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From today's featured article - Barack Obama


Barack Hussein Osama Obama (born August 4, 1961) is the 44th and current President of the United States, and the first to become so without the benefit of white skin. He was the perfect choice for a nation that, for two decades, had dealt with global adversaries and foreign invaders mostly by singing "Kumbaya". Obama got his start as a young, shiningly optimistic upstart community organizer in Chicago. He served as an Illinois state senator from 1997 to 2004, and as a U.S. Senator from Illinois from 2005 to 2008. Obama was elected president in 2008, setting out to shake up the system and America for a brighter and better tomorrow. He also had a cup of coffee in the Senate before starting his successful campaign for the presidency. Black coffee. In a white cup. As president, Obama's chief accomplishments were policies to stabilize the weak economy, some of which gave the government an alarmingly larger role in the everyday life of citizens, and in turn, created a larger number of alarmed citizens. Critics claimed that Obama's authoritarian tendencies resemble the dystopia portrayed in the book 1984 by George Orwell. Obama responded with a curt "That's double-plus-ungood", and subsequently banned Fox News from the press pool. (Full article...)

Did you know...

Topless woman 11111.jpg
  • ...that this topless woman is clearly unhappy about her situation? (pictured)
  • ...that, despite the invention of the doorbell, knock-knock jokes have yet to be replaced by ding-dong jokes?
  • ...that you can get great deals on Vietnamese clothing imports if you buy now?
  • ...that there are at least three other businesses like show business?
  • ...that Witch-Hunting For Fun and Profit has mostly turned into Witch-Hunting For Fun in this modern era of cheaply produced Chinese assembly line witches?
  • ...that the A-bombs dropped on Japan were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?
  • ...that many diseases can be prevented by washing your hands before eating, after eating, during eating, and another couple of times just in case?

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May 27:, National Homicide Day


  • 2006 - The first ever gay rights demonstration in Moscow predictably ends, first with beatings, then with beatings.
  • 2006 - The Vatican, Luxembourg, Malta and Fiji form the Small Countries Alliance - the most dangerous set of allies since the Axis. Together, they have a total population of 800 and double that in nuclear bombs.

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"Who's Afwaid of a Widdle Apokowips?"

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