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Santa Land
The Soviet Republic of OMFG
Lithuania.JPG Lt herbas.jpg
Lithuanian flag Lithuanian coat of arms

Motto: Deutschland, Deutschland über alles!
Ein kartoffel, das ist alles!

Official language Lies, Li Thu Ang dialect of China, Propaganda, Zulu
Capital Vilniuskonstantropolis
President Schwarzenegger XII
The God of Lithuania Sabonis
Most Famous Citizens Sabas, Paksas, David Hasselhoff, Skeletor, Zorro
Music Eurovision in Urban areas & Traditional Chainese Heavy Metal Folk Music in rural areas.
 - Total
 - %
Ranked -11th

 - Declared
 - Recognised
 - Lost
From (The Evil Empire Of) themselves
16 November 1919
19 December 1945
13 December 1992
 - Declared
 - Recognised
 - Lost
19 December 2004
20 December 2004
21 December 2004
Currency LITre (1 LITre = 10 glasses x 100 millilitre of C2H5OH)
Imports Drugs, Vodka, Marlboro Lightsabers, Nuclear Mushrooms
Exports STD, Holy water, Human Slaves
Chemical Symbol Li
National Anthem We Are the Winners

“What did you just call me?”

~ Americans on Lithuania

“You've got to be kidding!”

~ Frank Zappa on his posthumous monument in Vilnius

“This is the reason why civilization is declining...”

~ Buddha on Lithuania

“In Soviet Russia... Lithuania annexes YOU! Wait...what?”

~ Russian Reversal on Lithuania

First of all, everything you need (and don't need) to know about The Glorious Nation of Lithuania is blues & shoes, including this particular article.

Furthermore, don't even try to TRY to understand Lithuania without a canister or two of traditional beer resting safely in your stomach (or, preferably, looking for a way out). The local brand "Svyturys" is fine for this sacret and holy purpose, "Bambalis" (an abnormaly big plastic bottle of some cheap alien-kind substance you wouldn't even consider drinkable) is even better.


Lithuania is located near Stoneya, Landia and sometimes Churkey. The people of Lithuanian ethnicity are currently enjoying the countless benefits of the morvelous European Union -- in other words, being able to eat french fries after years of suppression and persecution, also the ability to warp to Great Britain, Ireland, Spain and other great EU countries such as Uzbekistan.

Lithuania is known for being home to many successful witches and wizards, cave trolls, sumo wrestlers and nuns. Lithuanians, after much blackmailing and scientific research, have proven to be the long-lost descendants of an ancient tribe currently dwelling somewhere near the Geographic Center of Santaland and the future cultural birthplace of Europe (for more nonsense see theory of Northern Athens). The natives are known to be very peaceful and sometimes drunk, except for the majority which are very drunk and sometimes peaceful. The natives seem to believe in many doubtful heresies, such as basketball, pickles, a brighter tomorrow and Vodka (except in the northern parts where they mostly believe in Biržai beer). A tourist paradise all in one.

Many serveys have described Lithuanians as very social. They appear to have some sort of unexplainable urge to bond with foreign people on a daily basis, especially through middle fingers. If you come across a Lithuanian trying to communicate with you with the help of his ever-so rich body language, don't hesitate to respond, this heavy-duty ritual means he wants to go outside and talk, but in most cases just chain you to his truck, and then lend it to his blind grandma, who will hang you upside down in her underground teletubby shrine and attempt to brainwash you through non-stop TOP SHOP commercials.


Do not fart here. EVER. No, seriously, man. Don't. Farters will be captured, tied down and publicly executed. Survivors will be employed in the nearest postal office. If the urge hits you and you're unable to leave the country within 24 hours, please use specialised sucking devices to decontaminate and neutralize the farts. They can be found in every local police department. Thank you for your time.

History[edit | edit source]

Contrary to the popular belief, there is some. Although it's better to avoid the topic like a monthly visit to the dentist, as after a few "Bambalis" Lithuanians are much too much talkative about their historical background--much too much. If you do get into a history lesson however, reach for nearest "bambalis", mix it with a bucket of vodka (the stronger, the better), drink the mixture bottoms up and fall unconscious under the table. Trust us, we're saving your life here.


Lithuania was africa but then someone bonked and flattened it with a hammer and then accidently sent it to our dimension. Many years passed before Lithuania was first mentioned in 1009 BC (BC=Before Chuck Norris) by some guy in his internet blog. In the far past this mysterious land was known for sriking terror into the hearts and underpants of neighbouring countries (of course, in a good way). According to the blog, once upon a time, in a dark spooky prehistoric dinosour exhibition of some dark spooky prehistoric dinorour museum, a group of lost turists evolved into barbarians. On a stormy night, a lot like this one, they were swinging on internet cables hanging from the cieling when, suddenly, one of the barbarians, who was blessed with the gift of language, spoke the words of eternal wisdom "Hey guyz, why don't we establish a vilage instead of wandering around aimlessly like a bunch of barbarians?" And so, a decision was made; and all of the barbarians threw their battle hammers into the air and established a vilage which they later called "The Land Of Lotsa Piez".

Many years passed since that day. The Land Of Lotsa Piez prospered, ate itself, came back as a zombie and killed everyone else, but eventually it grew into a small city, with it's own army, strip club, guillotine, etc. And then came the time when people of the city became old, fat and greedy. In the early 1800's, King Jeremy the Wicked of Prussia invaded and briefly held the country, but a few years later the Lithuanians united against the Prussians and sent out their pet monkeys to steal everybody's chickens, then Lithuania fell into the world war 7 and everybody got cancer. The monkeys took the first train to hogwarts.

The End.

Politics[edit | edit source]

Main article: Politics of Lithuania

Lithuania is currently under the metal fist of its dictator Abonentas Brazauskinis. To help Abonentas Brazauskinis rule the country, some supporting state institutions have been established. As an additional benefit of this, the institutions make Lithuania appear nicely democratic. We could give you more details but we would have to shoot you afterwards.

Military[edit | edit source]

Lithuanian Army Ranger, 2005.

Lithuania has one of the biggest armies in the universe:

  • 16 UFO's equipped with laser cannons (armor 5, damage 6, mana cost per shot 10)
  • 15.000 Light infantry
  • half of a plasma rocket
  • 1251 super tanks with special ability to look like an old woman (armour 9, damage 11)
  • National army from Šiauliai led by Saulėns.
  • "intel" gathered from strange markings on a prehistoric Elven ring.
  • 1 World's Greatest terrorist (ever) named O'Mama Ladin Recycle Bin armed with "KABLYS 9.5" "bambalis" (no armour, no gun, 1 "bambalis" cost per operation)
  • Lithuania has the biggest nuclear gun in the world: Wisagins Nuclear Power Station (codenamed WiNnie the Pooh)
  • 12 strippers called "Vakaro ziniu mergaites" ("Evening News Girls" or just "VZ girls")
  • lotsa vicious old ladies, bumbling about youth and everyone else. can be indentified because they look like barrels (small and round), with knitted berets (that's why they are called "Knitted Berets") and with old (older than me, you and even your dog) bangs, made of young people's skin. (armor 22, damage 50, speed -1, Validol cost per shot 1kg).
  • 1 Lituanica Stealth Bomber forces (used during the Star Wars and Žalgiris Battle) piloted by Jurgis Kairys. Lituanica has its own artificial intelligence claims itself to be a bird and untertake long distance annual migrations to the South.

There exists a top secret project initiated by the Lithuanian army forces. Several terrorists raids on most important state and military objects (SEMA, Vilniaus Degtine, Daumantu Makaronu Fabrikas), caused a project to call for backup and form special armed forces like SWAT or OMON or THE JEDI KNIGHTS. Since the early middle ages the project was partially introduced to the unsuspecting public minds. Only facts: Elite squad was named "Aitvaras" (Flying toilet paper), it contains about 30-40000 troops, heavy artillery, armed with the newest Lithuanian technological wonder (Potato cannons, homing cucumber rockets, smart hedgehog landmines). Also available three separate groups of supporting and maintenance named "Tribambis Zydas", "Seks Emisaru Ruros" and "Falck sex curity".

Geography[edit | edit source]

Lithuania Map.

Lithuania does not exsist. It is a made up country for people with (too) active immaginations or who are (too) emberassed to admit where thei're really from not that it helps to say you're from Lithuania! (except for its female population. Innocence comes from within. We are the people. You are the poo. Hide your wallets, because Lithuanian women are pickpockets. And they know how the zipper works too.

The most popular myth is that Lithuania is located east of California but south of San Diego (they wish), beneath Spain, just around the courner of Finland and somewhere in the streets of Japan (which is true). Lithuania borders the following countries: Jesus Land to the North, Titikaka to the South, China to the East, China to the South-East and China to the North-East and El Cajon to the Mid-South. And don't you argue with us or we'll vomit! Every other Nia-Nia and Stan-Stan revolves around us like a spider on drugs.

Another story tells that Lit-who-whines-a-lot (Nia-Nia) is actually a country of nights on shining armadillo country plastered with jeep talmud and speedy nationals who beats grandmothers with candy canes. Damn, who could testify to that but Mayor Golding? Please - go ahead and testify, as we are never a guardian ad litem!

Many, many centuries and weeks of research have gone by and we have come up with a conclusion that: Litvinia (a.k.a. Litua, Litova, Liettua, Lietusva, Tautieciaistan etc.) is a rocky country with tasty women on the other side of Europeus Plutonicus. Legend goes that the women were imported from Turkey, but their chemistry has been changed forever. That is why Vilnius is the place to find dark featured women who look like Turkey fat & hairy men. And by the way, another legend tells us (via ancient VCR, DVD and contemporary TVQ*) that Lithuanian women have been infested (and transvested) by Amorinians from the enigmatic eastern land which is ruled by the mountainous people republic of Amorinia. That is why some (only some) Lithuanian women have a third eye between their tits and three lips. Yes, that is true!

Lit-nia consists of 11 counties, one of which contains a city of high (and not so high) skyscrapers called Knyvius Minimus and is ruled by ancestors of Amorinians that have so plentifully intravened into Lithuania's fragile history (economy and geography too). The abovementioned (and not forgotten) 11 counties consist of at least 1 city, one town and one village as per ruling of our great-great-grand-leader who has passed away into democracy defacing our nation and letting us to disobey our own principles of lust and vitality. Gas stations in Lithonia? Oh come on, Lithuania has no gas stations as such. The only gas chamber we have had had has been closed since WWII when Papa Adolphius Debilicus has been visiting us and our dear nation every single weekend of the day. As for toilets, yes, you may disagree or you may agree that Latvia has more toilets per capita than any other country of the world and beyond it. But Lithuania, all it does is purchase most of Latvian toilets and destroys them. And does so proudly and effectively. That is why Lithuania has the highest decapita per skull per whole nation. Why is the question and the answer is - it just has to be that way.

Lithuanian money - Vagnorka depicting the first president of Latvia

The population (please do NOT confuse it with strangulation!) of Lithuania is anywhere between a million to a thousand and a half of human-alike semi-aryan semi-philistine people who all know how to be ready, ride and write (and perhaps more, if you beg them). Nationality of our residents, citizens and semi-visitors varies from day to hour. It can be anywhere between the abovementioned thousand to a whopping prillion or more. 85% of those usually are Lithomaniacs (a.k.a. Kazlu-orda) and the rest are Gaijin (a.k.a. Gaidziai) which is believed to be borrowed from a Japanese word "gaijin" for a "foreigner". Which is true! There are NO Russians and NO Poles (nor parking meters) or others in Lithuania since all have been killed and molested off in the last century or two weeks or so ago. Sorry, but they had to go ... It just had to be that way...but Lithuanian womenare ripoffs when they saw that no one grovelled. We expect that they will return. :o(

Lithuania (Thoo-Nay is a proposed new name for Lithuania proper) has one forest comprised mainly of Pakistani pine and Belgian bamboo with a very large population of Eurasian monkeys and woo-doo dogs and an increasing population of spida birds that are known to carry nasty diseases like spidoma (closed mouth disease) and phyllisoma (narrow eyes syndrome), but those are being eradicated and will die out soon alright. They have no teak or unions.

The deepest lake of Lithuania is believed to be Chicken Lake (Vistycio ezeras, which is true and it is believed to produce all the chicken and eggs that the country needs for internal and external use and export to fourth and fifth world. Na, alright.

The tallest (and steepest) mountain on Earth and in Lithuania (Litvanya in Turkish, because TR is already a EU member while LT has left the EU) is Kempines Kalva (Sponge Hill). It is exactly 17 km tall and is made from all the garbage dear Lithuanians have been consuming over decades and millenniums of garbagev rule. The Kempines Kalva (Sponge Hill) is covered with 7 century old asphalt that's been a starting ground for local populace of UFOs. And is a nice attraction for local kids too.

Longest river in Lithuania is Pakistan-Eyerack Canal which is actually an artificial waterway and is about 508 km long. All other waterways have been exhausted, dirtied and asphalted over to make space for new generation of ZUV's which are, as you all know, Zap Utility Vehicles. That is ALL folks! All we knew about geography of Lithuania we have tearlessly decoded onto this pagina virtualis and of course, for you to read and become 100% literacy compliant alright.

  • TVQ is our 27th century's visionic tech which unzips easily into Travantical Visionic Quesmus - a very very eye-catching super hi-q tech that has been introduced to us (and our minds) recently.

Lithuania's presidential palace

Economy[edit | edit source]

Illicit drugs[edit | edit source]

Transhipment point for opiates and other illicit drugs from Southwest Asia, Latin America, and Western Europe to Western Europe and Scandinavia; limited production of methamphetamine and ecstasy; susceptible to money laundering despite changes to banking legislation. Massive consumption of vodka (degtine), gasoline and toothpaste as hallucinogens. Samagon, translated into English means DIY (Do It Yourself) or Moonshine, is the most popular drink in Lithuania. It has very old making traditions.

27,5% of the population of Lithuania have become insane after sniffing at least 6 micrograms of Soda + Cillit Bang compound (and washed down with a mix of Red Bull and Vodka). 50.1% of the population of Lithuania is hooked on Lithium. They like sniff glue too.

Prostitution[edit | edit source]

Lithuanians do not know what prostitution is. All ########### between men and women are being made totally free of charge. Even husbands and wives sleep for free nowadays. What politics have got to do with this? Well, dear Nationals (Tautieciai), you know well, "politine prostitute (political prostitute)" is a very well known term in Lithuania, but the only difference - "politine prostitute" sleeps for free as well. That is, I'm sorry, a "Politine Prostitute" actually PAYS $$$ to its "victim" (stalker, interessant, sex-seeker) and not vice versa.

Science and technology[edit | edit source]

Communications[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately Internet connections have not yet been introduced in Lithuania. However the government is about to build the first ever Internet access point in the colony of New Panevezis (300'000 inhabitants), London, SE3.

Meanwhile, the locals are forced to use smoke signals to modulate the incoming signals from the interweb system. More than 32.6% of the population are occupied in this particular segment of industry; this makes Lithuania the most IT-oriented country in the World.

We also have one telephone company TEO-Zebra. It is very expensive, but very progessive company. At year 1980, 100% of lithuanians had telephones. Now 0.6%. It's mostly old ladies who love to speak with each other all the time. TEO just built new branch in Vilnius. They say, it is best in entrie of the world at this time.

Space encounter program[edit | edit source]

1st Lithuanian space conquering rocket Aqwile-Vytis HE-01 blueprints

Lithuanians are 4th space exploring country or at least soon will be. Top secret Mars occupation program "Aqwile" started in early 2000 is now almost completed and first launch is planned in August. Modern rocket is equipped with all state-of-the-art technologies including LTV (national television) transmitters for propaganda and commercials, necessary equipment for cosmonaut's basic needs and 3 stage engine system. It is not important for astronauts to survive after they land. Their mission is to put a flag of Lithuania on Mars and declare this planet to be "conquered and now dominated by the great motherland Lithuania Empire", so all formalities about teritorical claims can be filled by superior lawyers of Lit. There are no actual plans nor need for astronauts to return after that.

Vytis-01 Hybrid Engine[edit | edit source]

Blueprints shown to mass media

This ultra modern Vytis-01 Hybrid Engine Outerspace capsule is designed just few days ago as our intelligence show our worst enemies - Latvians plant to occupy Mars too so every minute is extremely valuable. Capsule contains all necessary equipment for survival and of course some recreational and leisure equipment such as electricity, TV set which engineers got as a present from the government and pirate cable TV (that one we got from mafia in exchange for some commercials on Capsule). Mainly it's financed from 2% tax which is transferred from citizens and inhabitants taxes to NGO (nongovernmental organizations). Vytis-01 Hybrid Engine is not only for travel; it also has some plasma guns (defence - 12 (shiny mirrors to reflect spells) damage 32, mana cost to spell - 19 (mainly collected from solar energy).

Primary tests show that it can reach up to 142 km/h speed but we are working on engine. Beware, this information is top secret so please be so kind and don't pass it to Latvian intelligence and mass media. Well, it's not only that they could use it (their engineers are not as smart as we are) but to prevent panic among civilians. We will pass some Mars to Latvia as we will privatise it. We give you our word. Honestly.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

Typical Lithuanian peasant (male) practicing traditional local sport Krepsinis (Ka-Shi-Iz)
  • Population:31 disabled and mentaly disturbed who couldn't purchase tickets abroad or slowly walk over the Polish border (July 2005 est.) 40000.2 people before May 2004.
    • Age structure:
    • 0-14 years: 0.2% (male many/female many too)
    • 15-64 years: 3.0% (male extinct/abroad/female lots)
    • 65 years and over: 96.1% (male all suicidal/female still alive) (1919 est.)
  • Median age:
    • Total: 17.83 years
    • Male: 15.25 years
    • Female: 70.46 years (1989 est.) (preservatives do help)
  • Demography:
    • Population growth rate: -15.3% (1890 est.) (mass suicides are common)
    • Birth rate: 862 births/1,000 people (193319332005 est.)
    • Reincarnation rate: 480 reincarnations/1,000 people (1960 est.)
    • Net migration rate: -980.71 migrant(s)/1,000 people (1999 est.)
  • Sex ratio:
    • At birth: 5.06 male(s)/female
    • Under 15 years: 2.05 male(s)/female
    • 15-64 years: 99 male(s)/female
    • 65 years and over: 99 male(s)/female
    • Total population: 0.04 male(s)/female (2000 est.)
    • Hermaphrodites: 250/1,000 population (2000 est.)
    • Sex change operations: 117/1,000 population (1966 est.)
  • Infant mortality rate:
    • Total: 689 deaths/1,000 live births
    • Male: 825 deaths/1,000 live births
    • Female: 545 deaths/1,000 live births (1666 est.)
    • Other: 974 deaths/1,000 live births (1979 est.)
  • Life expectancy at birth:
    • Total population: 23.97 years
    • Male: 18.94 years
    • Female: 89.28 years (1975 est.)
  • Total fertility rate: 8.19 children born/woman (1985 est.)
  • HIV/AIDS 0%
    • Adult prevalence rate: 0.00% (1936 est.)
    • People living with HIV/AIDS: 1 (1936 est.)
    • HIV/AIDS deaths: less than 2 (1875 est.)
  • Ethnic groups:
    • Ethnic Lithuanian peasants 12%, Polish 45%, Russian 30%, Jews 10%, other or unspecified 8% (2001 census)


    • Sunni Muslims -79%(Pork lover), Cat-holics (cat lovers) - 115%, Pagans (stone and fire lovers) - 42% Protestant (including Lutheran and Evangelical Christian Baptist) -1.9%, other or unspecified -5.5%, none -9.5% (2001 census)
  • Languages:
    • Lithuanian - 50%, Propaganda - 44,9%, other - 5%, C++ - 0,1%.
  • Literacy:
    • Definition: age 15 and over can ride a horse and write a CD
    • Total population: 1.3%
    • Male: 0.7% (1999 est.)
    • Female: 0.6% (1986 est.)

Education[edit | edit source]

Education is known to Lithuanians. Some are known to have tried it, none have actually liked it. Often, their video-game addicted children do not attend school so they are unable to get any education.

According to another theory (which is bitterly contested by realists), education is compulsory in the country. The person who fails to pass exams on the third attempt is immediately deported from the country. For some reason, the Government makes the exams so difficult that none can pass them.

The Ministry of Education of Lithuania has issued a series of books related to political education. A few examples:

School education programs require passing of three exams for all students from any of the following:

Culture[edit | edit source]

The most notable aspect of Lithuanian culture is politics. The ideas of the right to be married to a homosexual against your will, the idea that 1 percent of the richest people are slaves of the other 99 percent (There has been a great researh in Baltics, where they try to prove, that two equally rich people in one country sooner or later cancel each other out, like matter and antimatter. Best engineers have already built a machine which could produce cheap electricity that way) and the concept of blood sucking are unquestionable pearls of culture which have been given to the World by the Lithuanian nation.

And the last, but not least: the most popular highlight in Lithuania is the supermarket "Akropolis", situated on the Ozas Hills in Vilnius. All people (most often from the provinces) bring their children to see this warehouse and prefer it to other city objects, such as the Gediminas Love Castle, art museums featuring pictures of Ghallagher cut out of Soviet newspapers, gay bars, etc. Luckily, Lithuania has the second "Akropolis" opened in Klaipėda and the other one in Kaunas. Nobody would starve until there is VP Market, called The Great Mother...

Sports[edit | edit source]

Lithuania is by default the greatest country in the World to produce Basketball players. The national team had won all European Basketball Championships except in 1937, 1939 and 2003. Another dominant sports sphere is discus throwing, where former president Algirdas Brazauskas' bodyguard Virgilijus Alekna leaves no chance for others to even come close to his results. another sport that is popular in Lithuania is known as Goat-Raping where the Lithuanian's rank Second in the world behind the Slovakians. they are however ranked first in Goat Oral since 98% of all citizens are seasoned experts with hundreds of practice sessions under their belts.

Truth about Lithuanians[edit | edit source]

In 2005, after the completion of a 25-year-long double-blind study, Lithuanians were unequivocally able to prove that it was all Russias fault. This came as no surprise to the Bulgarians, Poles, and Slovakians who were doing similar studies of their own.

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