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Fellow Uncyclopedians! Today represents a great victory over internet-memeism! For too long has our great site been the victim of the vile, infantile dross that is the internet meme. But fear not! For today, the tables are turned. [thunderous applause]

The emblem of Der Unwehr.

Our glorious Unwehr shall exterminate, liquidate, and destroy all the internet-memeism that has plagued our great site. Through blood, and iron, and sacrifice, our wiki shall be rebuilt!

[thunderous applause]

Just kidding.

ΥΣΣ: Der Unwehr is a usergroup dedicated to improving Uncyclopedia through rewriting articles; creating new, desired articles; and generally maintaining the quality of the site by adding rewrite or advisory templates to articles as necessary. The thing that sets Der Unwehr apart from similar user groups is that the members of Der Unwehr earn fabulous prizes.

Welcome to the famous Der Unwehr watering hole! Have a refreshing beer or three, courtesy of your crazy frat bros!

The Forking Merger[edit | edit source]

All pledges will be honored with a ceremonial beating.

Der Unwehr has officially been merged with the great and awesome organization of ΥΣΣ, or Upsilon Sigma Sigma. This sacred society was founded upon three basic pillars: Humor, Honor and Hubris. Members are to adhere to these principles at all times guided by the mantra: Improve Uncyclopedia, providing support and services to one another.

The Purpose of ΥΣΣ: Der Unwehr[edit | edit source]

This usergroup is not to regulate or litigate, but to motivate writers by rewarding them for quality work. If you're interested, read on. There's no "article quota" you have to fill, and there's no limit to group membership. Just sign up, and get working!

The name Upsilon Sigma Sigma (U.S.S.) stands for Uncyclopedia's Secret Society.

Membership guidelines are:

Your next steps: improve the wiki. However, this has many facets. Members are tasked with combing the annals of Uncyclopedia for requested articles and writing these articles, thus fulfilling the desires of the public at large. It is also highly encouraged that members join the PEEING committee and contribute to Pee Review by providing insightful and in-depth reviews for other users.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Point System[edit | edit source]

The ranks of ΥΣΣ: Der Unwehr are as follows:

+ 0 Points
 Soldat or Member

+ 2 Points
 Leutnant, Sister or Brother

+ 5 Points
 Hauptman or Junior Steward

+ 10 Points
 Major or Senior Steward

+ 15 Points
 Oberst or Steward

+ 20 Points
 Brigadegeneral or Junior Deacon

+ 30 Points
 Generalmajor or Senior Deacon

+ 40 Points
 Generalleutnant or Deacon

+ 50 Points
 General or Junior Warden

+ 60 Points
 Generaloberst or Senior Warden

+ 75 Points
 Generalfeldmarschall or Master

+ 100 Points
 Reichsmarschall or Honored Master
  • Rewrite an article (and make it better): 2 points
  • Article "Cleanup" or in-depth Pee Review: 1 point
  • Write an article that survives deletion: 2 points
  • Get an article you wrote/rewrote for Der Unwehr featured: 2 additional points (4 total points for the article)
  • Get an image for an article you wrote/rewrote for Der Unwehr featured: 3 points
  • Get an article you wrote/rewrote for Der Unwehr a Top of the Year spot: 5 additional points

You can also be awarded additional points for helping the wiki in other ways. If you feel that you've done something that warrants additional Points, feel free to hit us up on my talkpage, Skinfan13's talk page or Zana Dark's talkpage and we'll see what we can do for you.

Note: you do not get points for rewriting your own articles. That is to say, you cannot write a shitty article, come back to it in a month, make it better, and expect to get 2 points for it. Duh.

The leader of Der Unwehr is entitled to wear the title of Unführer. The goddess of Der Unwehr, (Zana Dark) is a filthy tyrant commie, and wears the crown Unstmädchen. Other special ranks, like Uncycpoführer and Propagandameister will be given out as they are needed.

If, through the Order of Uncyclopedia, you have the right to be called "sir," you can take the title "von" instead. If you are a Knight/Dame, you may take the title "Ritter" instead. The taking of various other German or Greek-sounding names is also encouraged.

Rank userboxen can be found here »

#1: Rewriting Existing Articles[edit | edit source]

Unführer Guildy Ritter von Guildensternenstein, the glorious leader of Der Unwehr.

Articles that need to be rewritten can be found at Category:Pages tagged for review and User:Saberwolf116/Der Unwehr list. You are not limited to that, however. If you come across a really bad—or even average—article, and think you can do a better job, go ahead and fix that shit up, or at very least throw the {{Re-Write}} tag on it.

Note: Calling 'dibs' on such associated pages is not necessary, but go ahead if you want to.

#2: Cleaning Up Existing Articles[edit | edit source]

Some articles have a good underlying concept, but are just poorly formatted, incomplete, or just downright messy. Articles that need to be "cleaned up" can be found at Category:Cleanup.

#3: Writing New, Desired Content[edit | edit source]

Lists of "wanted" articles can be found at:

Just pick a topic off one of these pages, and write an article about it!

#4: Maintenance and Pee Reviews[edit | edit source]

Adding "rewrite" and advisory templates to deserving articles. You can find a full list of [:Category:Maintenance templates/Administrative|Administrative Templates here]]. There are also Content Management Templates and Stub Templates.

In addition to Pee Reviews, things like purging redlinks, proofreading, inter-linking, and categorization are also encouraged.

#5: Beautifying the Wiki[edit | edit source]

We aim to be better than those bland, watered down sheep over at Wikipedia. Der Unwehr members, in conjunction with Aunt Jemima's Templating Academy alumni, consider themselves a cut above the rest and it should be obvious from your edits.

Membership[edit | edit source]

Membership is as easy as adding your name to the chart below (provided you know how to; it really isn't all that hard).

Member Points Rank / Title  
Zana Dark N/A Unstmädchen
Guilden​sternen​stein N/A Unführer
Skinfan13 N/A Foünder
CheddarBBQ N/A Macht​bilder
Sonje N/A Propaganda​meister
Saberwolf116 N/A Uncycpo​führer
Puppy​On​The​Radio 76 General​feldmarschall
Paizuri 22 Brigade​general
Necropaxx 22 Brigade​general
Todd Lyons 21 Brigade​general
Aleister 20 Holden​stäsh
Matfen 19 Steward
Orian57 18 Oberst
An Ape that Only Exists on Thursdays 18 Oberst
Gerrycheevers 17 Oberst
Silly Angel 16 Oberst
You​Know​What​The​Music​Means 14 Major
HELPME 12 Senior Steward
Multiliteralist 12 Major
Why do I need to provide this? 11 Senior Steward
Tagstit 9 Hauptman
Happytimes 8 Junior Steward
Sonic80 8 Hauptman
GlobalTourniquet 8 Hauptman
MsuCarencro 8 Junior Steward
happymonkey39 7 Junior Steward
Staircase 6 Hauptman
Iwillkillyou333 6 Hauptman
Standartenführer 6 Hauptman
XeroSnake 6 Hauptman
Black flamingo11 4 Ausfallen
Sequence 4 Leutnant
IronLung 2 Leutnant
LongLiverh3 2 Leutnant
Iseditor 2 Leutnant
Lyrithya 1 Sister
Gamma287 0 Soldat
Mahm00shA 0 Soldat
Miley Spears 0 Sister
Xamralco 0 Soldat
KneeChee27 0 Soldat
Sockpuppet of an unregistered user 0 Soldat
JackOfSpades 0 Soldat
GBA2005 0 Soldat
Siddhartha-Wolf 0 Soldat
SadisticWolf 0 Soldat
That​damned​follow​spot 0 Soldat
Magic man 0 Soldat
Ksfwolfe 0 Soldat
Squeegi 0 Soldat
Maniac1075 0 Soldat
lordarcadian 0 Soldat
John Lydon 0 Soldat
Mattsnow 0 Soldat
Joe9320 0 Soldat

Point Tabulation[edit | edit source]

You must keep track (for the purpose of records) of all the articles you've written/rewritten for ΥΣΣ: Der Unwehr and "special points" awarded here:

Der Unwehr/Tab

And here is the example Tab Page you will need to set up for your own username, duh. Then add your link to the list below.

Der Unwehr/Username

Point Tabulation by Username:[edit | edit source]

A – M N – Z

Userboxen[edit | edit source]

{{Article attack}}

Nuvola apps important.svg
All vandalism on this page is under review by Der Unwehr

{{Der Unwehr}}

Osiris Seal.jpg
Hoc user est Der Unwehr.

Unser Ziel ist ສ້າງ ຄວາມເຂັ້ມແຂງ wiki للكوميديا Pero no te preocupes, 你可以感谢 нам позже. Amen.

{{Upsilon Sigma Sigma}}

This user is a member of Upsilon Sigma Sigma
Humor, Honor, Hubris.
Per Iocus Prudentia!

Maintenance Tags[edit | edit source]

{{Upsilon Sigma Sigma Claimed}}

The mighty coat of arms of ΥΣΣ

This requested article is currently being worked on by Upsilon Sigma Sigma. If you would like to help us work on it, sign up to join ΥΣΣ today!


Osiris Seal.jpg
¡¡¡ AY CARUMBA !!!

Please re-write this article! Hic articulus est terribilis in figura και που έχουν ανάγκη από ένα ξαναγράψει. This article will be rechecked in 45 days [January 17, 2022]. אנחנו נבדוק את המאמר הזה một lần nữa trong hai tuần alvorens het al file circolare. Oy vey!