double the size of every file on your hard-disk” button, or even a “Release a cloud of toxic fluorine gas” button; but really, it ought to be used for smashing your keyboard while raging at Minecraft. </jk>

History of F2? What history???[edit | edit source]

Seriously, there is zero history behind this button; it just randomly popped into existence for no apparent reason, and now it’s used for nothing at all. Wow!

Irrelevance of F2[edit | edit source]

Nobody looks at its keyboard and notices this button and decides, “Hmmm, i want to see what it does?”, yeah, no one. Zero people are able to even see this button on a keyboard, unless it squints real hard. Whoever invented the keyboard really decided to make one of the most irrelevant and least conspicuous buttons to ever exist.

At-least with the F1 and F3 buttons, each of them serve a legitimate purpose: for F1, brightness, for F3... OK never mind, F3 is irrelevant, too. But F2 takes the cake.