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This is a page for keeping track of all your article victories while in Der Unwehr. Just create a subpape like the example, link it to this page, and take it from there.

For "writes," mention if it was a requested article.

For "rewrites," and "cleanups," post a link to the previous version of the article.

Point Tabulation by Username:[edit]

A – M N – Z

ΥΣΣ Special Points[edit]

Brother Date Points Service Rendered
Skinfan13, Guildensternenstein, CheddarBBQ, Aleister in Chains, Paizuri, Happytimes, Miley Spears, PuppyOnTheRadio, HELPME, Why do I need to provide this? 1 April, 2010 +2 Whereas: the Charter Members, those who signed up in March 2010, formed the foundation of Upsilon Sigma Sigma, upon them were bequeathed two points, all hail Sophia!
Why do I need to provide this? 8 April, 2010 +2 Whereas: Brother Why? provided an in-depth review of Nintendo, I hereby award Brother Why? compensation in the form of points for his services to Upsilon Sigma Sigma, all hail Sophia! --SF13
PuppyOnTheRadio 8 April, 2010 +2 Whereas: without being prompted by anyone, Brother POTR did write favorably about Upsilon Sigma Sigma in the April 1st edition of the UnSignpost, and did promote membership in the sacred Brotherhood, I hereby bequeath upon him points, all hail Sophia! --SF13
Aleister in Chains 30 April, 2010 +4 Whereas: Having served dutifully in the capacity of leader of Upsilon Sigma Sigma for the majority of the month of April, 2010 in place of the Founder, I hereby award Junior Steward Al the number of points necessary for a promotion to the rank of Senior Steward, all hail Sophia! --SF13
Black_flamingo11 21 May, 2010 +2 Whereas: BF11 provided a very helpful review of Tim Burton in service to the fraternity prior to brotherhood, let it be resolved that he should be compensated for his work. I hereby bequeath upon him points, and the number of points awarded will be 2. All hail Sophia! --SF13

Collaborative works[edit]

Recipients of Der Unwehr Kross[edit]