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Welcome to the Official page for the UnOfficial award Frat Bro of the Month. This award is to recognize the achievements of the frat bros of Upsilon Sigma Sigma who made outstanding contributions to the fraternity in the previous month.

Eligibility[edit | edit source]

The Upsilon Sigma Sigma coat of arms on a cheap patch made in China, the insignia of the Frat Bro of the Month.

To qualify for the Frat Bro of the Month award, you must first meet certain criteria.

  1. You must be a registered user and member of Upsilon Sigma Sigma.
  2. You must not have nominated yourself. You may however vote for yourself.
  3. You must have earned at least 1 point in the previous month.

Rules and guidelines[edit | edit source]

These are the rules guidelines for voting for the Frat Bro of the Month.

  1. Nominate the outstanding contributor to Upsilon Sigma Sigma for the previous month.
  2. IP votes do not count. This is a group-specific award, therefore IP votes are more likely irrelevant or insincere.
  3. Registered users can vote for this award. However, if they are not members of Upsilon Sigma Sigma, their vote will be counted half.
  4. Members of Upsilon Sigma Sigma can vote in full for this award.
  5. Any registered user can nominate for this award.
  6. You can vote only once. You can cancel your vote using slashes to change your vote, but you still only get one vote to cast every month. This includes against votes, which are discouraged except in extraordinary circumstances.
  7. Additionally, when a user is nominated, the nomination template {{User:Skinfan13/Template:VoteFBotM}} should be added to their user page.

Reward[edit | edit source]

  • Winner(s) become a MUN.
  • You will become instantly more popular.
  • You will become an instantly recognizable person on campus and people will whisper awesome things about you as you walk by.
  • You will be entitled to the special template for Frat Bro of the Month.

Past Winners[edit | edit source]

Skinfan13AleisterPaizuriMatfenBlack FlamingoRomartus (honorary)

There is one archive: here

Nominations for May[edit | edit source]