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Putnam & Howell are an architecture and urban design firm which specializes in Hostile architecture, an innovative design trend defined by its "open and wanton hostility" towards the homeless. We are world leaders in the use of defensive design to deter unwanted people from loitering in buildings, parks and other public places, and our designs are found in hundreds of urban centers around the globe. We value public safety and a human environment which engenders mutual trust and peace of mind. We have been serving clients who share these values for over 55 years.

Although we sympathize with the plight of those who choose to live on the street, the homeless damage the aura of togetherness and inhibit free commerce wherever they're found. Not to mention their ghastly smell. Putnam & Howell believe that public spaces are shared centers of community spirit where everyday people go to shop, walk briskly, and shop some more. We are thankful for our designers at Putnam & Howell, who find humane ways to manage the vagrants who use public seating areas as their own luxury bedding accommodations. (Full article...)



Thirteen Russks, whattaya get?
13 Russians and 3 Russian entities indicted for screwing up U.S. election.
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When it was invented, the lance with a brick on the end was considered a marvel of contemporary medieval war technology. The lance with a brick on the end made it possible for unexperienced, n00b knights to defeat 1337 knights using the old-fashioned, brick-free lances nine times out of ten. The vast superiority of the lance with a brick on the end led to its near-universal adoption within a period of less than two decades. Note that the n00b knight on the right also has an Apexi "Cat back" muffler system on his head, which is first evidence that riceboys existed as early as the 14th century.

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