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Saturday, December 20, 2014, 23:38 (UTC)
All 'girls' in sex chat room actually girls
UnNews:All 'girls' in sex chat room actually girls
In an UnNews survey, respondents were asked if they were really girls, to which about one-third immediately logged off (probably to change their tampons), one-third responded "yes", and the rest were more than able to prove their gender by inviting us to view their webcams.

Racism ended world wide because of Facebook status update
Today, racism is finally over thanks to social media, the savior of humanity from stupidity and ignorance.
UnNews reporter to be beheaded by ISIS
According to a video uploaded to YouTube by ISIS, UnNews Iraq's lead makeup artist is to be beheaded in one week unless the United States stops existing.

Man fighting for life after eating an entire Mickey D's Dinner Box
A man in Queens is fighting for his life after eating an entire Mickey D's Dinner Box by himself, which was intended to feed a family of four.
Missouri cop pardoned at Thanksgiving
The people of Ferguson, Missouri have stopped protesting after unanimously deciding to pardon Darren Wilson.

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