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This foul knave hath been slain. If this is thy talk page, please note that thou art deceased.

The great and noble knight Lance-a-lot hath killed Fredd with his/her lance because Fredd is a nefarious evil-doer.


I'm leaving for two weeks[edit source]

Mid year exams and shit. Returning on February 4th. FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 20:06 • Thursday, 21-01-2010

FEATURE![edit source]

Studying? And I'm having a sex change. Again. But you don't hear me going on and on about it. Except to my therapist. And my wife. And my ex husband. Anyway, at least we have a new feature to cheer us up. Shame you'll be wasting your time studying and miss it. Live life. Drop out. Have some sex changes, everyone's doing it. --Sog1970 20:34, January 21, 2010 (UTC)

Stupid question: Are your wife and ex-husband married? :P FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 19:02 • Sunday, 24-01-2010
Incidentally, med students like to talk about their studies and how hard they are. In two weeks I'm going to start the first semester of my second year, and I heard that it's going to be 9am - 5pm, almost everyday. In six months you will also be hearing about my examinations, because dental students like to talk about their studies as much as med students. ~Scriptsiggy.JPGPlease talk to me. Please. MUN CUN RotM 18:43, Jan 24, 2010
Haha! No, it's not that I wanted to boast or bitch about how hard I study.. It's just that I'm committed to several collabs that I won't be able to write during these two weeks ... Fuck that, you're right, I'm an attention whore! :)
Also, while we're at it, I had my first exam today: Physiology, and I expect to score 0~100% FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 19:02 • Sunday, 24-01-2010
You people are talking about how much work you have with one major? Ha! I've had five! Talk about your homework! I had to, like, do homework and stuff. I bet you're impressed. King of the Internet Alden Loveshade??? (royal court)  19:34, January 26, 2010 (UTC)
Haven't really had any thoughts about how to start the Kurd thing. Do you think there's enough "legs" in manufacturing crap weapons? Don't know if you saw my idea about starting with building a weapons industry, then using the Talibanland pic Sonje made for me to maybe write another idea for boosting the tourist trade. And then some other stuff that occurs to us. A goat museum, Noah's ark tours or something. I leave it to you, I'm sure you know a hell of a lot more about "Kurdistan" than I do--Sog1970 22:19, February 7, 2010 (UTC)

Rape[edit source]

Now that we tooken care of that, have a nice 2 weeks vacation--Grue ApocalypseDirectorEye 4.gifWILLExplode 3.GIFYOU 333Talk IF YOU DARE 00:39, January 22, 2010 (UTC)

Happy examsinations[edit source]

Uncle-Dad.jpg Uncle-Dad thanks you in the only way he knows:
a long glass of moonshine and an hour with
his niece-wife.

IronLung 22:26, January 22, 2010 (UTC)

Late thanks[edit source]

Colinmeloy3.jpg An expression of gratitude
We appreciate your discerning judgment and shrewd disposition in voting for HowTo:Write Colin Meloy Lyrics, even though the author is a ne'er-do-well and never pealed a steeple bell.

~Scriptsiggy.JPGPlease talk to me. Please. MUN CUN RotM 18:03, Jan 24, 2010

Please forgive me my buccaneering[edit source]

Also please forgive me for posting the same notice on more than one person's talk page. Uncyclopedia:Imperial Colonization finally finished its latest effort, Transformers. Actually, it had been on IC for four months and no one objected to a couple notices about it being moved to mainspace. So I asked admin and IC member MrN9000 to move it, which he did, complete with talk page and history, which I greatly appreciated. Then I wondered when someone would update the list at Uncyclopedia:Imperial Colonization/The Big Board, but saw the note "Tagstit, SysRq, and Gerry are the only ones who need to be editing this template." But sadly, the most recent Uncyclopedia edit by a member of the trilogy was two months ago. MrN9000 basically said if it was OK with active colonizer Optimuschris it was OK with him if I updated the list, which was all I planned to do. But then MrN said "Consider yourself the new director of IC." I really appreciate his help and encouragement, but all I was trying to do was get the list updated, and now I'm afraid I may have unintentionally stepped on some toes. I would be happy to carry this through the next article, if that's not a problem with anyone in IC, but never intended to cause a conflict with anyone. Please let me know if there's a problem here, and what we can do to fix it. You can see the discussions here and there. Thanks! King of the Internet Alden Loveshade??? (royal court)  08:47, January 25, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks![edit source]


Thank you for supporting my recently featured article.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Unführer Guildy Ritter von Guildensternenstein 18:47, January 26, 2010 (UTC)

Check VFH[edit source]

ya know, if you get back in time. Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgWould you like a cookie, sir? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpg 20:13,26January,2010

Semi-official Imperial Colonization[edit source]

For once, a short note from me. I'm apparently now running Imperial Colonization. I plan to open it up for nominations for the next colonization on Sunday, 31 January 2010, so will make an official announcement then. In the meantime, I've made some changes, and would love suggestions (see Uncyclopedia:Imperial Colonization and User:Why do I need to provide this?/Imperial Colonization). Thanks for any help you can give me! King of the Internet Alden Loveshade??? (royal court)  01:51, January 27, 2010 (UTC)

Samantha[edit source]

(You knew somebody wouldn't be able to resist callng you Samantha, didn't you?) I changed your name on the Imperial Colonization ranking with "Mahm00shA was replaced by Fredd The Mahmauscher in some sort of Egyptian necromantic ritual". Actually, I just changed your name on the list; that was just my edit note. Good luck with your studies! King of the Internet Alden Loveshade??? (royal court)  19:49, January 27, 2010 (UTC)

And also I just vandalised your user page by correcting the spelling of Great Britain. What can I say; I am a buccaneer! User:Why do I need to provide this?/sig10 19:51, January 27, 2010 (UTC)

Congratulations Imperial Colonization Commodore Fredd The Mahmauscher[edit source]

Commodore of Imperial Colonization
This loyal subject colonizes savage lands for the Glory of the Empire and is recognized as Commodore of Her Majesty's Imperial Navy.

It has come to Her Majesty's attention that you have participated in five successful colonizations. As five is required for the rank of commodore, it is therefore fitting and proper to recognize that you have earned the rank of Commodore of Imperial Colonization. Congratulations, Commodore Fredd The Mahmauscher, and go forth and colonize those wild natives! User:Why do I need to provide this?/sig10 07:11, January 28, 2010 (UTC)

UnSignpost 28th January 2010[edit source]

9001(bot) Icons-flag-gb.png HalIcon.png MrNCyber.JPG 14:54, Jan 28

Greatest UnSignpost EVER. Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgWould you like a cookie, sir? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpg 20:24,28January,2010


Duty Calls! Imperial Colonization has been commandeered! With a shiny new, waterproof coat, we're heading out to sea once again. We need you for our next colonization. You have one week to nominate or vote from right now, Sunday the 31st of January 2010, to Saturday the 6th of February 2010. (See Protocol for how to nominate an article for Colonization. And remember, if you vote for an article that means you intend to help colonize it.) Then starting Sunday, 7 February 2010, we will start colonizing another savage land (i.e., improving whichever article gets the most votes). Come on board and vote or nom now, to the glory of Her Majesty!

EXTRA: Our most recent colonization, Transformers, has just been Pee Reviewed. If you're interested in making improvements, please check out the article and the review. With a little work, we may have another glorious Feature article! Wouldn't that be just spiffy? And remember, if you participate and this does get featured, you get one half feature credit!

For the Glory of Her Majesty and by Order of your Fearful Fearless Leader, King of the Internet Alden Loveshade??? (royal court)  19:30, January 30, 2010 (UTC)

Hey Jude[edit source]

Girl Scout.jpg Thanks

luv u

Thanks for the vote. --Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgWould you like a cookie, sir? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpg 20:01,31January,2010

K, So, Here's the Deal[edit source]

I'm going to be spending the next few days revising my rewrite of Opeth (which was nearly done when you asked me about our collab.). Once I'm done revising it, I'll go straight to work on reworking Papyrus. Sound good? —Unführer Guildy Ritter von Guildensternenstein 19:48, February 2, 2010 (UTC)

UnSignpost 4th February 2010[edit source]

9001(bot) Icons-flag-gb.png HalIcon.png MrNCyber.JPG 15:13, Feb 4

Hey Moosh![edit source]

We did ya achi. We did good. ~Jewriken.GIF 21:54, February 6, 2010 (UTC)

Nice job Mooshy. And Mordillo, uhh, ok I guess...
However, you beat me by HALF A POINT?!? Never believed that student beats the teacher thing before... Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgWould you like a cookie, sir? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpg 23:04,6February,2010
Congrats, to both Fredd and Mordillo. —Unführer Guildy Ritter von Guildensternenstein 05:50, February 8, 2010 (UTC)
Oh, thank you guys! FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 01:11 • Thursday, 11-02-2010


The Bible says God created the world in six days by himself--our crew of talented colonizers can surely recreate an article in a week and a half! Remember, any Colonizer is welcome to work on our current project, which is the Creationism article. But before you begin, check "READ THIS FIRST" at the top. From Sunday, 7 February to Wednesday, 10 February 2010, a hearty crew of brave colonizers plotted a strong course for the article by consensus. We have the beginning of a great colonization, so go forth and colonize to the glory of Her Majesty!

Special Note for Lobsterbacks (i.e. those who signed up but haven't yet worked on a successful colonization). We plan to keep your name on the honored membership list if you make worthwhile contribution to the article or other parts of Imperial Colonization between 31 January 2010 and the end of this project. If your name is removed from the list, you are welcome to reapply when you plan to become active. User:Why do I need to provide this?/sig10 05:04, February 11, 2010 (UTC)

UnSignpost 11th February 2010[edit source]

9001(bot) Icons-flag-gb.png HalIcon.png MrNCyber.JPG 13:01, Feb 11

MOOSHY!!!![edit source]






Grazie. Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgWould you like a cookie, sir? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpg 23:49,14February,2010

Papyrus[edit source]

I've been thinking about your article the last few days, and I got this idea: what if I wrote about a show like this or this, but used the actual content of your article as sort of a sample episode, similar to what I did in my MonsterQuest article. This way, satirizing the show adds an extra dimension to the article, while still keeping the bulk of your stuff intact. What do you think? —Unführer Guildy Ritter von Guildensternenstein 05:56, February 15, 2010 (UTC)

Actually, that's a great idea! Go on FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 13:38 • Monday, 15-02-2010
Wonderful, I'm glad you're down with it. —Unführer Guildy Ritter von Guildensternenstein 13:54, February 15, 2010 (UTC)
How about this: an interview with Zahi Hawwass, the Egyptian minster of Tourism? The guy's a real nuthead. And, we can use the same accent we used with the taxi driver interview. FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 03:25 • Friday, 19-02-2010
When I was stalking your talk page, and saw Guildy's first comment, my first thought was also "Zahi Hawwass", how amazing (creepy) is that? The guy sure appears on a lot of documentaries. ~Scriptsiggy.JPGPlease talk to me. Please. MUN CUN RotM 04:35, Feb 19, 2010
Mum! Hiatus Hernia has been reading my mind again! FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 05:17 • Friday, 19-02-2010
Fredd, thank you so much for letting me play on the main page. How can I thank you? Come on down here, snuggle up, and tell Annie where it hurts, or where you want it to hurt, and I'll kiss the boo boo for a loooong time.

Congrats again, yada yada yada[edit source]

On showing me up Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgWould you like a cookie, sir? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpg 20:13,16February,2010

What? When? FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 20:36 • Tuesday, 16-02-2010
I think you know... Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgWould you like a cookie, sir? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpg 20:57,16February,2010

When[edit source]

If I include a reference to it, will you change your vote? —Unführer Guildy Ritter von Guildensternenstein 02:28, February 17, 2010 (UTC)

Sure, the article is great, I'd vote for anyways.. It was just a joke :) FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 03:08 • Wednesday, 17-02-2010
Hah, glad to hear. I'll make a small amendment tomorrow anyway on behalf of a fellow Opeth fan. \m/ —Unführer Guildy Ritter von Guildensternenstein 04:06, February 17, 2010 (UTC)

UnSignpost 18th February 2010[edit source]

9001(bot) Icons-flag-gb.png HalIcon.png MrNCyber.JPG 23:36, Feb 18

Damn Mooshy[edit source]

Your article has gone through more name changes then, well, you. Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgWould you like a cookie, sir? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpg 12:00,23February,2010

I wont rest till I get it featured, even if I crash the servers trying. So there. FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 12:23 • Tuesday, 23-02-2010
I might have to kill you first. ~Jewriken.GIF 12:44, February 23, 2010 (UTC)

HE HAS A LIST[edit source]


It goes straight to the Mossad for passport forgery. FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 20:39 • Thursday, 25-02-2010

Um[edit source]

WTF? ??? MrN MrN9000SouthParksmall.jpg 20:34, Feb 26

"Adolf hitler is a hero. seriously. He tried to rid the world of the evil that was the jews,came up with an amazing plan that was the ¨final solution¨ and nearly succeded at conquering the world but unfortunately he was defeated by an evil force led by the jews and homosexuals who he had worked so hard to try to get rid of. If adolf hitler was still alive I would probably marry him and have intercourse with him many times (I am not gay at all).
I honestly do not think a man like him could die I also believe that a man of such epic heroism would be immortal due to gods mutual hatred of the jews therefore hitler is not dead he is only sleeping in a cave somewhere in germany where the german government ( secretly the Nazi party)

is covering up the fact that he is still alive and made up many fake stories about him dieing.

in conclusion this hero is a model for all children and politicians everywhere."
Are you kidding me? FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 20:38 • Friday, 26-02-2010

UnSignpost 25th February 2010 (It's not late your mum is)[edit source]

9001(bot) Icons-flag-gb.png HalIcon.png MrNCyber.JPG 20:52, Feb 28

A Ten Minute Thanks[edit source]


Thank you for supporting my recently featured article.


[guitar solo]

Unführer Guildy Ritter von Guildensternenstein 02:16, March 3, 2010 (UTC)

Get a move on[edit source]

I think there's still an award out there you HAVEN'T nommed for for yet this month! Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgWould you like a cookie, sir? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpg 03:27,3March,2010

Uncyclopedia:Nomination of the Month? Nominally Humane! some time 03:30, 3/03/2010
Holy Jehovas Witness, Batman! I'm nominated for that too! Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgWould you like a cookie, sir? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpg 04:17,3March,2010
What the hell did you just link me to, puppy? Also, what the hell else do you want to be nommed for, ched? NOTM? FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 04:19 • Wednesday, 3-03-2010
Yes. Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgWould you like a cookie, sir? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpg 04:20,3March,2010

User:Why do I need to provide this?/IC Batman Begins User:Why do I need to provide this?/sig10 03:26, March 4, 2010 (UTC)

UnSignpost 4th March 2010 (your calendar is wrong)[edit source]

9001(bot) Icons-flag-gb.png HalIcon.png MrNCyber.JPG 00:10, Mar 6

help[edit source]

how do i sign a post – Preceding unsigned comment added by Syndrome (talk • contribs)

You don't sign a post; the post signs itself. All you have to do is close your eyes, unite with your inner self and enjoy the pounding. Oh yeah, bitch. FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 03:45 • Monday, 8-03-2010
Also, use "~~~~" Sir SockySexy girls.jpg Mermaid with dolphin.jpg Tired Marilyn Monroe.jpg (talk) (stalk)Magnemite.gif Icons-flag-be.png GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotYPotM WotM 17:45, 8 March 2010
"~~~~" i tried uniting with my inner self but i think my third chakra is a little to the left. the pounding didnt help either
In my opinion, this a clear case of "Chronarioschizoskeptiphrenirolepsicpoundimmununeuralocorticopsychotic Dysfunction Syndrome." FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 20:53 • Monday, 8-03-2010
Or just "Syndrome" for short. Sir SockySexy girls.jpg Mermaid with dolphin.jpg Tired Marilyn Monroe.jpg (talk) (stalk)Magnemite.gif Icons-flag-be.png GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotYPotM WotM 21:18, 8 March 2010

UnSignpost 11th March 2010[edit source]

9001(bot) Icons-flag-gb.png HalIcon.png MrNCyber.JPG 11:02, Mar 12

Thanks from da fadda[edit source]


Ya, wanted to thankd ya for da vote to put me on da front page there. Ya done good, even if ya an Egyptian and tried to kill our guys back a few thousand years ago. What's dat about pyramid builder? Anysways, when you helped to put my place on da fleature stack dere, it really helped and chased away some of da nah votes. Appreciated. Fadda Murphy and his lackey secretary Aleister de'chain

No broplem, maaan! FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 22:52 • Sunday, 14-03-2010

Wh-h-h-haaaat???[edit source]

My score went down! But h- FREDD!!! ... nah, just kiddin', thanks for the nomination! Necropaxx (T) {~} Sunday, 22:10, Mar 14 2010

I just wanted to get the other guy to the next round, you know, 50% of the lead and stuff.. I wouldn't have changed my vote otherwise. I love you, man! :) FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 22:39 • Sunday, 14-03-2010

I'm bored[edit source]

gub. Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgWould you like a cookie, sir? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpg 22:23,14March,2010

I'm always bored, especially when I'm waiting for a review. FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 22:51 • Sunday, 14-03-2010

Thanks![edit source]

ChristianBaleAward.jpg Matfen
thanks you
for your vote!

His article could not have been featured without you...

Thanks Moosh! --Matfen 11:37, March 15, 2010 (UTC)

My pleasure, mister :) FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 13:55 • Monday, 15-03-2010

Nothing nothing[edit source]

Sir ¬_¬ | Banter HOMOPHOBE!!! CUN.png Icons-flag-us.png NOTM 19:13, March 15, 2010 (UTC)

User:Why do I need to provide this?/IC Why plank King of the Internet Alden Loveshade??? (royal court)  16:34, March 17, 2010 (UTC)

UnSignpost 18th March 2010 (on time as always)[edit source]

9001(bot) Icons-flag-gb.png HalIcon.png MrNCyber.JPG 11:47, Mar 18

:)[edit source]

Well, thank you. Watching English movies on YouTube or CNN, reading English stuff on Uncyclopedia/Wikipedia and and chatting with English users here seems to work better than usual (and boring) learning from the course book ;). Polisz.jpgSir Ptok-BentonicznyPisz tutaj KUN 19:23, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

I'm 20 y.o. ;) Polisz.jpgSir Ptok-BentonicznyPisz tutaj KUN 16:42, March 20, 2010 (UTC)
I'm 19, yo! FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 16:47 • Saturday, 20-03-2010

Thanks[edit source]


Thank you for supporting my recently featured article.

And no, I will never, ever change these templates up at all, just in case you were wondering.

Unführer Guildy Ritter von Guildensternenstein 22:55, March 19, 2010 (UTC)

Bastard. FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 16:55 • Saturday, 20-03-2010

UnSignpost Quote: Chedd's Record[edit source]

User CheddarBBQ has inspired all of us by setting a new nominee record for Uncyclopedia. As his adopted son and/or daughter, you must be gleaming with pride. Is there anything you would like to say to be featured in the upcoming UnSignpost? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgWould you like a cookie, sir? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpg 17:45,20March,2010

Hell yeah!
FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 23:31 • Saturday, 20-03-2010
Wonderful. Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgWould you like a cookie, sir? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpg 23:40,20March,2010

Unpaprisu blah blah blah[edit source]

This article has been showing up on maintenance lists all over the place, caused numerous double redirects and frankly I think both myself and UU are a bit tired of seeing it popping up on all those lists. I've moved it back to your space, please finish it completely before you move it back. No more numerous page moves please. ~Jewriken.GIF 21:12, March 20, 2010 (UTC)

Ahh, that's much better, thankyew. FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 23:11 • Saturday, 20-03-2010

If you don't like me, get me banned.[edit source]

STUDY IRON MAIDEN'S HISTORY AND MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, YOU'LL GET WHERE I WAS COMING FROM! KAPEESH? I'll leave that page alone now though, or I'll "let the baby have his bottle" which is a little closer to the truth.

Haha! YOU are telling ME to study Iron Maiden's history!? That's funny, man! :D FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 17:04 • Tuesday, 23-03-2010
You better listen to him Mooshy. He's got 666 in his name, he must be super duper metal. Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgWould you like a cookie, sir? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpg 19:30,23March,2010
Yea, you're right.. My apologies, your beastness! FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 05:13 • Wednesday, 24-03-2010

Discordianism vote needed quickly and member retirement[edit source]

User:Why do I need to provide this?/Discordianism vote King of the Internet Alden Loveshade??? (royal court)  18:08, March 24, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks![edit source]

For your vote for In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, thank you and appreciated. Since three of us get credit for the page (PF4Eva and Funnybony) I won't write anything funny, just thanks and it's nice you enjoyed the article. Al in Chains 18:08 25 3 mmx

UnSignpost 25th March 2010 (hand delivered for added flavour)[edit source]

--ChiefjusticePS3 22:30, March 25, 2010 (UTC)

Barack Obama[edit source]

Thanks for defending the article. Extra Ordinary has visited the page before. This is treated in the talk page, Sections 8 and 11. He has been advised to find a page more receptive to his "wackey humor"--as his recent change summary puts it; I call it random babble. Spıke ¬ 23:43 27-Mar-10

Yea, I remember him/her/it.. Unfortunately, he/she/it doesn't live up to his/her/its name.. Yea, anyway, good job, you've improved the article a lot over the IC version! FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 00:03 • Sunday, 28-03-2010

Thanks for that--but as you'll recall, progress was not in a straight line! I should go in and update the Health Care section at some point. The only important thing was handled by your "compromise"--the silly rhetoric about an "optional public option" is not in the law and is long forgotten and it is fine that that bullet point is gone. I did five UnNews stories about the twists and turns of that bill. Spıke ¬ 00:09 28-Mar-10

Put a space in your sig.[edit source]

Puppy Sunday, 00:27, Mar 28 2010 UTC

You realize you're eligible, right?[edit source]

For what, you ask? Why, the Hall of Shame, my good man! As I count it, you've got 3.5 features (unless SPIKE is co-author, in which case you have 3). Congratulations! Necropaxx (T) {~} Sunday, 23:14, Mar 28 2010

Yes, I do realize that, but I don't care much. Also, I still don't know if SPIKE wants to be counted the co-author, he wrote a couple sections and generally cleaned up the article.. I won't lie, I want a full credit, but if SPIKE says it's a collab, then it's a collab. FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 23:23 • Sunday, 28-03-2010
"I don't care much." HA! Again, HA! I'm going to check right now, and if you haven't already added your name, I'll eat my tie (I don't have a hat). Necropaxx (T) {~} Sunday, 23:28, Mar 28 2010
Well, that was certainly less than delicious. I couldn't finish as my gag reflex kept acting up. But I stand by my previous assertion. :P Necropaxx (T) {~} Sunday, 23:31, Mar 28 2010
I stopped caring when I was turned down a month ago. And give me the leftover tie, I'm hungry. FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 23:33 • Sunday, 28-03-2010
You're not that hungry, I guarantee it. Necropaxx (T) {~} Monday, 00:49, Mar 29 2010
You still haven't added yourself! I'll do it for you! Necropaxx (T) {~} Wednesday, 03:52, Mar 31 2010
Oh, thank you for caring :) FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 10:50 • Thursday, 1-04-2010

Nominally Humane! some time Friday, 04:50, Apr 2 2010 UTC

VFS[edit source]

SAFPAS.png For your vote in VFS

and as promised last time
You have been awarded a Certificate guaranteeing you safe passage whilst inside those areas of Uncyclopedia under Zionist domination.
Certificate also redeemable for one (1) free bagel at your nearest grocery - simply print out and present
to the shopkeeper to claim your free bagel with the filling of your choice.

Rabbi Techno

Would you like to be a poopsmith if anyone doesn't want to do it/retires? Rabbi Techno Icons-flag-gb.png kvetch Icon rabbi.gif Contribs Foxicon.png FOXES 13:37, April 2, 2010 (UTC)
No, but thanks for asking. And for the virtual bagel :) FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 13:42 • Friday, 2-04-2010
No problems - I asked because I think you'd be a good option, but it's entirely your choice. :-) Rabbi Techno Icons-flag-gb.png kvetch Icon rabbi.gif Contribs Foxicon.png FOXES 14:00, April 2, 2010 (UTC)
What, we give them the ability to chose now? Sheesh. ~Jewriken.GIF 14:02, April 2, 2010 (UTC)
I meant the choice between doing what an admin says and getting banned forever for ignoring a thinly-disguised command. Rabbi Techno Icons-flag-gb.png kvetch Icon rabbi.gif Contribs Foxicon.png FOXES 14:05, April 2, 2010 (UTC)

Reviews[edit source]

If you want a review of a bad film, this works alright:

If you want negative reviews of mainstream movies done professionally, look no further than here:

If you're looking for something more specific, just ask, and I can see what I can sniff out for ya. —Unführer Guildy Ritter von Guildensternenstein 05:07, April 5, 2010 (UTC)

A negative in-depth review of a bad movie (how about plan 9 from outer space?) FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 08:26 • Monday, 5-04-2010
Might as well be topical--here's a review of the just-released-and-apparently-shitty Clash of the Titans:

If you want more, why not check any of these out:

Seriously, though, if you're looking for negative reviews of movies, peruse Rotten Tomatoes for about five minutes and you'll come away with a friggin' treasure trove.
As for Cribs, I couldn't find any viable transcript online, but watch enough of these and you're sure to get the idea:

If you need anything more, just ask. —Unführer Guildy Ritter von Guildensternenstein 05:09, April 7, 2010 (UTC)

A very special message[edit source]

Hi Fredd! I saw you were a bit down lately, so I thought I'd get someone to give you a nice heart-to-heart advice. I asked him to write here in case the other users tried to kick my head in for bringing him up again.


Hi Fredd. A stalker of mine told me that he'd stop following me everywhere if I came and wrote a nice message on your talk page, and I figured it would be an easier option than killing him. Besides, my chainsaw needs repairing. Anyway, I know what it's like to feel undervalued. Barely anyone watches my movies or recognises me in them. The first award I ever received had the word "Juvenile" in the title. After that I got something called the "Chlotrudis" Award, really badly named, IMHO. Since then, my awards have mostly been banking on the character of Batman, like "Best Hero". Never "Best Actor"! The closest to Best Actor I got was "Best On-Screen Match up, with Heath Ledger". And if Heath wasn't dead, we probably never would have got it anyway.

This picture would probably be more convincing if I'd bothered to put more than a bathrobe on my kid before going to the supermarket.

What you need to do is find yourself an outlet for frustration. I myself enjoy videogames, playing guitar, and spending time with my family. See the picture to the left? That's my wife. I spend lots of time with her, even when she isn't in the mood to give me her time. Some people want too much of my time, though. Like my mother and sister. All they do is bitch about me spending too much time with my wife, and then out of fucking nowhere they ask me for more time! It's a fucking outrage, that's what that is. These people need to be put in place, Fredd. And the only people who seem to be able to do it is me and you. That's why my advice to you is to destroy your enemies! Lull them into a false sense of security, bide your time, and become an admin. Then, learn the ways of wiki, and become a l33t haxxor. After that you can permablock everyone in sight, including the admins, and claim Uncyclopedia in your own name. Then, all their awards are belong to ME! I mean, us!

It's a foolproof plan, mate. I'd do it myself, but Wikia banned me for editing my own article. I don't know how they do it, but they even catch my sockpuppets. All I've got left is this meatpuppet my stalker Matfen uses. Anyway, just remember to be nice to some people when you're the UnDictator. Even I'm nice to some people. Check out the image to the right of me being nice to my kid. It's a totally spontaeneous snapshot of a day with my kid. I didn't even see the photographer standing opposite us. Honest! Anyway, I need to go now. I think I can hear my stalker upstairs rifling through my underwear draw. Chin up, Fredd! You keep up the good work, and correctly execute our plan, and we shall take this world for great justice! See you later man, I'm gonna Christian Bail.

User:Christian Bale via sockpuppet--Matfen 13:55, April 6, 2010 (UTC)

Damn, I'm touched by your kindness, mate. As in really, really touched. I don't know what to say, really, other than thank you.. Thanks for cheering me up, Matfen, my friend, thank you really. And pass my thanks to Mr. Christian Bale, too! FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 16:04 • Tuesday, 6-04-2010
No problem bro. And I'll be sure to tell him once my restraining order expires. Was worth it though. Am sat in his boxers right now as I type :D --Matfen 21:55, April 6, 2010 (UTC)

MTV Castles: Elizabeth Bathory[edit source]

Damn - wish I'd thought of that. Excellent idea! Rabbi Techno Icons-flag-gb.png kvetch Icon rabbi.gif Contribs Foxicon.png FOXES 10:56, April 7, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks. And by the way, one of your uncompleted articles, the one about the Welsh Cy Cllychs C'llan has profoundly amused me. I'd very well like to see it finished. :) FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 11:01 • Wednesday, 7-04-2010
As it happens, Multiliteralist and I were talking about finishing that one just the other day. The plan is that he finishes the article and I finish the "mysterious document" mentioned in the article as an UnBook. It might actually get done one day. :-) Rabbi Techno Icons-flag-gb.png kvetch Icon rabbi.gif Contribs Foxicon.png FOXES 11:03, April 7, 2010 (UTC)
I'd love to see that happen. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions/ideas for bathory, feel free to weigh in and edit the article, it's a wiki afterall, you know. :) FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 11:07 • Wednesday, 7-04-2010

Hi Samantha![edit source]

I did that just to contradict you. I'm a dick, you see.--Sir ~HELPME~ Count! Awards! Pee! Help! 01:06, April 8, 2010 (UTC)

Hi Lisa! FreddAin't Dedd 22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png 18px-Foxicon.png 07:38 • Thursday, 8-04-2010

UnSignpost 4/8/10 - Oh hi Signpost.[edit source]

MegaPleb Dexter111344 Complain here 20:05, April 8, 2010 (UTC)

Bathory[edit source]

Give me a shout once your article has gone through a pee review. I will then nominate it if you're happy with the finished product. --Laurels.gifRomArtus*Imperator ® (Orate) 17:30, April 9, 2010 (UTC)

POTM. Now.[edit source]

There's finally competition there. And I wanna finally win something. Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgWould you like a cookie, sir? Thinmint.jpgThinmint.jpgThinmint.jpg 16:20,10April,2010