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Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 23:04 (UTC)
UnNews remembers Stan Lee
UnNews:UnNews remembers Stan Lee
All of geekdom (and all of us at UnNews) are -- say it with me -- shocked and saddened... to learn that Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee has died. The man behind the greatest cameos since Alfred Hitchcock, was 95 with a shitload of comics and movies to his name. Lee was taken to Cedars Sinai on Monday. No cause of death has been given, but is assumed to be natural causes, since being older than the dinosaurs and needing Viagra to get your thing up are technically not causes of death.

Cypress Hill changes its name to Sigh
UnNews:Cypress Hill changes its name to Sigh
DEADWOOD, SOUTH DACOTA (sic) -- American hip-hop band Cypress Hill has changed its name to "Sigh", to empathize with musician Kanye West's recent name change to "Ye". Since Cypress is also considered a nu-metal band, this might cause some confusion between Cypress and the Japanese extreme metal band, Sigh. Had this occurred six years ago instead of today, "Gangnam Style" hitmaker Psy (pronounced "sigh") would have factored into the discussion, as well. But since he's no longer relevant in the United States, any confusion of the K-pop rapper with Cypress Hill or Japanese metal band Sigh will be nonexistent.
Vote your ass off
UnNews:Vote your ass off
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA -- The most important event of fall 2018 is not The World Series. It's not the retooled Conners without that Trump-supporting bitch Roseanne. It's not the newly rebooted Murphy Brown. (But seriously, if you're not already watching it, you damn well should.) It's not Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday. It's not the new remake of Suspiria. Hell, it's not even the new Halloween movie. It's Tuesday's midterm elections.

New documentary challenges Simpsons aliens
UnNews:New documentary challenges Simpsons aliens
The Simpsons has aired on television for many *sighs* many years, and is/was a beloved pop cultural institution and considered a groundbreaking achievement in comedy. Now, the series once praised for its fairly liberal satirical take on American society has reached fire for supposed stereotypical characters. In the new documentary, The Problem with Kang and Kodos, comedian and social justice advocate Natalie Wynn, known by her YouTube personality ContraPoints, claims that the iconic extraterrestrial duo are an offensive portrayal of transgender and non-binary people.
Billboard replaces Michael Myers with Maxine Waters
UnNews:Billboard replaces Michael Myers with Maxine Waters
WEST HOLLYWOOD, California -- Just when you thought the Republican Party (or the media blitz for the new Halloween movie) couldn't get any crazier, this happened. GOP troll and graffiti artist SABO (considered the right wing nutjob version of Banksy) vandalized a billboard advertising the 40th anniversary Michael Myers sequel by replacing the William Shatner masked killer with Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA, 43rd District) with the Twitter hashtag #UncivilDemocrats.

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