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“Running in the nineties, is a new way I like to be

I'm just running in the nineties, come on baby run to me

We are running in the nineties, is a new way to set me free

I'm just running in the nineties

Yes I wanna know, yes I wanna see”
~ Max Coveri on about the 90s

“What happens in the 90s, STAYS in the 90s”

~ That Guy on the 1990s

The 1990s were the hangover from the 1980s. It was a decade which was found to conveniently pass the time from the end of the 1980s until the 2000s came along. As the 1980s finally pittered out a new equally crappy decade was born. Yes. The 1990s burst onto the pages of history with Grunge rock, cheesy euro trance loved by everyone around the world which is way better in the 2010s, slightly better television shows, much better movie special effects, sluttier girls and 'prostitots', a change of direction towards the Middle East for US war efforts, the birth of Art Bell's career in tabloid talk radio, the death of the Goth subculture and Anton LaVey, and was topped off by a cheap marketing ploy called the Y2K bug. In the 1990s the Bush dynasty over the United States was interrupted by a womanizing pretty boy by the name of Bill Clinton. The world's opinion of the United States drifted ever further from 'war hero' to 'evil empire' and could be best categorized as 'spoiled brat with a gun'. In short, the decade was a wash, though not without its swarthy Latino charm. The 1990s --the best thing since best things. The public had been wondering for a while when it would be okay to become nostalgic about the 1990s. But never fear; the company that makes Trivial Pursuit has given us the go-ahead. Thanks to Trivial Pursuit, anyone can be nostalgic about the 1990s with no penalty. Except the death penalty, of course.

The Beginning of an Era[edit | edit source]

The 90's is the decade of the golden times. Whenever someone from The 2000s or 2010s remembers the 90's, he or she will say "Those were the golden times". But for someone who grew up in the 1950s, they argue that the 1950s was a better time to live than the 1990s, even though the decades were very similar in the increase of technology and boy bands/teen idols and a new form of malt shop called the "internet cafe" with the Smoothie without the jukeboxes. Although the economy was good, but there was a decline of morality and increase of globalization, along with the decline of the family. To prove in a more empiric way what this means, we have elaborated a formula:

This formula was elaborated by Steve Ballmer in direct collaboration with Jeremy Hotz, professor of cool-seeking in the Seattle Liberal P.C.U., or the University School of Rock.

It depicts the importance of being part of the 90's...

The Mighty Steven Hawking, physicist and popular new era gangsta rapper, later refuted the notion of golden times by describing time as a forever repeating cycle. He said the cycle to be, "Gold, Chrome, Platinum, 40 ounce" Hawking later broke the 90's down into two distinct sub eras, the aftermath being the backlash from the nightmare before the decade , and the wannabes of the later half whose only choice of clothing style was striped polo shirts and utility style jeans plastered with red and blue Tommy Hilfiger logos... since back then, if you weren't one of them, you were nothing.

Main Icons[edit | edit source]

The importance of the 90's is foremost, that it was a revelation against the 80's and all their cheesiness with a comeback of blandness. Women stop getting dressed as Madonna and men stopped wearing those stupid leather jackets that make them look so corny, like they were trying to be tough. Also, the 90's implied a new era of philosophic stuff and rock stars came up with a new music style called grunge which differs from other styles, even though it is a revival of 1970s punk rock, but with only a different twist to it, because this one is cooler and people get to wear their old wrinkled sweaters and still look neat. One of the most important icons was Kurt Cobain who is remembered for being the first person to prove that it is ok to kill yourself if you have some sort of Philosophic Principle that no one else understands, thus making you feel miserable and banned from society and therefore having to leave this world. This signifies that society is going downhill that being suicidal is A okay, bringing an era of teen angst and rebellion in high economic times.

The Two-Thousands are exactly like the 90s, but more commercialized and less intelligent, along with more liberal, only they suck and the 90s rock.

Technology[edit | edit source]

One of the greatest achievements of the 90's was the arrival of CGI Computer Animation which gave us movies like Terminator II and Jurassic Park. Also, the arrival of Windows 95, Windows 2000 (Yes, a little bit before the 2000's arrived), Windows XP (which was supposed to be released in 2001 by Bill Gates but the leaked copy of Windows Playskool Edition was released about 1998), Windows Millennium and Windows Professional (all of which crash when a fly breaks wind).

End of Days[edit | edit source]

The 90's were given their final closure with th Y2K gossip and the End of Days movie. They both failed to achieve their secret purpose: Mass suicide.