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Thursday, April 24, 2014, 06:31 (UTC)
Easter Bunny Served by Local Restaurant
link=UnNews:Easter Bunny Served by Local Restaurant
In what has been termed an "unfortunate accident", restaurant Le Chat Delicieux sautéed the Easter Bunny and served it to members of the local chapter of the Elks club at their monthly business meeting. The restaurant, which specializes in exotic meats, has rabbit on their regular menu, but the animals used previously came from local farms, and were generally less well known than the Easter Bunny.

Is Nitrogen-Cooked Steak The Solution to Summer Woes?
link=UnNews:Is Nitrogen-Cooked Steak The Solution to Summer Woes?
Worcestor-based NuGrille today announced a line of nitrogen enhanced cooking devices, available immediately in Sears and Home Depot stores throughout the northern states. We talked to Vladimir Fernsmak, founder and chief inventor of NuGrille, to find out what they are and why he thinks you need one.
Mickey Rooney dead at age 93; millions confused
Beloved American actor Mickey Rooney, whose career spanned nearly his entire lifetime, died at his North Hollywood home, after a decades-long battle with fame. Rooney, the star of countless films during Hollywood's golden era, became the latest in a recent trend by older celebrities: outliving one's own fame, and then dying just to confuse younger Internet users.

Non-massacre in PA is 'argument for gun control'
Gun control proponents have claimed that a non-massacre at a school in Pennsylvania is proof of what a US without guns could be like.
Bizarre craze for 'match' apps
More and more young people around the world are resorting to "match apps" - phone applications which use intelligent logarithms to find matches in their area.

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