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Skype icon.png UnSkypelopedia

Connect. Talk. Bond. Share dick jokes.

It's like IRC, minus the fail.

Skype is a chat client that supports instant messages, chat rooms, audio conferences, and video chats. Unlike IRC, it's much more difficult to flood, spam, attack, or even miss messages - any messages you haven't gotten delivered due to an Internet failure will be resent the moment you come back online.

UnSkypelopedia takes advantage of this chat client with a chatroom that hosts calls on a semi-regular basis. This gives you the ability to talk directly with Uncyclopedians using VoIP.

No mic? No problem.

If you're uncomfortable with the idea of sacrificing your anonymity, don't worry - you can listen in on the calls without having to join. Sometimes it takes a while to warm up to UnSkypelopedia, and there's no rule that says you can't be a lurker. The only rule we have is, don't be a dick. Or if you feel the need to, at least be funny about it.

Experience Uncyclopedia like never before.

I'm still not sure if that's a real selling point or not. But anyway...

UnSkypelopedia has developed its own, unique culture. A culture of talking over each other, screwing up Skype protocol, and playing pranks on unsuspecting customer service people across the globe. Trust me, it's got culture. In the same way a Petri dish has culture.

Get started with UnSkype!

Download Skype for your computer, then copy and paste following into a Skype window (eg. "Echo / Sound Test Service") and then click on it to be added automatically join the channel:

Check out the list below to see if your fellow Uncyclopedians are online:

aintnohollabackgrrl.png aintnohollabackgrrl • fuhttp://mystatus.skype.com/smallicon/alexguitarsex.png alexguitarsexapatheticbonner.png apatheticbonneranarchocap1talist.png anarchocap1talistashley.bute.png ashley.buteautumn_the_vampire.png autumn_the_vampirebageenohormonis.png bageenohormonischiefjustice.d.s..png chiefjustice.d.s.cjlesiw.png cjlesiwcolinallyourbase.png colinallyourbaseeugenekay.png eugenekayevan-handler.png evan-handlerhappy.cheese90.png happy.cheese90hubydweyer.png hubydweyerhugesocky.png hugesockyillegaleagle.png illegaleagleimightjusteatashrew.png imightjusteatashrewj.kanigan.png j.kaniganjoedaburninator.png joedaburninatorjohn.villarose.vi.png john.villarose.vikalirsavant.png kalirsavantkevin.garricks.png kevin.garrickslyrithya.png lyrithyaMatfen815.png Matfen815mhaille.png mhaillemitch.1.2.png mitch.1.2mudkipsking.png mudkipskingnwittr.png nwittroliprof.png oliprofpeazewhizz26.png peazewhizz26rod_jenson.png rod_jensonscottmctony.png scottmctonyskinfan13.png skinfan13stefanasten.png stefanastentackyboomsta.png tackyboomstaTamated.png Tamatedtimjenkkkins.png timjenkkkinstlb667.png tlb667unorian57.png unorian57wakimikoflammable.png wakimikoflammableuserafw.png userafwthezombiebaron.png thezombiebaronstrainj1.png strainj1Billsmaster500.png Billsmaster500

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To ensure your status appears correctly in this list, go to Skype -> Privacy and make sure allow my status to be shown on the web is checked.

The UnSkype Media Network

Besides the nutty nuttiness of a SackIt! chocolate cripper (chip and cracker), UnSkype is also hosted by the non-profit cooperation known as Uncyclomedia.

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