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Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 23:52 (UTC)
We need to talk about border separation
UnNews:We need to talk about border separation
I'm sure (and sincerely hope) you've heard lately that that deplorable piece of shit So-Called "President"* Donald Trump, has further confirmed that he is the evilest, sickest, most disgusting person to occupy the office, this time by separating children from their immigrant parents and placing them in... let's call them what they are... internment/concentration camps. In several more ways that one, Trump is literally tearing families apart because of a "zero-tolerance" policy on Mexican immigration to the United States. So, if you still support that vile pig after all he's done so far, 1) fuck right off and rot in hell, 2) history will judge you no better than it does Hitler and his Nazi followers, and 3) take a good fucking look at what you're supporting:

Border separation: Don't be fooled by Trump executive order
UnNews:Border separation: Don't be fooled by Trump executive order
WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump signed an executive order ending the separation of immigrant families at the border. But that's only half the story. They'll still be detained in internment camps. Trump is NOT the hero in this scenario. Trump was responsible for this whole fiasco from the get go. The Great Orange God™ is merely trying to save face in the wake of increasing backlash from all sides of the political divide. Hell, even Republicans are roasting his ass. Orange Julius is trying to take credit for ending the evil inhumanity that he started in the first place.
Fishermen reel in MK15 Nuclear Bomb, plan to hang it on wall
UnNews:Fishermen reel in MK15 Nuclear Bomb, plan to hang it on wall
SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Some local fishermen reeled in what they called "the catch of a lifetime" Tuesday when they pulled aboard an MK15 Nuclear Fish that was accidentally dropped by a B-47 bomber back in 1948. The men were aboard the Kraken Hunter VIII when one of their lines hooked on "something big," nearly snapping the corresponding fishing rod.

"I started reelin' her in, but she was a fighter," one of the sailors told UnNews. The bomb had been resting peacefully on the bottom for 70 years and was not it a good mood. "It just went back and forth, tugging harder on that line than anything I'd seen before."

"I thought we had caught the Megashark!" said another.

Donald Trump declares Space Force
UnNews:Donald Trump declares Space Force
WASHINGTON -- United States President Donald Trump announced he is forming a sixth branch of the military: the Space Force. "We must have dominance in space," said the president. "That's a big statement."

“We are going to have the Air Force and we are going to have the Space Force. Separate, but equal. Like whites stay in Trump Tower, and Mexicans live in tent cities. Separate but equal. It is going to be something. So important,” he said.

Dr. Isaac Clarke, an official with NASA, said, "What about us? NASA has been here for 60 years. We pioneered space flight. We put men on the moon, went to Mars and the furthest reaches of the solar system. We created a satellite system that revolutionized communication and weather prediction, performed zero-gravity studies that revolutionized medicine, and our space-created materials even led to the sports bra. What is this Space Force going to do, fight Moon men? And how much is this going to cost?"
Rapper XXXTentacion shot and killed at 20
UnNews:Rapper XXXTentacion shot and killed at 20
DEERFIELD BEACH, Florida -- Chart-topping rapper XXXTentacion has died after being shot by two suspects on Monday. He was 20. Born Jahseh Onfroy, he was best known for such songs as "Sad," "Changes," "A Ghetto Christmas Carol," "Jocelyn Flores," Noah Cyrus's "Again," and Kodak Black's "Roll in Peace." He released two LP albums during his lifetime, including the Billboard Number 1 ? (Question Mark) in March. Planned follow-up albums were to be titled # (Number Sign), @ (At Sign), ^ (That Funny Up Symbol), and ~ (Tilde), which would have been recorded in Spanish. If history is any indicator, XXX will continue to release 500 posthumous albums, making you wonder if he's really dead.

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