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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Half of Ireland, commonly known as the Untitled Condom . . ., sorry, United Kingdom (UK) or Great Britain, is a sovereign Un-European nation widely known for its quirky natives and imperialistic tendencies. It is the largest country in the region, often mistaken for smaller, less important nations such as England, Scotland, Whales, and Northern Paddyshire.

The region is considered by outsiders to be bafflingly confusing, especially in regards to the status of its locations. For instance, non-Europeans might get called a "snarky bugger" for not knowing that Ireland is a separate island from Great Britain, despite the obviously descriptive name! Similarly, a young corker from East Hamfordshire might look down upon, say, an American for confusing England and the United Kingdom, and that American might be referred to as a "blooming git" by that chap from East Hamfordshire.

The United Kingdom, as a country, was founded in 1066 following the successful marriage of Elizabeth (2nd princess of Windsor) and Winston Churchill (who established the British clergy). Although bringing together the two powerful families was seen as a doomsday project by many, it formed strong bonds across previously un-bonded territories which lasted decades. These iron-clad alliances rusted when Winston was forced to abdicate, when it became public knowledge that he was friends with Lenny Henry. By this time, the monarchy was well established, and the throne was taken by their eldest son Henry VIII. Despite Henry's problems with anorexia and marijuana addiction, he led the country successfully for many years, until being succeeded by his daughter Margaret Thatcher, who still rules Britain to this day. (Full article...)


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  • ... that while Pong! the Movie followed suit with the wildly popular video game genre, such as The Super Mario Brothers movie and Resident Evil, it did not play out as well in the box offices?
  • ... that air is a fictional substance that was once believed to fill the space above the surface of the Earth? While this "air theory" was once used to explain various phenomena, air theory, at last refuted, has joined the gene, the atom, Antarctica, and the free lunch in a long list of scientific red herrings.
  • ... that if you die in Canada, you die in real life?
  • ... that everytime we touch, I get this feeling?
  • ... that people residing or visiting Canada often ask themselves, "Why am I in Canada?"
  • ... that while laughter is the best medicine, many cancer patients prefer chemotherapy?

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"Get thee behind me Bacon!"

May 25: National Pork Products Day (Israel)

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FIFA 2010 Logo - Armed Robbery Edition
The revised logo for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa has been designed to incorporate the host nation's actual national sport...

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Holy cock! We may have forgotten to update these over these last few months. The days we missed could be counted as few as if at all. We have just updated this since last May. How awesome!

So basically, let's get to business. Take off your pants; IFYMB! wins Writer of the Month for September 2014. His hit singles include the frankly libellous UnNews:Nude photos of celebrities leaked, the almost-topical UnDebate:What does the fox say? and the spiritually upliftingUnNews:Thursday is a dirty whore.

Let us all clap for him because I said so.


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