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Wilcume to VnScripts

UnScripts is the Uncyclopaedia compendium for playwrights, scripts, and other various thingsings, though as thou seeth it focuses on the script aspect of creating plays and scripts thaat hath any kind of humour. As you may have noeticed, UnScripts hath been written in pseudo-œlde Ænglish. This be not a requirement for you. This is only to increase the Shakespearian-ness of the official pages here in this place.

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Oþer Projects of Interest

Ðis Mvnth's Plæwright of þe Mvnth

Playwright of the Month badge.png

Ljlego... well, he's just this guy, you know? Just this guy.

Newest UnScripts

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Shakespear's Picks

Þe Ark of Noah

God speakeð to me, and he hað sayeð to me "God out". Award winning UnScript.

Æferage Officer of þe law

Similar to watching þe television plæ Cops, but wiðout þe pesants.

Waiting For Breivik

þe creepiest play since Les Misérables.

Waiting For Breivik 2: The Breifist

Anders tries to get over his crime. The Second Anders loses his temper.

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