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Saturday, April 19, 2014, 14:29 (UTC)
The Dangers of Meth
Hit AMC series Breaking Bad was accused of glamorizing the use of "Crystal Meth" - but as this UnNews slideshow reveals, the effects of the drug are anything but glamourous.

Super Bout: McCain vs. Putin – who is ducking who?
The art of clear politicking and transparent negotiations is on life support. But there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon that might generate enough interest to revive them. That is the ever-elusive McCain vs. Putin super-fight.
Ronald McDonald leaves McDonald's, signs deal with Taco Bell
After a bitter dispute over money, Ronald McDonald has refused to renew his contract with fast food giant McDonald's, which expired in January. In late February, everyone's favorite clown besides The Joker got his first taste of Taco Bell's Breakfast Menu, which debuted March 27, and signed a mighty lucrative deal with the taco giant.

Russian warships, bases in Mexico worry US officials
A number of Pentagon lobbyists have raised concerns over Russia’s plans for sending navy ships and setting up short-range bomber bases in Mexico for the first time ever. According to The Hill, Moscow is planning bases and Naval ports in several locations along the Gulf of Mexico and near cities in Mexico such as Acapulco and Tijuana, after Russian President Vladimir Putin met Mexican cartel leaders to discuss strengthening criminal ties with Mexico.
How I Met Your Mother in shock AIDS ending
How I Met Your Mother has stunned fans with its finale, in which the main character, Ted, deliberately infects the "mother" character with AIDS. "I can't fucking believe it," said Max Daiswell. "We waited all these years for the mother to come along. Now in the last episode, Ted has unprotected sex with her, consigning her to a premature death, just so he can get it on with Robin."

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