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From today's featured article - UnNews:President pardons furries

link=UnNews:President pardons furries

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A press release came from the White House stating that President Barack Obama would give a speech on "animal lovers" and "mistreatment towards the furry ones" in honor of the day of blessings, Thanksgiving. Excited environmentalists and animal rights activists congratulated the president for bringing long-overdue attention to the nation the issue of animal abuse. PETA even wrote an open letter to President Obama, praising his decision and comparing him to Mahatma Gandhi. However, walking out to his podium this morning, the president ended up looking like a big fat turkey.

Pulling back the hood of his turkey mascot suit, the President of the United States took a few minutes out of his and the country's time to be a furry apologist. (Full article...)

Did you know...

  • ... that President Hoover (pictured) was an actual hoover?
  • ...that compromise is a great diplomatic tool?
    • ...although on an international level, a nuclear arsenal is even better?
  • ...that pillow fighting is a violent trend among the world's pillow population, and must be stopped?
  • ...that making a band usually involves frantically begging family and strangers to join?
  • ...that a bird in the hand is better than crabs in your bush?
  • ...that a rose by any other name would be called something else?
  • ...that Billie Jean was not Michael Jackson's lover but Macaluey Culkin was?

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On this day...

It's the Alan Bean-ie Baby!

November 27: Alan Bean celebration day (the 4th man on the moon)

  • 1969 - Alan Bean walks on the moon, saying, "This is one stall smep for man, ah fuck!"
  • 1970 - Mrs Bean notices husband is still not back yet, sets up trust fund.
  • 1985 - Alan Bean shoots the Challenger out of the sky.
  • 1989 - Mutated version of Alan Bean killed by Russian Cosmonauts.

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