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You may be looking for Exclamation point and not even know it!
Look! It's! An! Exclamation! Mark!


! or the exclamation mark is a letter of the alphabet! It is often used in a quote by itself, forming an impossible to say thingamajig very with deep meaning! It is the capital form of the letter 1 and the second cousin of 2! It is currently married to the @ sign, with two children ? and .! Its parents are F1 and F2!!

History[edit | edit source]

Before '!'[edit | edit source]

Before the exclamation mark was used, no one got excited even when having sex! Excitement and amazement were pronounced works of witchcraft! Any person that was caught being excited or amazed at any act was swiftly beheaded, or at least given an unfair trial in Salem State Court! If a guilty client made the claim for insanity, they were given identical treatment due to the fact that being of unsound mind was also considered an act of witchcraft!

! has a son, ? and daughter, . And who can forget their friend, /. But its Mom, who takes the form of ^, died in a r !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ubber accident and his Dad also died in a Micro$oft error (all thanks to Bill Gates)!!

Origins[edit | edit source]

Many scholars believe the exclamation mark was the offspring of the 'full stop' or the 'dot on the end of sentences to finish things'! The theory goes that before becom!!!!!!!ing the exclamation mark, the symbol made its claim to fame selling world class fish through Indochina, before it threw it away for a life of service, helping emphasize words that show amazement and excitement or whatever. When this happened the theory suggests that the symbol was then deemed to be an 'exclaimer', at which point it became known as the exclamation mark! Another theory states that the exclamation point was first brought up when man first experienced an erection, in which the exclamation point represents the unexpected stiffening of the penis, though back during the time man only had 1 testicle.

An exclamation mark in action

In Foreign Languages[edit | edit source]

Although highly debated, this guy claims that the word ! originated from an African letter expressed by clicking your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Others debate that this was a blatant case of word theft, and have gone so far as to petition for the arrest of Africa. example: this is my cousin from Africa, !ximbutu ([click]-zim-boo-two).

Symbol[edit | edit source]

Being a symbol the exclamation mark needed a symbol, as people couldn't go around saying and writing 'exclamation mark' on the ends of things. The '!' was invented by Barnum and Bailey. They wanted a symbol to represent fun, and (they being circus folk) thought it looks like a man balancing on a ball. The line on top of the dot made it distinguishable from the full stop thereby becoming the distinguishing feature of the exclamation mark!

Widespread Popularity![edit | edit source]

The exclamation mark takes many forms

With the invention of the printing press all of a sudden there was this thing called the media! The media needed people to get excited to buy newspapers, and later on to watch the news!! And so soon '!' was everywhere, in every household, in every newspaper and at the end of every sentence!

AAAAAAnother Attempt to AAAAAdvertise?![edit | edit source]

To computers, the '!' is the first non-blank printable ASCII character so, according to AAAAAAAAAAnother Announcer Trying Aimlessly To Be Always At The Front In All Classified Ads And Associates Inc. guidelines it is a requirement that it always be used and overused in all listings and advertisement headlines at random.

For instance, a short classified ad:


Yo. Guido Da Killa Pimp. Your Female Escorts, call 555-1313.

is not going to get anywhere near the same visibility as:

AAAAAAA Another AAAAnnoying PimpRing, A division of Mafia Inc. All Female Escorts, Always, call 555-1313

which is not going to get the same visibility as:

!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAdorable Another AAAAnnoying PimpRing !!!! <AAAAllways AAAtempting to AAAchieve A Top Position - All Female Escorts, Always, call 555-1313

even though the content is always the same! It's not enough to make 'em an offer they can't refuse, you aaalways must be first!

As '!' is a capitalized 1, this may explain the advertising efforts of credit card company Capital One. (What's in your wa11et?)

A warning![edit | edit source]

Various organizations have already laid a claim to aaaall letter combinations such as AA and AAA; one particularly aaaaannoying would-be entrepreneur had the aaaudacity to misuse AAA AA as another attempt aaaaat aaaacessing the 'A1' classified aaaads position without aaasking permission and was promptly run down by aalcoholics from the local aaautomobile aaassociaaation! He didn't make it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That's why it's safer instead to misuse the exclamation mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

![edit | edit source]

!!!!! !!!!!!!! !! ! !!!!! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!! !!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!! !!! !!!!!! !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! !!!! !!! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!! !! !!!!! !!!! !! ! !!!! !!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!! !!!!!!! !! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !! !!! ! !!!!!! !!! !  ! !!  !!! !!!!!! !!! !!!!!!!! !!! !!! ! !!!!

The Future!!!!!!!!![edit | edit source]

You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can make a difference!

The exclamation mark is loved by one and all, with the exception of the colon and its 'cloning experiment gone wrong' associate the semi-colon. But the use of our fr2!!!iend '!' is threatened. As people today become less expressive and!! may never see a!!!!!nother 'Wow' or 'You're Not Fred' ended with the exclamation mark. Future generations may not get to experience the thrill that is when you end a sentence with '!'! So please, people, please, get excited! When conversing at work, when writing your resume, or when comforting a loved one who has lost someone through death, do not hesitate to use our friend '!'! Your children will thank you!

Famous Examples[edit | edit source]

“OMGZ! It's Panic! At The Disco!!”

~ Smart People on "!"



~ Capt. James T. Kirk on "!"



~ A ? Getting viciously raped by an ! on Wait... isn't a ? just a bent! (It's weird ending a sentence like that)


~ Pokemon Trainer on "!"

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