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This page is about submitting "Did You Know" entries. For suggesting DYK photo captions, see Uncyclopedia:DYK images.

This is where you can submit Did You Know entries. List your submission(s) below, and if the admins decide it's worthwhile, it will be added to the main page template. You can sign your submissions if you want.

Did You Know...Edit

Thank you for recent ideas, they have been added. Keep 'em coming!

  • ...that getting banned on Uncyclopedia means that you're not funny and you need to get the fuck out?
  • ...random doesn't equal funny?
  • ...that Goku was right that a wife was something you eat... from a certain point of view?
  • ...that the original version of Ebony and Ivory had six uses of the n-word?
  • ...that 100% of people exposed to water die?
  • ...Google created Google Hitman and their founder, ironically, was killed by a hitman from Google Hitman?

  • ...that, in spite of me being completely ready, The Monkees never came to my town?

Did You Know PictureEdit

If you have a funny article with a funny picture you think should be linked to, please use this format:

File:IMAGENAMEGOHERE.jpg|...that [[ARTICLE NAME]] is BLAH BLAH BLAH? ''(pictured)''

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