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Sunday, October 23, 2016, 16:06 (UTC)
UnNews remembers C. Martin Croker
UnNews:UnNews remembers C. Martin Croker
UnNews is shocked and saddened to learn of yet another notable death. But this one definitely hurts right in the childhood. C. Martin Croker died unexpectedly late Saturday night. He was 54. Cartoon Network took the 1960s Hanna-Barbera action cartoon, Space Ghost, and reinvented the character as a late-night talk show host. They asked a man named Clay Martin Croker to be the lead animator. Croker had the genius idea of adding Space Ghost villains Zorak and Moltar as sidekicks, and providing their voices.

Shooting of rap superstar Tupac Shakur - Update
At the time of Tupac's shooting death in 1996, we at UnNews inaccurately reported that Tupac was the perpetrator of the drive-by. This was due to misinterpretation of the lyrics in his Grammy-winning 1994 song "What Do I Gotta Do (Drive-by And Shoot?)".
Alzheimer's advocacy group offended by 'Never Forget'
NEW YORK CITY -- When will the time come to break the taboo of making fun of 9/11? A Walmart Coke display resembling the Twin Towers sparked outrage, as did an ad for a 9/11 sale at San Antonio's Miracle Mattress. And a recent CNN article condemned both stunts. And now, an Alzheimer's advocacy group is taking unjustified offense against the 9/11 slogan, "Never Forget."

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