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Monday, December 18, 2017, 07:10 (UTC)

Net Neutrality dies at the hands of FCC in 3-2 vote
UnNews:Net Neutrality dies at the hands of FCC in 3-2 vote
$60 bucks to watch YouTube? $100 for decent-speed Netflix? Websites blocked for criticizing President* Cheeto? $800 for porn? Read on, if you still can.
Disney buys Fox, which means unaltered Star Wars
UnNews:Disney buys Fox, which means unaltered Star Wars
(20th Century Fox logo and fanfare)

(Lucasfilm logo)

Thursday, in a state far,
far away...

(Star Wars logo and theme)

It is a period of absolute fuckery. But in much easier to stomach news, Disney has announced that it is officially buying 20th Century Fox (which kinda-sorta renamed itself 21st Century Fox... about 15 years too late). Not only does this mean that all the Marvel boys are back home, it also means that there's nothing preventing Disney from possibly releasing the original unaltered theatrical cuts of Star Wars.

...Except maybe Darth Lucas.

Holiday shopping preview 2017
UnNews:Holiday shopping preview 2017
UNNEWS ENTERTAINMENT DEPARTMENT (it's debatable whether entertainment is considered "news," but every newspaper has a section for it) -- It's December, which means the holiday season is in full swing. Uncle Joe got fat from eating turkey. You and Grandma Ethel bitched about politics. Billy farted at the dinner table when you cut the turkey. And everybody had a big, happy Thanksgiving. Now Christmas is three weeks away, and there's nothing better to report on because the world is perfectly sane right now. (yeah, right! I wish!)

We know you're fretting over what to get those cute little spoiled rotten brats this year. Well, you've come to the right place. Ladies and gentlemen, UnNews proudly presents to you our Holiday Shopping Preview 2017.

We've got everything from the Amazon X-Thing-1, to Sony's 4K Dreidel, to Pokémon Plaid.
Former UnNews writer lands job at The Wrap, writes first article about Doug Jones
UnNews:Former UnNews writer lands job at The Wrap, writes first article about Doug Jones
UNNEWS HEADQUARTERS -- As part of my regular news feed on Yahoo!, I stumbled upon an article from The Wrap (not to be confused with its Hip-Hop oriented sister publication, The Rap) that reminded me of something you'd see right here on UnNews. The Wrap is not normally a satire publication, so this caught me and my colleagues by surprise. The article, by Tim Molloy, brilliantly combines Alabama senator-elect Doug Jones with the quirky actor of the same name... and if that weren't enough, he throws in Kyle MacLachlan's character, Dougie Jones, from Twin Peaks, which was recently revived by Showtime. I asked my colleagues if Mr. Molloy was one of our guys, and they were stumped. So I did a bit of sleuthing, or as they call it in our field, investigative journalism.

Tree-hugging liberal Jones slaughters sick pedo Moore in Alabama election
UnNews:Tree-hugging liberal Jones slaughters sick pedo Moore in Alabama election
ALLYBAMMY -- It seems not even 'Bammy will tolerate a sick, perverted pedophile like Republican Roy Moore in the United States Senate. The sexual misconduct allegations certainly cost him big time, as tree-hugging, rich-hating, middle-class-loving, gay-supporting liberal Doug Jones narrowly slaughtered middle-class-hating, gay-hating, underage-girl-loving, tax-hating, rich-loving hypocrite conservative Moore in the Alabama special election to replace Russia-colluding, recusal-violating, perjuring, middle-class-hating, rich-loving, non-rich-white-heterosexual-Christian-hating Republican Jeff Sessions.
Trump attacks 'mainstream Madea' in misspelled tweet
UnNews:Trump attacks 'mainstream Madea' in misspelled tweet
WASHINGTON -- 45th* President* of the United States and Cheeto-colored Oompa-Loompa Donald Trump on Wednesday posted a baffling tweet in which he ranted about a popular character created and portrayed by the whitest black filmmaker in Hollywood, Tyler Perry. Nowhere in that tweet did Trump spell "Madea" correctly. It almost looks like he's attacking the mainstream media, until you take a closer look. It could be "media" or "Medina" (as in Tone Loc's "Funky Cold Medina"), but upon re-reading, it is quite evident that the Complainer-in-Chief is referring to Perry's gender-bending alter ego whose credits include the mildly funny but usually boring Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Diarrhea of a Mad Black Woman, Madea's Family Reunion, Madea Goes to Jail, Madea Goes to Camp, Madea Scared Stupid, Madea Tries to Get Out of Jury Duty and Boo! A Madea Halloween. Perry's movies (with or without Madea) usually average 10 to 30 percent Rotten on Rotten Tomatoes.

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