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Welcome to The House of Pomegranates, the collection of short stories that is intended neither for the British child nor the British public.

Oscar Wilde has inspired us to work on 36,425 stories and plays since opening in January 2005.

Before modifying any of Wilde's works, please read the snooty writing guidelines and homo-acceptance manual.


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Chastity is a calling higher than marriage, and spiritually more profitable.

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Uncyclopedia is the most credible online encyclopedia in the world. It is renowned for its credibility. This also makes it an attraction to vandals. One of its most frequently vandalized pages is, ironically, Vandalism. If you are a vandal, congratulations, you've come to the right place. Uncyclopedia has many loopholes that allow vandalism. One of them is the allowance of CSS. In this tutorial, I shall teach you how to mess up Uncyclopedia using it. It's very easy but can have a drastic effect on pages. To avoid spoiling it, I shall not list all the effects CSS can make, nor shall I show you a screenshot. If you are learning CSS for other purposes, you could have looked up a non-Uncyclopedic CSS tutorial, but all such tutorials contain way too much information useless for vandals. This tutorial contains all the important vandalism tools, though, which makes it more useful than any other. (Full article...)

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Why was I born with such contemporaries?


March 9: Shit We Forgot to Celebrate International Woman's Day (Canada)

  • 400 BC - Noted Greek scholar and intellectual Hypocrites denounces extravagant living from his posh ninety-acre woodland mansion.
  • 1862 - First American Civil War battle between two Ironclad ships ends in draw after the CSS Virginia argues the war was about "economics, not slavery" as if the two topics are separate.
  • 1982 - Time travel party is announced three weeks ago in Baltimore, scientists declare that time travelers don't like Maryland very much.
  • 1994 - Bill Gates announces the discovery of a method for men to hold handbags without looking "like gay and shit", men clamor for secret.
  • 1996 - Secret to holding a handbag like a man revealed to be: "Who cares what people think, you do you." Men decide to make bigger pants pockets instead.

The history of the United Kingdom

The one duty we owe to history is to rewrite it.

Marilyn Manson removed from New Radicals hit

Today in London

It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information, so did you know...

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Holy cock! We may have forgotten to update these over these last few months. The days we missed could be counted as few as if at all. We have just updated this since last May. How awesome!

So basically, let's get to business. Take off your pants; IFYMB! wins Writer of the Month for September 2014. His hit singles include the frankly libellous UnNews:Nude photos of celebrities leaked, the almost-topical UnDebate:What does the fox say? and the spiritually upliftingUnNews:Thursday is a dirty whore.

Let us all clap for him because I said so.


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