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This page is about submitting "Did You Know" entries. For suggesting DYK photo captions, see Uncyclopedia:DYK images.

This is where you can submit Did You Know entries. List your submission(s) below, and if the admins decide it's worthwhile, it will be added to the main page template. You can sign your submissions if you want.

Did You Know...[edit]

Thank you for recent ideas, they have been added. Keep 'em coming! .... That I fucked your mom last night? ,8================================D -----

  • ...[that] the format has to be like this, with an asterisk and three dots at the beginning, an optional that, and a question mark at the end?

  • ...random doesn't equal funny?
  • ...DEEZ NUTZ
  • ...that Goku was right that a wife was something you eat... from a certain point of view?
  • ...that the original version of Ebony and Ivory had six uses of the n-word?
  • ...that 100% of people exposed to water die?
  • ...Google created Google Hitman and their founder, ironically, was killed by a hitman from Google Hitman?
  • ...that gluten makes a really good meat substitute?
  • ...that 9/10 doctors are actually African?
  • ...that Nickelback isn't original?
  • ...that Ask.com still exists?

  • ...that taxes are actually more inevitable than death?
  • ...that Turkey's favorite food is actually chicken?
  • ...the muffin man?
  • ...that after breaking through the skin, drilling a hole in your head isn't so painful?
  • ...that if you died tomorrow, on average a total of 7,475,327,710 people wouldn't give a shit?

Did You Know Picture[edit]

If you have a funny article with a funny picture you think should be linked to, please use this format:

File:IMAGENAMEGOHERE.jpg|...that [[ARTICLE NAME]] is BLAH BLAH BLAH? ''(pictured)''