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...and so shall it be that every Admin is presented with Shit-Wading Galoshes, a Steel-Plated Banhammer, and an Industrial Strength HuffMaster 2000 upon inception to the order.
Next VFS scheduled for: October 2019

“Better to reign in Uncyclopedia than serve in Wikipedia”

~ John Milton on stating the obvious

Welcome to Uncyclopedia's VFS, or Vote For Sysops.

Are you looking to join a team of enthusiastic and extremely sarcastic individuals? Do you like to feel like you are a valuable part of a "team?" Do you want an employer who considers you his slave?

If you said "I prefer not to answer" to any or all of these questions, you may be qualified to be a sysop at Uncyclopedia! This is the place where twice a year, Uncyclopedia users choose and vote for their favorite users to be given the mop of power. Additionally, this is the place for votes to remove ops from a user, either in urgent cases, or during the regular bi-annual votes.

Rules for op votes

  • Only sandwiches may be nominated.
  • All nominations must be edible by humans.
  • Only registered users whose accounts are at least 2 weeks old and have 75 constructive edits may vote on or nominate sandwiches.
  • No self-nominations.
  • When nominating a sandwich, you must describe it in as much detail as you feel like.
† Though "sandwich" could mean anything.

Rules for de-op votes

  • Only established users, per the above qualifications, may nominate an administrator to be de-opped.
  • Be professional, and lay out your case for de-opping clearly and with evidence of their supposed wrongdoing uploaded to Uncyclopedia, and linked in your nomination.
  • For a de-op to be successful, a supermajority (2/3) of votes must be in favor of the motion.

Please note: anyone caught disobeying the rules will face either an instant ban, infinite decapitation, or both.

The process

  • Each user may nominate one sandwich, beginning on the 1st of every March and October.
  • Until the 20th, users may vote on a maximum of three sandwich candidates. If there are less than three candidates, users are allowed only one vote.
  • From the 21st - 30th, current ops take the candidates with at least 50% of the leader's score, and vote on who to op.
  • On the last day of any month with 31 days, current ops play Russian Roulette to see who gets de-sandwiched. (Zombiebaron goes first with 6 bullets)
See here for the archive of the March 2019 VFS