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The Ukraine also written as You Crane, is a country located West of the Russian Federation and East of the failing EU economies. Ukraine used to be a part of Russia as the province of Kiev since Russia was formed as a country, but it declared its independence in 1991. Ukraine is also the birth place of the Russian civilisation and holds the true Russian descendants. Therefore in Ukraine, Ukraine is referred to as Russia and Russia is simply referred to as the USSR. It borders Belarus, literally meaning Red Russia as it contained Lenin's home town; Moldova, a small country that no one has heard of and the Ubadashini Republic of Tigrestutzkistan, a major Asian country.

In 1991 after a failed attempt to remove the evil Communist leader Gorbachev from power a group of original, true Russians decided to set up a new Russia that would replace the old one. Hence they secured the independence of the territory Ukraine now occupies from the USSR, as that is where Russians came from originally, and called it Russia. Unfortunately the USSR, ironically, had used a dirty capitalist trick and copyrighted the Russia brand. So the leaders were pressed into choosing another word to name the country before the Soviet troops could invade in the name of copyright laws (the US were to support the Soviets in this action). So the President of new Russia thought of the most ridiculous, nonsensical name that you could think of for a country and came up with the word Ukraine. (Full article...)

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Part of the ongoing War on Abstinence

November 26: National Day in the Republic of Bulimia, International Abstinence Rejection Day.

  • 1800 - Chastity belts' effectiveness called into question when inquisitive mind finds 'back way'.
  • 1818 - The Republic of Bulimia declares its independence from Spain, rejecting abstinence in favour of a Binge and Purge policy.
  • 1971 - Devout Christian Jim Morrison dies a virgin.
  • 1998 - Avowed abstinence practitioner Britney Spears dresses up as a school girl and asks her Christian fans not to masturbate over her.
  • 2009 - Chastity belts are outlawed and replaced with Chastity lasers.

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