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The sacred coat of arms of ΥΣΣ

The great and awesome fraternity of ΥΣΣ was founded on the 8th of March in the Year of Our Lord 2010, and is known by mortals as Upsilon Sigma Sigma. Uncyclopedia's first fraternal organization was founded upon three sacred pillars: Humor, Honor and Hubris. Members will adhere to these principles at all times and live out the sacred oath. The fraternity is tasked with improving Uncyclopedia and providing brotherhood and services to one another.

Purpose[edit source]

Upsilon Sigma Sigma serves as an organization for the betterment of Uncyclopedia. Brothers of the fraternity are tasked with combing the annals of Uncyclopedia for requested articles and writing these articles, thus fulfilling the desires of the public at large. The most important aspect of this noble undertaking is the monthly ΥΣΣ collaboration article. This collaboration will be to complete one of the top 50 most requested articles. This is the primary reason for the existence of ΥΣΣ. Many people are intimidated by the top 50 list of requested articles, this way we can cooperate together to write one of them each month. Each month, a three day

Welcome to the famous Upsilon Sigma Sigma basement bar! Have a refreshing beer or three, courtesy of your crazy frat bros!

nomination period begins to decide which top 50 article will be written. Then the writing process begins for 3 weeks, during which Brothers may add whatever they wish to the article as long as it is somewhat intelligently funny and satirical, but mostly just funny. After that period, the article will be submitted to Pee Review. After changes are made, members will vote on whether the article is ready for mainspace or not. If not, it will continue to be the collab piece into the next month. If so it will replace the redlink and be sent on its way.

Another area of service is the individual creation of requested articles by Brothers. There is no quota on the amount of articles a Brother must write during a given time span, but they are asked that if they pledge the fraternity and pass the ordeal that they contribute at least one article every three months. Brotherhood is eternal, so not meeting this request will never result in exclusion from the fraternity. The one list that Upsilon Sigma Sigma uses for this task is Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles. When creating a new article from this list, add the redlink into your section of "dibs" and work on the article in your userspace, leaving the redlink intact, however, remove the redlink from the requested pages section. If you feel you cannot create the article yourself after a period of time, add the redlink back to the requested articles list. Members are highly encouraged to leave the top 50 list alone so that the monthly collaboration will have good material to choose from.

The third pillar of service is that of the Pee Review. It is highly encouraged that ΥΣΣ Brothers join the PEEING committee and contribute to the Pee Review by providing insightful and in-depth reviews for other users. This is a lesser focus of ΥΣΣ, so if a Brother cannot give high quality reviews, they are encouraged to not review at all.

Membership[edit source]

Membership is not guaranteed. ΥΣΣ will not discriminate based on sex, religion, or skin color, but you must pledge to join, at which point you will be evaluated. If you are chosen, you will be added to the Brotherhood. You may pledge only once a month, but you may pledge as many months as you like, there is no cut off. It is highly unlikely that you will be rejected if you have established yourself in the Uncyclopedia community. Along these lines, membership guidelines are:

  • You must be a registered user for at least 2 months.
  • You must have written at least one article (in any namespace).
  • You must like chocolate cake, the official cake of ΥΣΣ.
  • You must be a crazy party animal.

Ranks[edit source]

There is a set hierarchy within the fraternity, based on seniority and on merit. All members are considered Brothers in the order regardless of rank.

Points[edit source]

Points will be awarded on the following scale, and may be awarded for various tasks at the discretion of frat's three officers.

  • You will earn 1 point for every in-depth pee review you submit ("in-depth" will be judged by the PEEING committee. Self-affirmed in-depth reviews will not be awarded points).
  • You will earn 2 points for being a principal author of the monthly collaboration. (The three officers of the Brotherhood will determine the principal authors)
  • You will earn points in the same manner as below if the same monthly collaboration earns additional honors.
  • You will earn 2 points for individually completing a requested article.
  • You will earn 1 additional point if an article you wrote for ΥΣΣ becomes a quasi-feature.
  • You will earn an additional 2 points if an article you wrote in service to ΥΣΣ becomes a feature.
  • You will earn an additional 2 points if an article you wrote in service to ΥΣΣ becomes a top 3 feature of the month.
  • You will earn an additional 5 points if an article you wrote for ΥΣΣ becomes a top 10 feature of the year.
In this way, the maximum amount of points one article can earn (assuming it is quasi-featured) is 12. If an article is quasi-featured or featured a second time, no additional points are awarded.

Ranking[edit source]

You will be ranked according to a scale based on points:

  • Brother/Sister 0 pts
  • Junior Steward (JStw)/ 6 pts
  • Senior Steward (SStw)/ 12 pts
  • Steward of the Brotherhood (StwB)/ 18 pts
  • Junior Deacon (JDn)/ 25 pts
  • Senior Deacon (SDn)/ 34 pts
  • Deacon of the Brotherhood (DnB)/ 45 pts
  • Junior Warden (JWdn)/ 60 pts
  • Senior Warden (SWdn)/ 75 pts
  • Master (Mstr)/ 100 pts
  • Honored Master (HMstr)/ 150 pts

In addition to the above ranks, the Brotherhood will from time to time award various other honors and ranks depending on circumstances or other forms of merit.

The founder of the fraternity is entitled to the moniker of Founder of the Brotherhood (or just Founder). A secretary will be appointed, and given the rank and title of Marshall (Mrsh). This position will be to enforce the rules and standards of the Brotherhood. A Treasurer will also be appointed, and will be given the rank and title of Secretariat (Sct). This position will be to make sure point totals are balanced and correct and that all other tasks associated with statistics involving the Brotherhood be kept in order.

Ranks and titles can be affixed to a Brother's signature/username. The suggested method of accomplishing this is to link the abbreviation of your rank to this page in your postscript, or simply link ΥΣΣ in your postscript. No ranks or titles may currently be placed in a users prefix.

Current Members[edit source]

Once you have been recognized as a Brother of the fraternity, you can add yourself to the list below. Update your point total on your own whenever you complete a new article or do an in-depth review. Collaboration points will be added for you at the end of the month.

Brother Recognition Date Points Rank/Title
Skinfan13 8 March 2010 28 Founder
Guildensternenstein 10 March 2010 11 Junior Steward
CheddarBBQ 10 March 2010 5 Brother
Aleister 11 March 2010 26 Keeper of the Stash
Paizuri 13 March 2010 24 Steward of the Brotherhood
Happytimes 25 March 2010 10 Junior Steward
Miley Spears 25 March 2010 2 Sister
PuppyOnTheRadio 29 March 2010 4 Brother
HELPME 31 March 2010 14 Senior Steward
Why do I need to provide this? 31 March 2010 11 Junior Steward
MsuCarencro 1 April 2010 8 Junior Steward
Matfen 4 April 2010 17 Senior Steward
Black_flamingo11 13 May 2010 14 Dropout
Maniac1075 27 July 2010 0 Brother
Happymonkey39 27 July 2010 7 Junior Steward
lordarcadian 5 August 2010 0 Brother
Lyrithya 21 October 2010 1 Brother (even though she's a girl)
John Lydon 8 December 2010 0 Brother
Magic man 17 January 2011 13 Senior Steward
Mattsnow 27 May 2011 0 Bro, Man
Xamralco 16 October 2011 1 Brother

Pledging Our Fraternity[edit source]

Pledges will be honored by a ceremonial beating.

If you wish to become a Brother of Upsilon Sigma Sigma, you should familiarize yourself with our basic tenets and decide if you are called to the same level of service as ourselves. If you think you have the commitment it takes to be a Brother, add your name below to the list of the month's pledges and we will evaluate whether or not you meet the requirements. Most established users will be accepted.

This Month's Pledges: February, 2011[edit source]

Please put your user name here

  • Joe9320- I now do Pee Review every day. And an odd article if I have time.