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From today's featured article - More dildos


More dildos is an English sentence denoting a request or demand for additional dildos. It is generally used as an imperative sentence, and frequently punctuated "More dildos!" The sentence implies that the speaker is in possession of at least one dildo, and possibly a small supply of dildos, but considers these dildos inadequate either to the situation at hand or to their life in general, and therefore requires additional dildos. It also conveys that the speaker of the sentence is of higher social standing than the addressee, and therefore he has a reasonable expectation that his demand for additional dildos will be met with additional dildos... (Full article...)

Did you know...

  • ...that Wikipedia contains millions of articles written by countless anonymous contributors? (pictured)
  • ...that 5/3 people cannot do fractions?
  • ...that every single day, we breathe enough air to continue living?
  • ...that Alaska is a mooseocracy, in which citizens select a moose to lead them?
    • ...that bears have been known to challenge for the role of Alaska's leader?
  • ...verb noun preposition article verb noun?
  • ...that midget cockpunching terrorists are a threat to America and her allies?
  • ...that while most Popes don't shit in the woods, sometimes bears are catholic?

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On this day...


October 7: International Penis Appreciation Day

  • 1512 - Cockfighting is invented by Goorg, a Turkish peasant in Asia Minor. Confusion reigns as roosters square off against genitalia.
  • 1960 - Kennedy & Nixon debate the Cold War and penis length in the second of four scheduled debates.
  • 1970 - Richard Nixon announces he has a penis and launches a new five-point peace proposal to end the Vietnam War.
  • 2003 - California governor Gray Davis loses his penis and is replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • 2007 - Actor Daniel Radcliffe, concerning a penis-enhancement e-mail, sues "that guy who keeps offering to make my penis larger" for sexual harassment; "that guy", who turns out to be Jesus, claims to have been trying to work on his miracle-performing skills.

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Grue crossing.jpg

The Grue Crossing signs have proven to be an effective way to prepare drivers for an encounter.

Image Credit: Kaizer the Bjorn
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Shakespeare Authorship Debate, featured on 7 October 2010. See the featured version.

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