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What's wrong McFly? Dancing-chicken.gif?


“..."Sire, Señora Alishia-Jarvis stole it whilst they swallowed each-others eyebrow's", Jarvis declared. Completely astounded at Jarvis's answer, Wendye leapt from his bottle and accidentally killed a slug. "PEDOPHILIA!!!!" he cursed. The slug's bereaved spouse suddenly appeared from the undergrowth and spat on his funny bone.”

~ Strainj1 on literature
Please note : I tend to get busy, so I'll sometimes disappear for months years at a time.

Articles I've started from scratch and have written the majority (as far as I'm aware[1])[edit]

Articles I've contributed more than a sentence to (Or cleaned up a fair bit of a mess)[edit]

Articles I am in the process of writing, expanding, fixing, or thinking about writing at some stage[edit]

  • Length - Had a bit of an idea - was heading somewhere with it, but sort of have forgotten - I'll come back to it soon
  • Undictionary:Cleave - and how it is such an ambiguously confusing word - bit of a mess right now though.
  • Tritone - An article I didn't start, but will get around to finishing and fixing it.
  • House of the Rising Sun - An article I didn't start, but will expand it at some stage.
  • UnNews:Projections of uneven global sea-level rise described as 'sexy'
  • UnRecipe:Random Mini Meatballs (Or a a title something like that.)
  • An article that somehow expresses the similarities between Death Metal Lyrics and the "eternal damnation" and "you are all sinners" themes of much Christian Gospel Music.
  • Party animal

Random (not mine) articles I think are a bit ordinary and need to be worked on a bit[edit]


  1. I guess it's possible it's been edited heavily since I last checked

Images taken, edited, created or Potato-chopped by me[edit]





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