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Blobfish are cute! This is objectively true.

Objectivity is the claim that some utterance is true for everyone, and is independent of the money the utterer stands to make off you, which may be in the form of a patronage job after you vote for his awful candidate. Objectivity in practice is unattainable, but it is a nice thing to shoot for, sort of like dating a Perfect Ten. Objectivity is unmeasurable, because any proof of an utterance's objectivity might not be objective.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident....”

United States Declaration of Independence

The above is the first recorded case, and still the most notorious, where a writer asserts that not only is something true, but that if you have a problem with it, then you are the problem. Saying something is objective is better than merely saying it is true. It is saying it is true for everyone, independent of point of view. This is the true mark of a liar. (Full article...)

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Did you know...

Walrus in pain.gif
  • ... that the WWF is the only "sports entertainment" organization endorsed by PETA and Greenpeace? (Pictured)

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Adolf Hitler doing something naughty. Probably.

January 16: Anniversary of the Bowel Movement (Djibouti)

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George W. Bush, shown searching for 'Iraqian' WMDs during playtime at the White House.

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